Fully Targeted Social Media Campaigns – Facebook

Fully Targeted Social Media Campaigns – Facebook

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March 4, 2015


Social Media

Targeted Social Media Campaigns

It’s almost challenging to envision a “social media free” world at this point in time, isn’t it?  Social media has taken over every aspect of our lives, and as a result, it has become prime space for countless web marketing campaigns... However, using social media effectively is tricky for those in the adult industry since Facebook is known to snub adult webmasters - simply by not allowing adult content and by closing most pages related to it soon after their creation.

Rand Fishkin agrees: promoting on Facebook may not be a strategy fit for every business. Hell, you’re more likely to succeed by posting pictures of puppies and kittens, he says. On the other side of the coin, ironically, Facebook is still probably your best bet as the social media platform for your adult traffic - since you know, nothing else comes close to its 1.23 billion monthly active users. That’s a lot of eyes for your adult sites to appeal to, right?!

Months back, we went over some things relating to Social Media promotion and we shared what we believed to be the best strategy at the time, which was to “think outside the box”. However, this strategy requires very high engagement levels from your audience. Indeed, you want your visitors to eventually reach pages where your ads are displayed.

But first these users must find your Facebook post so appealing that they’ll quit their daily newsfeed browsing and be drawn in enough to actually check out your site.

Here’s how you achieve this...

You can never have too many lists

If you’re a Facebook fan (like so many of us are) you’ve probably noticed that most sponsored posts are featuring lists of sorts: 15 celebrities that have divorced in 2014, Best TV commercials, the 47 most popular online games, 30 recipes with bacon, we could go on and on…

So now you may be wondering, what is this obsession with lists?!  We hate to break it to you, but you'll be seeing a whole lot more lists in the future, simply because, lists actually work.

Lists are easy to browse and even easier to share. People love to know what's at the top and what’s at the bottom of these little guys; lists just have a way of piquing interest. However, since Facebook isn’t adult friendly, you should make lists that are capable of targeting and engaging an audience without explicitly prompting adult content. Subtlety is key here. Here are some good examples of lists that can attract your targeted users into your net:

Believe us, this is a surefire way to capture the interest of Facebookers. Don’t believe it works? Just ask yourself, how much time did you spend reading these articles?

Remember, “good content” is not all you need to worry about here. Yes, we know the quality of your content is paramount, but since these lists are likely to be shared on Facebook, you must exercise caution accordingly if you plan to promote through the strict social media giant. Choose content that is mainstream, and triple-review the wording that will be used in your post and post-title.

Check your Copy

The importance of the copy is HUGE. It directly affects the level of engagement you’ll see, and since that’s what we’re really after here, it should not be underlooked.

We already talked about the importance of a great call to action; however, it’s always helpful to have a little reminder:

  1. Be clear and specific about how they reach your content: Click here! Watch now!
  2. Visibility is the key: Explain your content in a way that they can’t avoid.
  3. Speak with authority by killing any hesitation or doubt they might have.
  4. Restrict the options by showing how this content is exclusive.
  5. Make it big and obvious in your headline.

And, to give you even more ideas of what actually works, we strongly recommend you consult Digital Marketer’s Facebook Ad Template Library (they analyzed 567 of their Facebook ad campaigns and they explain why the top performing ones worked so well).

Use an appealing image

Of course, if you're preparing to dive into Facebook campaigns for the first time, we hope you have plans to target that Facebook audience with some pictures!

And of course, while it may be common sense for many... this is one of those things that can’t be repeated too much: the pictures you use must contain no nudity.

However, your featured picture should be really well thought out. If you really want your audience to respond appropriately to your content, a good approach is to prepare some images where the girl looks directly into the camera; images such as these (of attractive gals) is a great way to capture your user’s attention… and you know what, he just might just glance at your copy to see what the post is about.. and he may even click and read your post! Success!

Use With Caution

Today, we really focused on the initial stages of a “Facebook sales funnel” per se, that is, if you plan to use Facebook for your campaigns. Keep in mind, your post will have harsh competition every step of the way and you really need to bring something to the table to best target this competitive audience- and to get to them off Facebook and onto your site. Once they’re on your website, you haven’t succeeded just yet!  Remember, you gotta keep them engaged enough with interesting content so they at least have a shot at reaching your then eye-catching advertisements.

Flirting with the Facebook “fine line” is always going to be tricky when adult content is involved, even with mainstream content that could be considered overly risque. All of this must be handled with care. On the other side of the coin, since Facebook is one of the biggest traffic highways on the web, success in this avenue can certainly bring in a large number of targeted users.  And what comes with it?  Money!

Next week, stick with us when we go over the strategies one can use when targeting an audience on Twitter.  Stay tuned!

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