Best Promotion Tools
for affiliate marketing campaigns

CrakRevenue’s team of 170+ performance marketing experts is here to help you make more money online with your traffic through the best affiliate marketing offers, an innovative all-in-one platform, advanced tracking & analytics and game-changing free affiliate promotion tools. Become a CrakRevenue Affiliate and take the easy way to new heights of success!


CrakRevenue’s exclusive Smartlink is a powerful turnkey solution that enables you to promote the best affiliate offers based on your traffic data and convert on 250+ geos with a single auto-optimized link. This easy-to-set-up tool is a surefire way to maximize conversions and high affiliate commission payouts with minimum time and effort by using one link to promote multiple offers.

CrakRevenue’s AI-powered algorithms do the optimization job automatically and will redirect your traffic to the most relevant offer based on location, device type, language and traffic type. Available for Cam & Dating, this tool has generated more than $10 Million in commission payouts for our Affiliates. Our latest algorithm upgrade resulted in up to 17% EPC and 13% CR increases.

Let the world’s smartest affiliate promotion tool work for you!


  • 250+


  • $10M+

    in Commissions

  • +17%

    EPC increase

  • +13%

    CR increase

Live Cam Widget

Our exclusive Live Cam Widget allows you to promote top-earning cam models and achieve greater conversion rates by delivering a smooth and compelling user experience!

Machine learning updates your widget continuously, which features only the live performers generating the most conversions, whichever website they’re featured on. This promotion tool is well suited for promoting any popular cam site with an affiliate program at CrakRevenue.

Its great video resolution, various templates and layouts and real live models from different sites make our Live Cam Widget one of the best-performing tools in the affiliate marketing industry.

Leverage top cam models worldwide and generate more conversions on your site with this promotion tool!

Live Cam Widget

  • 100%


  • $350k

    in Commissions

  • 3

    Widget types

  • 4

    In-house premade templates

Banner Ads

At CrakRevenue, we know how to gain attention and build engagement. We also know what looks and feels good! Our ads are displayed worldwide and reach 5 billion impressions every month.

Our skilled Design team provides you with thousands of tested in-house Banner Ads proven to generate high CTRs.

Choose among multiple format options and add our banner ads to your website to start making money online with your traffic. These affiliate promotion tools are great for Webmasters and Media Buyers and ideal for A/B testing.

Achieve the best possible performance with impactful campaigns using our free banner ads!

Banner Ads

  • 5B

    Impressions every month

  • Thousands

    of tested In-House Banners

  • 100%

    Offer availability

Prestitial & Postitial Ads

These new affiliate promotion tools are an easy way to boost your affiliate marketing campaigns’ visibility by up to 100% and CR by up to 150% with pre-made customization options available for both tools:

Prestitial Ads are displayed over your website content to capture your users’ attention and help overcome ad blindness. They appear right on top of your webpage and are shown before a user can access your content. You can use this tool to display adapted interactive content or time-limited promotions, for example. 

Postitial Ads are an unobtrusive way to stimulate conversions by displaying an ad to your users between two web pages after they’ve clicked on a link. Unlike prestitial ads, postitial ads are shown after the user engages with the content, maximizing visibility without disrupting the experience.

Prestitial & Postitial Ads

  • Up to 100%

    Visibility increase

  • Up to 150%

    CR increase

  • Hundreds

    of Ad variations

More Promotion Tools
for all your affiliate marketing needs


Direct Link

A simple & easy tool to start making money online with Affiliate Marketing! Place your direct links on strategic locations and lead your traffic directly to the offers you promote with CrakRevenue.


Embedded Games

This hard-to-miss tool integrates a free and interactive seduction game into your website in minutes.


Pre-Roll Ads

This tool consists of a promotional video that appears before the video users have selected to play.


Cam Swipe

This cam prelander is a unique tool based on a typical social media sales funnel.



Captivate your audience with responsive and adaptive campaigns featuring dynamic content!


Pop Code

A simple code that enables you to promote an offer in a pop-under window when a user first clicks on your page.


Live & Pre-Recorded Chat Head

A discreet and non-invasive Live Cam Widget type that ensures a smooth user experience on your website.



A powerful affiliate promotion tool that allows a rotating banner display on your website.


Instant Messaging Ads

A Live Cam Widget type available for all major Cam providers.


Cam Models API

Our backend service allows you to list online or offline cam models from multiple providers on your website.


Survey Machine

An exclusive CrakRevenue affiliate promotion tool that allows you to create custom surveys based on your specific needs.


Email Templates

Stay at the top of your email marketing game and convert more with our tested & approved templates!



Increase conversions with promotional incentives by using overlays at the right time and place!

Why use these
Affiliate Promotion Tools?

We live in a sea of infinite affiliate marketing opportunities. But without the right tools and crew, one can hardly set sail for success. For this reason, CrakRevenue provides you with a powerful toolbox designed to maximize your commission payouts and make your work easier.

High-Performing Funnels

Our skilled Design team builds tons of efficient sales pages and display ads suited for Mobile and Desktop traffic. Whatever your marketing needs may be, our team of creative experts is up to the challenge. The creatives we provide have been extensively tested across large volumes of traffic, and only those with a proven track record in receiving the highest number of click-through rates are made available. Partner with us and benefit from exclusively tailored affiliate marketing funnels designed to convert even your toughest traffic!

Exclusive Affiliate Marketing Programs

We nurture long-term partnerships with some of the world’s most successful and innovative brands that have chosen to do business exclusively with us through an affiliate marketing program. Access 500+ offers and multiple award-winning affiliate marketing programs in some of the most profitable verticals. Use our innovative all-in-one platform to browse offers, track your affiliate links’ performance with advanced reporting and analytics, and unleash our cutting-edge affiliate promotion tools for maximum revenue!

Unrivaled Commission Payout

Take your affiliate marketing business to the next level with the industry’s largest team of experts and a full range of perks! Use our affiliate promotion tools to ensure you get the most out of your efforts. We always provide the highest possible payout on each offer, whether it’s a PPL, PPS or RevShare. You know your worth, and you deserve to get paid on time. CrakRevenue offers flexible payment terms and fast payment methods to best suit your lifestyle. Enjoy our frequent payout bumps and the most rewarding affiliate referral program!

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