Traffic Monetization: 4 Ways to Turn Visitors into $$$

Traffic Monetization: 4 Ways to Turn Visitors into $$$


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Papa Whale


October 21, 2015




Who is your daddy and what does he do?” asked Arnold Schwarzenegger in the beloved (and oh-so quotable) Kindergarten Cop film of 1990.

At this point, you might be wondering how an Arnold Schwarzenegger line from a ‘90s American comedy applies to affiliate marketing.  

In truth — it doesn’t.  

We just really like that movie.

However, we can still work with this Arnie inspired quote, revise it a little, apply it to marketing, and ask ourselves one very important question:

Who is your visitor and what does he do to get to your site?

To answer this, we first must understand the 4 different types of traffic.

1- The Organic Visitor

This person stumbles upon your site with the help of a search engine. They're using Google or Yahoo or Bing... you name it!

How to get Organic traffic

Grab the perfect adult domain and create a content full, keyword rich site.

Creating a blog is also a great way to attract Organic traffic.  

Because with every new blog post, comes a new web page—and with every new web page—comes additional content & keywords—and with all this awesome content—comes more SEO opportunities to rank better for certain search terms, which, in the end, helps grow your organic traffic.

Monetization tip
Blogs featuring a lot of text give you the opportunity for a more subtle approach to monetization. Cover topics you’re passionate about, write reviews, etc.Effective marketing isn’t always blatant. You can use your words to promote a product or site and have it come across as natural, conversational commentary.

2- The Social Butterfly

This person can often be found on community-oriented, social media-esque sites.  They're the Facebookers, Tweeters, Redditors and Instagrammers.

Social traffic has been known to be one of the hardest types of traffic to convert, but once you've found the right formula, social media can be a treasure trove full of hits.

How to get Social traffic

Develop a social presence, follow the latest trends, and engage with communities.

It could be anything from creating a Twitter profile/personality by Tweeting out jokes, facts, or images to establish a following—to creating a Facebook fan page or group devoted to a particular niche.

Whichever social route you go, stick with it, and post regularly.  Followers will come.

Monetization tip
Hold off on the “promotional” type posts from the get-go. You want to build a base on the various social platforms by posting quality stuff first that will win you fans, re-tweets, and shares.When the time comes for your promotional post, find a way to mix in humor or appealing imagery so your post can moonlight as both promotional while remaining consistent with the level of quality of your other non-promotional type posts.  Something your followers can still enjoy. And remember -- not all social sites are adult content friendly -- so be sure to think outside the box to attract the desired demographic. Related reads::

3- The Mail Reader

This person not only checks their email account… they actually read their messages!  The Mail Reader is impassioned, interest-prone, and usually extra into the subject matter they’ve opted-in to receive.

How to get Readers

You’ll want to Implement a functional mail catcher on your site.

Monetization tip
Email traffic is one of the most effective ways to drive sales, and one of the most lucrative traffic sources you can ever work with. Yep, a ROI between 400-500% is not uncommon (in fact, some truly great mailers have even managed to see returns in upwards of 1000%). However, to get to this point, it doesn’t hurt to follow some basic email marketing rules, such as:

Knowing how to build a mailing list, knowing how to write efficient emails, and doing it all with a dependable HTML-friendly template. Don’t forget a kickass call-to-action, either!

4- The Byproduct of Paid Traffic

This person just clicked on a link or banner you paid for. They're a target audience that can be reached anywhere on a vast number of popular platforms. With endless forms of paid traffic, come an infinite number of ways these people reach your site.

How to get visitors of paid traffic

Among some of the best adult ad networks out there, there’s TrafficHaus, TrafficJunky,Traffic Force, TrafficFactory, JuicyAds, AdXpansion, ExoClick, PlugRush, EroAdvertising, Star-Advertising, and AvaTraffic.   

Monetization tip
Whenever money is exchanged for traffic, you have the luxury of getting what you pay for (whether it's geo-targeted traffic from the countries you want, to the number of visitors you order).  With this in mind, one way is to select a CrakRevenue offer to promote that’s compatible with a GEO that has a flexible CPM-bid price.Once you learn the art of Media Buying, you’ll get better at it each and every time!

A tailored approach to traffic monetization

With these 4 traffic types defined, we now know a little bit more about who these visitors are, how they're reaching our sites, and the best approach to monetization.

As you can see, there can be many doors leading towards one’s website, with each one having it’s own unique doorbell.  Therefore, it’s important to customize your approach accordingly.  

Once you’ve managed the art of a tailor-made monetization effort for each type of traffic, you’ll be able to maximize your gains and focus more on the type of traffic that converts the best.

Speaking of which, what kind of traffic do you prefer?  Be sure to take the survey below and let us know!


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