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Lifetime Referral Program5%5%5%
One-Month Referral Bump20%
Annual Payout Bump3 days10 days
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  • Help Desk
  • Hundreds of offers including the most kick-ass brands
  • Lifetime referral program (5%)


  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  • Exclusive Offers
  • One-Month Referral Bump (10%)
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • Annual 3 days Payout Bump


  • One-Month Referral Bump (20%)
  • Annual 10 days Payout Bump
  • Memorable Christmas Gift

Meet our Senior Affiliate Manager Team

We have the largest and most skilled Affiliate Management team in the industry. They're here to offer guidance, support, and most importantly... to help you make more money than ever before! Whether it's a custom banner you need or a rate negotiation you’re due for, this team is here for you and won't let you down.

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Send your traffic to CrakRevenue and I'll discuss with you the best opportunities for that traffic. Whether it's our special high payouts or our best converting offers—I'll find an opportunity that works for you. Guaranteed.

Sales Director

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I pride myself in my strong work ethic; I’m extremely organized, have an analytical mind, and I take a meticulous approach to just about everything that I do. This allows me to propose innovative solutions for all of our clients and affiliates. To me, every affiliate is a valued partner regardless of his or her earnings. Listening and counseling are two of my strengths.

Team leader

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My goal is to have a complete understanding of one’s traffic to fully maximize the earning potential of every affiliate I work with and to ensure we’re getting the most money out of every possible click and so nothing falls through the cracks!

Account manager

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All offers can convert well when targeted to the right traffic. My goal is to find that perfect match for you. Thinking outside the box is definitely one of my strong suits; which is actually one of the reasons why I love social media marketing so much.

Account manager

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Email marketing, even today, is still one of the online promotional methods that continues to provide the highest ROI. The art of a good Mailing campaign is something I’ve always been passionate about. Got Mailing traffic? Hit me up to explore some great Mailing opportunities together!

Affiliate Manager

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If there's one thing we know as top CPA network, it's how to meet the needs of an affiliate and that of a provider. It’s a fine balance. By offering the best affiliate programs all in one place, we have every tool you need to succeed and for every partnership to be successful.

Account manager

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I advise and guide affiliates to ensure they're getting the best results depending on their traffic and their skills. I am a great communicator and I enjoy breaking down and explaining sometimes complicated notions to each and every aspiring affiliate marketer!

Account manager

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We have hundreds of high paying offers at our network. For affiliates just getting started, it can be an overwhelming and grueling process choosing the right offer for your traffic when presented with so many options. That’s why I keep myself informed of each and every new offer to hit our platform. This allows me to work closely with you and offer only the best recommendations for you and your traffic every step of the way!

Account manager

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I am here to guide affiliates, to motivate them and inform them of new offers and features. We're constantly offering up a lot of information to our affiliates via numerous mediums, whether that's our Newsletter, Blog, or our official Knowledge Base. We provide a lot more education than the typical network; if an affiliate is ready to work together, I will always give my 100%.

Account manager - Market Research

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Working in the activation and onboarding department, I am often one of the first interactions an affiliate will have with us. I try to do everything in my power to create a great first impression by providing clear answers to any questions that come my way; I believe patience and a good support network of information are key to long-term success!

Account manager - Market Research

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Coaching is one of my strengths; I do a lot of it. I want to make sure that anyone who ends up contacting us and has a personal interaction with me leaves satisfied and informed. At CrakRevenue, we don't just answer questions, we help affiliates build their autonomy.


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I help affiliates from all over the world that have all sorts of questions, requests and needs. Think of me as an all-around problem solver! After assisting thousands of affiliates with a vast array of technical problems, I follow up with each and every issue until a successful resolution is had. I’m always up for catching the ball on pretty much anything that can be thrown at me!


Get the most out of your traffic

CrakRevenue was created by affiliates, for affiliates. See why we should work together!

  • Access to 700+ Offers

    Access to 700+ Offers

    Including multiple award-winning affiliate programs mainly relating to the Dating and Cam verticals.

  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers

    Dedicated Affiliate Managers

    Our team of skilled Account Managers are there to provide you customized ad tools and top-performing offers best suited for your various geographics & traffic.

  • Exclusive Products

    Exclusive Products

    We have built long-lasting partnership with dozens of Advertisers & partners over the years who have chosen to work exclusively with us.

  • Mobile & Geo Smart Links

    Mobile & Geo Smart Links

    Our Media Buy team updates links daily to ensure that all traffic is sent to an offer that is geo-relevant & has the potential to convert.

  • High Payouts

    High Payouts

    We always provide the highest possible payout no matter the offer; whether that’s a bigger Revshare % for you, PPS sale commission, or pay per lead amount.

  • Fast & Acurate Reporting

    Fast & Acurate Reporting

    Our modern, updated innovative platform allows you to view your stats in a more intuitive way, in real time, with pre-generated reports & custom reporting.

  • High-CTR Ad Tools

    High-CTR Ad Tools

    Every creative, banner & lander we develop is thoroughly tested across a network of millions. If it doesn’t perform & the CTR isn't high—it doesn't get released!

  • Extra Earning Opportunities

    Extra Earning Opportunities

    Every offer we run is preset with optional extra earnings opportunities (optional BackOffers & Popunders) so you're not leaving any money on the table.

  • Rewarding Referral Program

    Rewarding Referral Program

    Refer a person to CrakRevenue using your Referral link & get a guaranteed 5% cut on all of their earned revenue!

Not decided yet? Perhaps our Stats & Reporting options will convince you!

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