10 Best Adult Affiliate Programs in 2024

10 Best Adult Affiliate Programs in 2024
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April 11, 2024


Affiliate Marketing

Adult affiliate programs are a fantastic world where opportunities abound for earning commissions by promoting adult content and products online. Much like traditional affiliate marketing, these programs thrive within the dynamic realm of the adult industry, providing a gateway to harness traffic and interact with adult websites, videos, and tantalizing toys. But hey, if you’re here, it’s not to learn about what an adult affiliate program is but to learn which ones are the best! Let’s dive together into this world.


How to Generate & Monetize Adult Traffic

There are numerous ways to drive adult web traffic to your website 

  • Purchase it: Numerous services offer adult traffic for purchase. However, note that popular search engines like Google do not permit adult ads, ruling out PPC advertising.
  • Google Image Search: Utilize the power of images to attract potential customers. Optimize your site for SEO and tag your images to rank high in image search engines like Google, enhancing visibility.
  • Streaming Video Sites: Leverage platforms hosting free adult-related videos to showcase your own content. Embed links or mentions of your website within the videos. Video content, in general, is a potent tool for driving traffic. Keep in mind that platforms like YouTube, the second most popular search engine, do not allow adult content uploads.
  • Media Buying: Explore advertising opportunities on various platforms such as forums and warez websites. While not always expensive, these ads can expose your brand to thousands of visitors, generating traffic albeit less targeted.
  • SEO: While challenging, search engine optimization remains the most effective method for driving targeted traffic, regardless of industry. Traffic from search engines holds immense potential for conversion into sales, making it a worthwhile investment.

And hey, if you’re here because you want to start your own legit adult website for affiliate marketing, we wrote an article filled with interesting tips that will make you gain a lot of time!

Top Factors for Selecting the Best Adult Affiliate Program

Before diving into the realm of adult affiliate programs, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure the optimal fit for your porn business. Here's a comprehensive checklist to guide you in selecting the right adult site affiliate program:

  1. Commission Rate: Evaluate the commission structure offered by each adult affiliate program, as your earnings hinge on this factor. Compare rates across programs to maximize your potential revenue.
  2. Payment Methods: Prioritize affiliate programs that offer flexible and convenient payment options tailored to your preferences. Whether it's via bank transfer, PayPal, or another method, ensure it aligns with your financial needs.
  3. Revenue Models: Understand the revenue models employed by different programs. While some may compensate based on sales generated, others may focus on traffic-driven metrics. Select the model that aligns best with your business strategy and goals.
  4. Payment Frequency: Consider the payment frequency offered by each program, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly payouts. Align the frequency with your cash flow requirements and financial objectives.
  5. Minimum Payout Threshold: Take note of the minimum payout threshold required by each affiliate program. You must reach this threshold before being eligible to withdraw earnings. Choose a program with a threshold that complements your earning projections and operational plans.

By carefully assessing these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the adult affiliate program that best suits the needs and goals of your adult business.

The Best Adult Affiliate Programs for 2024

As the best Adult CPA network, we have a duty to offer you the best adult affiliate programs! And because CrakRevenue is the best, we have a lot to tell you about!  Here’s a top 10 of what you should promote based on your website field:

1- Jerkmate - Cam

Jerkmate is the largest and best-converting cam site! It’ll make you earn your biggest payouts yet! Here’s a glimpse of the payouts: 

  • Jerkmate - PPS, earn up to $60.00 for each new premium subscription or purchase! (PPS)
  • Jerkmate - PPL, earn up to $5.00 for each completed subscription. Email confirmation is required (DOI)
  • Jerkmate - Revshare Lifetime, earn 30.00% of all spending made by your traffic forever! (RevShare Lifetime)

Learn more about all Jerkmates offers here.

2- RoyalCams - Cam

Royal Cams is our top cam offer for many countries. With thousands of local cam models, your users will probably find their dream girls. This free live sex video chat has everything: public, group and private amateur webcam porn.

You can find different offers with SOI and Revshare Lifetime here for both Royal Cams and Royal Cams Gay.

3- SexEmulator - AI

SexEmulator is an AI girlfriend experience. Based on conversations with real women, interactions seem like there’s an actual woman in front of you. This ultimate girlfriend experience is growing fast with upcoming features including multi-language, voice & video generation, hentaï imagery, celebrity integration and much more! 

With a 40% Revshare Lifetime payout, it’s hard to believe you’re not already promoting it!

4- Fapchat - Cam

FapChat is a fresh and user-friendly premium cam site where members can chat and interact with a large selection of straight, gay and bisexual models of all genders in real time. The site’s slick interface and interactive chat features deliver a high-quality experience to its members.

With its 30.00% Revshare Lifetime payout and the fact than only CrakRevenue can get you this offer, we urge you to jump on it! 

5- Smartlink - Dating & Cam

Unleash CrakRevenue’s exclusive turnkey solution, designed to maximize your earnings with one powerful link! Our Smartlink is optimized for 300+ top-converting offers on 250+ geos. Let a perfect combination of artificial & business intelligence work for you!

Dating, Cam, you’ll be able to maximize what you promote with our Smartlink! Payouts available are multiple CPA, PPS AND Revshare. You can promote it in so many ways, such as text messages, widgets, banners, and beyond! 

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to go back! Get your Smartlink now.

6- Sex Messenger - Dating

More than just a dating site or sex chat, sex Messenger is an adult social network with dozens of impressive social networking features that make it easy to connect singles in the same city together.

Only available on CrakRevenue, this offer comes in two payout possibilities: a 70$ PPS with 220 Geos and a 97.5$ PPS with only France and Switzerland options.

7- Candy.AI - AI

Maybe the most advanced AI girlfriend there is on the market. The AI learns from real conversations with women to make talking with it smooth. Upcoming updates will let it understand many languages, create voices and videos, include hentai pictures, connect with celebrities, and add more cool stuff.

Get a 40.00% Revshare Lifetime payout for this next generation of adult content online! 

8- BongaCams - Cam

BongaCams.com is the nastiest adult webcam community in the world! One of the best free live sex video chat sites on the net, this place has it all: amateur webcam porn, live chats, group and private sex chat shows. Only users- submitted HD xxx videos. 

Promote BongaCams with CrakRevenue to get either a 17.55% Revshare Lifetime or a  $3.50 SOI payout.

9- CrakClicks

Now open to all affiliates with US traffic, we offer a base payout of $0.01 per click with a cap of $50 in commission to assess quality. This offer guarantees you a stable income with less effort. We pay you per click and take care of your traffic. 

The higher the quality, the higher you get paid! This will allow you to work on getting better traffic without having to worry about the sale funnel. Note that the payout may vary based on affiliates and sources.

10- SearchingForSingles - Dating

Leverage Display, Email, Member Area, Social, and Push Traffic to drive results and grow your commissions. SearchingForSingles site operates on a token-based system, with packages ranging from a mere $10 to a generous $200. A spectrum of options for users means more opportunities for you to earn.

We set the bar high with a KPI of one sale for every 15 leads. And, to ensure you don't miss out on earnings, our cookies last for a generous 30 days.

Our mobile offer guarantees you a $3.30 DOI payout, and our desktop one a $4.50 DOI payout.


Now that you’ve got all the information you need to leverage the best offers for adult affiliate marketing, what are you waiting for? Create your account or log in and start making more money! If you have any questions, we’ll be pleased to help; feel free to contact your affiliate manager or our support team. 


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