Profitable Mailing Part 1 – Building a Legit Mailing List

Profitable Mailing Part 1 – Building a Legit Mailing List

Email Marketing

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Papa Whale


October 8, 2014


Email Marketing


Building your own personal mailing list and contacting your subscribers is one of the most effective marketing strategies one can follow. Not only is it legit, but it's insanely profitable.

Indeed, solicited mailing is by far the best form of mailing because your recipients actually have interest in what you have to say (they opted-in, after all!).

We've witnessed some incredible numbers here at CrakRevenue when it comes to mailing:  up to 1,000% returns on investment that's right… 1,000% (no “extra” zeros included). We're talking about returns 10 times the initial investment on successful, targeted mailing campaigns.

Sure, these numbers may have been achieved by some of the best mailers around, but that's not to say you can't do it too.  A ROI between 400%-500% is very possible for any decent mailer.

We’ll be talking a lot more about mailing in the coming weeks, so make sure to follow our advice so that your email marketing campaigns pack one helluva punch!

As many of you already know, unsolicited mailing — also known as spamming — goes very much against CrakRevenue’s Terms of Service. However, on the other side of the coin exists solicited mailing — just to clarify, these are the good kind of emails recipients have requested to receive (which are totally allowed!).

First step: get a mail catcher!

Thinking about building that mailing list?  Because if so, you won’t get far in the email marketing world without a functional mail catcher.

What is a mail catcher, anyway?  It’s a spot on your site for your visitor to enter their e-mail address to subscribe to your mailing list.


The best spot to feature a mail catcher is in the middle, bottom, or right hand corner of a page.

Enticing text like the text featured in our example image above is also a good draw:  “GET EXCLUSIVE UPDATES, NEWS, PROMOS AND MORE!

Make the visitor WANT to Subscribe!  Sell your site.  What can you offer your trusty visitors?!

Less is always better

When it boils down to your user deciding on whether or not they wish to opt-in, you'll see higher opt-in rates when you require less personal information from your user.

Hint:  Don’t ask for phone numbers!

Think of it like this:  People don't want to hand out their personal information like candy.  Maybe they’re untrusting, or maybe they’re just lazy and don’t want to fill out more fields than they have to.  Either way, stick to the bare minimum -- which usually consists of just an email and a name field.

Double opt-in

Double opt-in is just as important, as it drastically reduces the number of bounces after someone subscribes with false info.

What’s Double opt-in?  It’s essentially a way to confirm your subscribers email address as a valid one and that they truly, TRULY want to hear from you.

Advantages of Double opt-in:

  • Higher engagement rates because people went the extra mile to confirm their interest.
  • Less spam complaints!

(People won't get annoyed if someone entered another person’s email address accidentally, or maliciously.)

More clicks, fewer unsubscribers.

Segment your list

List segmentation improves conversions and delivers results, therefore, it’s essential to segment your list if you are serious about email marketing.

So, what is List Segmentation?  It's when you focus on a group of people/recipients who will receive your communications more specifically than all of them together.

Segmenting your Subscriber list now will help you adapt your content later on.

There’s numerous ways to segment your subscribers, some common ways are by:

  • GEO - adapt the written language of your email to certain geographics

If you’ve displayed the email catcher on a lot of various sites, you may wish to segment by:

  • Site
  • Niche
  • Etc.

A deeper look at mailing to come…

Speaking of adapting content, next week we’ll go into greater detail by exploring what constitutes an efficient email — and how to send efficient ones without them being considered or flagged as Spam.

See ya next week!

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