Dating Related Affiliate Programs = Reliable Income

The Dating vertical today contains some of the largest selection of offers. It is also the vertical that just won’t quit. Our Dating and Hookup related offers are a surefire way to generate steady, consistent streams of revenue. Variety & Stability … it’s a match made in heaven.


At CrakRevenue, we’ve had a truly rewarding long-term relationship with the Dating market. And it only gets better. With millions of people eager to meet one another around the world, online dating has exploded in recent years. And this explosive growth is evidenced by our vast selection of affiliate programs tailored to this very vertical—we have more than 700 offers in Dating available for both Desktop & Mobile at the moment, with no signs of slowing down.

The same can be said about our corresponding payouts in this vertical. Dating has proven to provide consistent revenue streams year in and year out. It almost seems immune to the typical fluctuations one can come to expect over traditionally slow periods of the year, such as summers and the holiday season. It's also a Mobile-dominating market year round.
CrakRevenue provides a satisfying selection of Dating affiliate programs for both straight and gay markets. Every landing page of ours is tweaked and optimized so your traffic has the best chance of turning into a conversion, lead or sale by being responsive and intuitive to your traffic’s location and demographic. We offer a vast selection of competitive program pay models such as pay-per-lead offers, pay-per-sale offers, and even lifetime Revshare offers for the ultimate source of long term passive income.

Thanks to its profound popularity and demand — Dating is a $2B dollar market each year. This is the vertical that could turn you into a super affiliate… and it’s our job to help you get there.

Why the Dating Vertical Is Your Perfect Match

This vertical shines whether you're driving mainstream traffic or adult. Dating niche products are in for a reason. Because they convert.

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    The Hottest Hookup Sites

    We host the largest selection of offers in the Dating vertical (over 700).

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    Great Revenue Opportunities

    Remember, the Dating industry generates nearly $2B a year in revenue. You deserve a share.

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    Personalized Marketing Products

    We tailor and get the sale flow just right for your traffic.