Profitable Mailing Part 2 – Writing Efficient Emails

Profitable Mailing Part 2 – Writing Efficient Emails

Email Marketing

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Papa Whale


October 15, 2014


Email Marketing


There’s usually an infinite number of ways to write something, but when it comes to email marketing, sadly, the luxury of infinite freedom does not apply. Word choice matters more than ever in email marketing.

There are just some words that you simply CANNOT use in mailing: they’re often referred to as the dreaded “SPAM words.” Sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it?

It does, and it should.  It's as scary as it sounds, especially after you spend time crafting an email to your subscribers filled with valuable information, only for your subscribers not to receive it due to spam filters.

And, if this wasn’t enough, the way your email is arranged (the order of elements) can make one helluva difference when it comes to conversion rates. That’s why the arrangement of the email is more fundamental than ever.  Does your email have a call to action?  Does it offer your subscriber a solution?

If you're lost, don't panic just yet!  We'll be covering everything you need to know so that you'll be writing only the best emails to your base and generating more conversions than you ever thought possible. Let’s do this!

Spam Words

So you may be wondering— what exactly is a Spam word?

Well, we already know that Spamming is when an individual sends the same (unwanted) message to a large number of recipients.

Spam words are some of the most commonly used words in those annoying emails we all tend to receive.

You see, webmail providers end up flagging these words and classifying them as no good, when used in email communications   Therefore, if you use any of these words in your title or subject, you can bet your bottom dollar that your email will be going straight to the person's Spam/Junk folder— and likely won’t ever be seen.

Here are a few lists of spam trigger words that you can use to avoid this situation:

Of course, you can add to these lists ALL the words obviously related to the adult industry: Sexy, Boobs, Ass. Dick , Squirt, Cum, etc…

Winning Writing Techniques

Sales writing is not just an art, it’s a craft. It’s way more subtle than any other writing technique because it has to influence the reader.

And how does one do that? Well, there are are lot of sales writing techniques out there but here are the most common:


AIDA stands for Attention - Interest - Desire & Action.

The AIDA acronym serves as a checklist per se, a checklist every successful marketer should follow to increase his or her chances of conversion.

Let’s break it down a bit more...

  1. Begin by capturing the attention of your target (get him to read your email)
  2. Catch the reader’s interest (in the first few phrases) by talking about the advantages and benefits of your product.
  3. Make them desire your product by explaining how it satisfies a need.
  4. End with a good call to action that will lead to a conversion.


SONCAS stands for Sécurité - Orgueil - Nouveauté - Confort - Argent & Sympathie.

SONCAS is a French method we thought we’d highlight as well because - as you already know - French is our native language at CrakRevenue.

In English, it would probably look like something like the “SPICS” method:

  • Security - Reassure the reader with evidence that your product is safe & legit.
  • Pride - Bump his ego. There are plenty of ways to achieve that… for example by telling him that we are only waiting for HIM to show up for the show.
  • Innovation - It’s the technologic argument: HD video, Live cam as if you were there, etc…
  • Cash - That’s when you talk about the price/quality ratio argument.
  • Sympathy - This last argument needs to arouse a positive emotional feeling. Ex: These girls are ready to fulfill all your craziest fantasies…

This should do the trick.

General rules

In any case, make sure to respect these general rules:

  • 1 idea per phrase
  • Try not to go past 20 words per phrase.
  • The text has to fit in the screen and your template has to be responsive… but we’ll talk about that more later in another post.
  • Look for punchlines and use them as titles and subtitles
  • The affirmative (or “yes”) pyramid : make the reader agree to 2 to 3 things before starting a controversial subject
  • Personalize your email (e.g., greet each subscriber by name, etc…)
  • Miller’s Magic Number 7 : we’ve already covered that in a previous blogpost… Never use more than 7 ideas, 7 items, etc…


The ultimate mailing writing technique

Finally, here’s the best sales writing technique, EVER (or at least the best we’ve found so far)

Step 1 - Title

Your title has to tease the reader.

Use short punchlines that are free of “spam triggers” that can be seen in any webmail account. Use this subject line checker to double check that your text displays fine.

Step 2 - Identify the problem

It doesn’t have to actually be a problem, but you know… Try to hit home on a common issue or potential problem -- something that a reader might be missing out on.  For example, identify the problem with a question:  "Tired of being alone on Friday nights?"

Step 3 - Present the solution

Present your product which (surprise! surprise!) is the perfect solution to the previous problem.

Step 4 - Proof of quality

Why is this product the best you can find? Why does it fit your needs exactly? Put the answers there…. ideally with numbers. (ex: 80% of our users have found a sex partner in less than 24 hours!)

Step 5 - Show the benefits

You’ll never have to buy expensive dinners to frigid bitches again! Ok, maybe THIS particular example is a little too straightforward. But the jist of this idea is, show the reader the actual advantages of using THIS particular product.

Step 6 - (optional) Use testimonials

And what does Mr. X think about all this?

“It’s the best product that I ever tried… Heaven looks probably like that…” And so on…

Step 7 - (optional) Show the exact content of the offer

What does the reader get for the money you’re asking him to spend?

Step 8 - Reassure the reader

Tell him about the free trial period, his satisfaction or his money back guarantee, and so on… Show him that he has nothing to lose to try your offer and that he’ll even have the time of his life!

Step 9 - (optional) Tacit Emergency

Create a feeling of emergency: Limited time offer, limited quantities, best before…

And… that’s it! With these techniques, you should be able to convert your legit mailing list in no time! Next week, we'll be covering some of the most useful mailing tools every professional mailer should know about and master, so that you get the best conversion rates, and those pockets flush with cash.

Stay tuned!


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