10 ChatGPT Tips for Affiliate Marketing

10 ChatGPT Tips for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

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February 26, 2024


Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve lived among humans for the last 3 years, you know what ChatGPT is.


But for those who were locked in their bunkers who may ask themselves:

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool that can answer questions, write texts, and hold conversations. It's user-friendly and can enhance your work, such as blogging or programming. 

Now your question can be: “Well, how can I, an affiliate marketer, use Chat GPT to make money?” We don’t have an answer, we have ten!

10 Ways to Use Chatgpt & Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

1. Create Content with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can help you write an article (or any kind of content), you simply have to provide prompts to it, and it will write articles based on your requests. If you are a webmaster, you can prompt ChatGPT to generate useful content such as SEO articles. 

However, it is essential to note that ChatGPT's output may sound robotic and lack context. Therefore, it is necessary to edit the content to make it sound more human-like and add nuance to ensure it's natural-sounding. Make sure to add information that your audience will appreciate.

It's not recommended to publish raw ChatGPT output on your website or blog. Since both humans and machines can recognize AI-generated content, it can be off-putting and potentially decrease trust and engagement.

So remember golden rule #1: edit your AI-generated content before publishing!


For example, this text sample is good. But every single person on the internet who did the same research got a similar output. And to emerge from the crowd, you don’t want to be like everybody else! Do you? 

So start with the output, and add your own touch to make the content as unique and accurate as possible.

2. Polish & Revamp Content with ChatGPT

If you've already written an article and need help editing it, ChatGPT can assist you. 

It's capable of:

  • Rephrasing passive sentences into active ones 
  • Proofreading your text to identify grammatical errors 
  • Verifying if what you've written is accurate and up-to-date

It can even help you with SEO, giving you a list of words you can add or highlight to improve your natural ranking on Google. 

However, remember that ChatGPT isn't flawless.

You should always review its edits and correct any errors that you may find.

3. Research Topics with ChatGPT

Research is another way to uncover opportunities and make money using ChatGPT. You can use it to look for a variety of SEO topics and ideas. It works like a search engine that you hold conversations with. 

The important thing is to learn how to write natural language prompts to give the correct responses. ChatGPT’s output is only as good as the input you provide to it, so ensure you write clear instructions. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer who promotes OnlyFans Models with our offers. You can ask ChatGPT for different topics about how you can promote them.


Looking for a topic? Here are 15 of them! The next step would be to match these ideas with interesting SEO target longtail keywords and build your content around it (with the help of AI!). 

And that’s just the beginning. As told earlier, by writing the clearest instructions possible you can refine your query to very specific information.

4. Create Marketing & Competitive Analysis

Using ChatGPT for affiliate marketing is an effective way to earn money. It enables you to create compelling marketing campaigns that attract a large audience. With ChatGPT, you can generate engaging and catchy text that will likely elicit a response from potential customers. 

This AI-powered assistant is highly versatile and can be utilized across different marketing channels, such as email, social media, and search engines.

You can ask it to properly analyze a social media post or campaign from one of your concurrent. To detect what’s good, what worked, and what could be improved.

You can then ask ChatGPT to create something very precise such as  “Use compelling insights and generate a marketing campaign outline for Instagram, which will address the feeling of wellness of a 20 to 30 y.o. Women while presenting our service as the solution to make a person’s skincare life-changing.”

Breakdown your instructions into smaller steps, and provide any relevant detail that would improve the output. And voila! 

5. Build Websites and App in an Instant

One effective way to generate income from ChatGPT is by utilizing it as a tool to generate building code & design for websites and applications. Nowadays, numerous website and application builders integrate artificial intelligence. 

By providing data to a virtual assistant (powered by ChatGPT and other technologies) regarding your desired website appearance, it can quickly generate visuals & code. As said earlier, some manual adjustments and editing may still be required, we cannot stress more on the fact that humans and AI HAVE to work together.

Still, this is a great way to simplify the website and app development process. But keep in mind ChatGPT can only help provide the code, it cannot create designs and images. 

6. Generate Quick Post Captions for Social Media

If you're eager to earn money through ChatGPT, (if you’re still here, we know you do) it can help you another way: by crafting captivating social media posts! You can either create original content or rephrase existing ones to catch people's attention. 

Yet, it's crucial to double-check your work and edit as needed to prevent any blunders or clumsy phrasing before sharing your post. 

With a little bit of effort and attention to detail, you can create posts that inform, entertain, and engage your audience. 

Then, use that engagement to draw your audience to the affiliate offers you promote to earn money.


7. Generate Astonishing AI Images

Yes. We see you coming “ChatGPT cannot create images”. But who said it couldn't help you do it? You can ask it to create a perfect prompt for image generation. 

You can generate art using AI tools and monetize them in various ways, such as selling physical prints, merchandising, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

When you and ChatGPT settled on the best prompt, you only have to switch to an image-generating AI, such as Stable Diffusion, Binge Image Creator or Dall-E. 

Those AI combined with ChatGPT can help you generate banners as a Media Buyer. It’s fast and creative, a great way to gain time AND money!

8. Create Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome browser extensions represent a large market. How many extensions do you think exist? 200,000. It’s more than the population of Los Angeles (Chile). Yes, that’s a lot. And yes there’s a city in Chile named Los Angeles. 

Every day, new extensions are added to the marketplace. If you have an idea for an extension, ChatGPT can help you write the code. Bonus: Google has simplified the process of writing and deploying extensions on the Chrome web store. 

9. Create a Chatbot

For the ones who have been in their bunkers for more than 3 years: Chatbots are computer programs that simulate human conversations, just like ChatGPT. If you have experience with natural language processing and artificial intelligence, you can develop a chatbot and sell it to individuals or businesses. 

ChatGPT provides a programming interface (API) that developers can integrate with to develop chatbots. This API enables you to construct your chatbot using ChatGPT's extensive dataset and advanced natural language capabilities.

10. Create Video Scripts for Visual Content

If you provide ChatGPT with a prompt for a video script, it will generate a video script for you. Yes, it’s that simple, but there’s no other way to say it! 

But let us go a little further: It's crucial to specify your prompts clearly when using ChatGPT, ensuring that it comprehends your requirements accurately. Additionally, you'll need to establish parameters such as script length, tone, and style.

After doing that,  the script will surely maintain coherence and grammatical accuracy, but it will also ensure engagement.

ChatGPT can help you create video scripts suitable for explainer videos, how-to guides, promotional content, and various marketing and sales videos. You just have to tailor your prompts to align with the specific demands of each video format.


As you understand now, the opportunities for generating income with ChatGPT are boundless. This widely acclaimed natural language processing tool has the potential to assist you in earning substantial active or passive income. While it doesn't guarantee income, it can definitely help you monetize your current efforts.

However, please don’t fall for schemes that promise effortless and guaranteed earnings from ChatGPT. The motto here is no pain, no gain! 

And ChatGPT is here to relieve some of the pain and maximize the gain! Now that you’ve seen how this AI tool can help you, and because you know how much you can earn good money with CrakRevenue, imagine how far you could go combining those two!!




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