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Frequently asked questions

What is an affiliate marketing event?

An affiliate marketing event is a place (online or offline) where all the top affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs meet. A place to explore new business opportunities. To learn and exchange with other people who share the same passion for affiliate marketing.

What is AWSummit?

AWSummit is a European trade show that brings together people from the affiliate marketing world. It’s three highly productive days of learning and networking. Happening twice a year in Bucharest and Ibiza, it’s for both affiliates and content creators.

What is Affiliate World? (AW)?

It’s an offline meeting where the world’s top e-commerce entrepreneurs meet to talk affiliate marketing. It happens three times a year in Dubaï, Barcelona and Bangkok.

What is Webmaster Access (WMA)?

It’s an annual conference in Cyprus, bringing together experts in web technology, marketing, and business from all over the world to discuss affiliate marketing.

What are TES Affiliate Conferences?

Conferences thath bring together the brightest minds in the industry two times a year (once in Prague and once in Portugal) and provide a platform for them to connect, learn about affiliate marketing, and grow together.

What is interNEXT?

Organised by the same people as WMA, it’s an internationally renowned show in the US. It’s two days of seminars, workshops and networking opportunities (and some parties too!).