Social Media Advertising Part 1 – Think outside the box

Social Media Advertising Part 1 – Think outside the box

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Papa Whale


May 21, 2014


Social Media

Social Media Advertising

As a website owner and marketer, have you ever found yourself feeling limited in the audience you can reach?  Perhaps you've wanted to take advantage of the newer Advertising mediums out there you know, the larger than life sites like Facebook and Reddit.

The mainstream social media sites that everybody knows pack a serious punch reaching undeniable numbers, and numbers undeniably more difficult to compete with. Problem is, we need these giants more than they need us:  They can afford to be picky.

So, you want to cash in on Facebook’s record 1 billion users huh?

Hold that thought! Nothing can dash your hopes and dreams of new traffic quicker than finding out that the “type” of site you run in 2014 isn't socially acceptable.

Mainstream often takes issue at the slightest hint of anything “adult oriented.”  So, what to do?

Think outside the box, of course!

Build a Page specifically for Facebook and Reddit Traffic

Seriously, there are so many ways to cash-in on (insert mainstream site here) traffic.

Again, you just need to think a little bit outside of the box.

While we won't pretend that this method is 100% foolproof, there's still huge money to be made for those of you outside-the-box thinkers. It’s not all black and white, so if you're clever enough to find that right shade of grey, profits will come your way.

Creative Thinking in 3 Simple Steps:

1- Build your own website or page and host a viral image/video.

This could be a .GIF you find funny, or even an embeddable video from youtube.  (Or better yet, why not make your own GIF from your favorite comedic video?  We talked about how easy it is here.)

2-  Promote your page on Facebook or Reddit by sending your mainstream traffic to your new viral image/video page.

However, rather than going for the obvious here and displaying ads on this page   instead, have related images/videos on the page that you’re promoting.  Visitors will click these other links to see more relevant content.

3-  Put ads on the other pages.

Put ads on the pages with related content, that is.  Make use of watermarks, etc.

Get where we’re going with this?

4 - Build a buffer between the social media site and the page you've created.

Pick an offer that you can reuse to your advantage, sending traffic there instead of sending directly to an offer.

People on Reddit, for instance, are savvy and intelligent users.  Never underestimate them!  You will find many Reddit users annoyed and downvoting your content if the initial page they click on is a page filled with ads   or if they believe that was the sole intention for the post.

Subtlety is key here!

But what if you don't want to be too discreet?

Remember, we’re looking to target the most qualified traffic here, and score the highest conversion rates.

Sometimes, a different approach is needed.

Next week, we will share the best tips we heard from affiliates to make the most out of this Facebook unfriendly adult environment.

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