We Made The Top 5 Best CPA Networks Again!

We Made The Top 5 Best CPA Networks Again!

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March 11, 2024


CrakRevenue News

Once again, thanks to your votes and support, CrakRevenue is beyond proud to be included in the top 5 of mThink Blue Book’s Global 20 Best CPA Networks. We entered the top 20 back in 2015 at the 19th position and steadily climbed our way up to the top 5, where we have remained year after year since 2019.

This year; we ranked in the 5th position overall, 4th for advertisers, and 4th for affiliates!! We are beyond grateful to be recognized as one of the world’s leading CPA Networks for the fifth year in a row. We have worked hard to offer a renewed experience to all our affiliates and advertisers, veterans and new ones. We launched the first OnlyFans Models monetization offer on the market and an all-new pay-per-click program.

This recognition is an acknowledgment of our constant efforts to provide the best CPA marketing experience to our partners, whether you are an advertiser in need of a great campaign or an affiliate looking for ways to monetize your traffic. We’ve been working hard for 13+ years to become and remain one of the world’s most trusted and respected CPA Networks.

Thank you for being part of our incredible journey!

What’s mThink Blue Book?

Before anything, mThink Blue Book is all about a mission: bring to the surface the Networks representing the best in performance marketing.

Every year, mThink conducts the largest research survey involving over 25,000 industry figures to identify the top 20 CPA Networks offering the highest value for their partners. The ranking takes into account the survey responses as well as the input from the Blue Ribbon Panel, which brings together several of the industry’s most prominent leaders. 

Including a company in the top 20 CPA Networks is a testimony to its influence, popularity, reputation, appreciation by its partners, and overall performance.

Top CPA Networks Winner 2024 

1. Max Bounty

MaxBounty is a top CPA Network with excellent advertiser support and a strong affiliate presence. CEO Matt McEvoy is a respected leader, and his experienced team is supportive. In 2024, MaxBounty celebrates its 20th Anniversary and has been ranked #1 by the Blue Book for its continued excellence.

2. Digital Media Solutions

DMS is a reputable provider of high-quality traffic and personal support to advertisers and publishers. It connects industry-leading publishers with leading advertisers through DMS Performance Ad Market and helps them execute and optimize high-converting campaigns across diverse media channels with its proprietary tracking platform.

3. Perform[cb] (formerly Clickbooth)

Perform[cb] is a highly ambitious network with a strong focus on pay-per-call and media buying. Their recent shift to "outcome-based marketing" for advertisers demonstrates the scale and sophistication of their solutions, and their experienced leadership team is a notable asset.

4. ClickDealer

ClickDealer is a leading affiliate network with a decade of experience, offering smartlink technology and specializing in lead-gen, e-commerce, and Pay-Per-Call. They have a seasoned team, in-house optimization and tracking solutions, and exclusive partnerships, making them a popular choice worldwide.

5. CrakRevenue (n°1 in your heart)

CrakRevenue is an industry-leading, international CPA Network with over 13 years of experience in traffic monetization and digital marketing. CrakRevenue provides its network with exclusive, high-paying affiliate programs in some of the most profitable verticals (including Cam, Dating and Gaming), an innovative all-in-one platform, powerful promotional tools, in-house creatives, tested funnels and multilingual support, all year round.

6. TORO Advertising

TORO Advertising is a performance-based affiliate marketing network that helps publishers increase income and advertisers maximize exposure and sales. They work in over 90 countries and offer exclusive offers and advanced targeting capabilities.

7. A4D Performance Network

A4D Performance Network is an advanced affiliate marketing platform with unique training programs and tailored solutions for businesses. It focuses on user acquisition using innovative technologies like machine learning algorithms and MVT video testing.

8. The Affiliati Network

Affiliati is a leading performance marketing network that partners with top brands and offers. They launch, manage, and scale affiliate marketing programs that drive sales through innovative strategies and traffic compliance.

9. Mobidea

Mobidea is an affiliate marketing network that uses technology to help optimize campaigns and achieve financial independence for affiliates.

10. iMonetizeIt

iMonetizeIt is an affiliate program that provides a free tracker to help you monetize worldwide traffic across various channels, including apps, social media, search engines, native ads, banners, email, and push notifications.


Become a CrakRevenue Affiliate

Becoming a CrakRevenue Affiliate might be your next best business move. We understand the importance of having the perfect funnels and tools to monetize your traffic. That’s precisely what you’ll get from us, plus the industry’s best-paying affiliate programs! And also: 

  • High-Paying Offers
  • Flexible Payment Terms 
  • In-House Creatives & Tools
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Live Chat Support
  • Referral Program
  • Our Love And Support

What are the Affiliate Programs at CrakRevenue?



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