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  • Offers listed on CrakRevenue
  • Access to a Help Desk
  • Access to the promotion zone on CrakRevenue 2.0 for $10,000*
  • Access to Media Buy Services


  • Access to the featured offers listing on CrakRevenue
  • Access to a dedicated Product Owner
  • Featured Newsletter to Crakrevenue affiliates
  • Access to the promotion zone on CrakRevenue for $5,000*
  • Blogpost Sponsorship (sent to all affiliates) for $2,500*


  • Dedicated Newsletter to Crakrevenue affiliates
  • Access to the promotion zone on CrakRevenue
  • Blogpost Sponsorship (sent to all affiliates)


CrakRevenue builds long-term relationships that quickly pay off. We take pride in making you benefit from our vast experience and expertise and get your sales up running. We’ll make sure your products get the best web marketing campaigns and the most qualified traffic!

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Hard work pays off. I started working full-time in a grocery store when I was 10 and kept the same job until my 20s. It’s thanks to rigor and tenacity that I am who I am today. I now have the chance to lead a team of reliable, trustworthy, and experienced Affiliate Managers. Watching them evolve over the years fills me with pride. My inspiration comes from the fact that CrakRevenue grows at a splendid rate and that I am a key part of its development. I’m an organizational beast and a very meticulous guy. The devil’s in the details.

Maxime B.

VP Affiliate Marketing

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My main intentions in life are to be honest and generous with the fantastic people who surround me, and to have fun all the way through! “My whole life is based on a true story.” I’m a sports lover who also enjoys reading comic books and watching TV series—fun fact: I’ve been cutting my hair by myself since the age of 13. Not even a pandemic shutdown can stop my bitchin hairdo! Being part of such a highly-motivated and creative team is a blessing. Worldwide recognition is the cherry on top. Are you ready to take your business to new heights?

Arnaud G.

Director - Cam

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“Enjoy today; it is one of the good old days you will miss in the future.” I like spending time with friends and family, hiking, and playing soccer. My teammates say I have a good head on my shoulders, not only because of my soccer skills, but also because I have the skills and expertise to help you make the best decisions with your business. I enjoy being part of making CrakRevenue the best CPA Network worldwide. Feeling trusted and having the best team in the industry are great motivators. Ready to build your future with us today?

Maxime C.

Advertiser Manager

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I am a man of integrity and resourcefulness with a contagious smile. I like being proactive, I’m always on the lookout for the best opportunities. CrakRevenue is a family, our team is highly engaged and consolidated through every project. I enjoy riding my bike or reading a book and showing off my incredible karaoke skills after working hours. If not amazed, be amused; a day without laughter is a day wasted. Join our community and let me be an accomplice to your success. I promise it’ll be a fun ride!

Rémi G.

Advertiser Manager

image Animated gif
Each day is different, and my goal is to make every one of them count. I’m a sports guy, a beer lover, a part-time painter, and a motorcycle rider who’s not afraid of the odds. The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. Establishing your brand’s notoriety may seem laborious at first, but still, all it requires is some perseverance and help from the best Affiliate Marketing Experts around. Giving yourself the best odds will set the stage for rewarding results, and I’m here with my team to make them happen.

William G.

Business Unit Manager - Healthcare

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I spend most of my time thinking and reading about how new technologies can improve my professional and personal life. I’m also an optimist by nature. We can often break down a complex problem into smaller, simpler challenges. I have a passion for finding innovative and time-saving solutions, always looking for new tools to add to my team’s arsenal and optimize our processes. If we can automate it, we should. Being a huge hockey and baseball player, I know team synergy must be perfect. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” and I’m here to help you score more goals than Gretzky!

Derek P.

Team Leader

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Riding my Harley Davidson is my cure-all therapy; human connections are my fuel. My interest in others reflects my friendly nature and my desire to understand my partners’ ambitions clearly. Since we can foresee risks, I believe boldness is a key that opens many doors. Being audacious and getting out of my comfort zone often brings me on unexpected paths, which allows me to win and learn at the same time. Adopting this approach with your brand can be highly rewarding! Team spirit and commitment are strengths that make the CrakRevenue family capable of anything. Just watch us.

Gabriel O.

Advertiser Manager

image Animated gif
When I’m working with partners, nothing is more important than transparency and honesty. It is better to understand the real picture than living in the fog. I consider those values as vital elements of respect and triumph. I’m a huge fan of slam poetry. I choose my words to make sure to be understood and offer the most useful insights to our affiliate network. I’m also a sports girl; I do triathlons and like to keep moving between working hours. Speed doesn’t matter; forward is forward. Stagnation is the enemy of progress, while consistent effort leads to success!

Aurélie L.

Advertiser Manager - Healthcare

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  • Dedicated Product Owners

    Dedicated Product Owners

    We have the largest team in the industry and each member of our team has his or her own speciality in a particular vertical.

  • Publisher Management

    Publisher Management

    We only accept the best, most qualified affiliates here at CrakRevenue, based on an extensive & thorough subscription process overseen by a team of more than 15 Affiliate Managers.

  • Large Network

    Large Network

    Promote your product & brand through our network of 20,000+ professional web marketers who generate over 50 BILLION monthly impressions through their combined promotions.

  • Fraud Prevention System

    Fraud Prevention System

    We use the industry's most reputable, trusted & respected fraud prevention screening programs to ensure the conversions are legitimate.

  • Scalable Campaigns

    Scalable Campaigns

    Your brand coverage & campaigns will grow at the same pace as the business you do with us.

  • Tracking & Reporting

    Tracking & Reporting

    Benefit from real time reporting & assess your campaigns' quality anytime & anywhere, thanks to our responsive platform.

  • Geo-targeting


    Access to a large pool of qualified traffic from more than 200 countries & territories.

  • Skilled Design Team

    Skilled Design Team

    Benefit from our well-designed banners, landers, and creatives that actually get seen and are proven to generate you more conversions.

  • Help Desk

    Help Desk

    Get the support you deserve from our dedicated Support team & find everything else you need in our extensive Knowledge Base.

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