Cams, For Long-Term Profit

Cams are our most lucrative vertical by far in the long-term. You’ll rarely encounter any other opportunities where all it takes is one person — one user — one spender to set you up for life.


At CrakRevenue, we have the very best that Cams has to offer. We host a considerable number of all the leading Webcam affiliate programs available today.

It’s no secret why Cam sites are the success that they are today. The live interactive Webcam sites of today offer an unparalleled, interactive experience for users around the globe. Webcam models, frequently referred to as “Cam girls”, provide various means of live entertainment for a chat room full of users. Some things are done out in the open for free; some things are done on cam only when a user tips or some kind of goal is met.

Because users have the ability to chat with the model on cam and interact with them, it’s not uncommon for relationships to develop between return regular users and the cam girls themselves. This often leads to one time free registered members to purchase a number of token or credit packages to tip their favorite models.

At CrakRevenue, we've paid out more than $38M so far to our affiliates promoting the most popular free Webcam sites and affiliate programs.

Most of our sales come from North America and Europe, but we've seen a great increase in spending in South America. The possibilities here are still to be explored, but with new trends and technology like Virtual Reality at the forefront... this leaves many doors (and opportunities) open for Cam sites.

Get Seduced by Our Cam Affiliate Programs

Our most profitable long-term vertical by far, Cams allows you to reach high-paying users with competitive Revshare payouts.

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    Long-term profit

    Webcams—especially Cam Revshare—can be a fantastic source of passive income

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    5.7M unique visitors

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    Earn big

    38 Millions dollars paid in commision to our affiliates