Fully Targeted Social Media Campaigns – Twitter

Fully Targeted Social Media Campaigns – Twitter

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Papa Whale


March 11, 2015


Social Media


Last week, we discussed targeted social media campaigns on Facebook and what you needed to do to become a master at keeping your audience interested and engaged.

Today, we shift our focus to another social media giant: Twitter. How does one successfully target a Twitter audience? Just like Facebook, Twitter does not allow adult content in paid campaigns, which means you’ll have to think outside the box yet again.

To do this, you’ll need to build a website specifically crafted for social media with mainstream content in mind that will interest your intended audience just like the “list strategy” we told you about last week.

However, don’t think that Twitter is exactly like Facebook because it’s not. Its audience is especially interesting and targeting on Twitter has become even more alluring over the past few months as the social media platform has rolled out with some new changes.

With that said, let's take a look at a few ways you can get the most out of your Twitter campaigns.

Choose the Right Content for the Right Target

Targeting your audience goes without saying. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty of Twitter, there are interesting facts about the users of this particular social platform that shouldn't be overlooked when choosing your target and the type of product you're promoting.

But how do we know the right target?  First we must understand who uses Twitter:

(hint: It’s a man’s world!)

So, what is the takeaway here? We have everything to gain by to targeting Twitter’s average Joe (the younger mostly male crowd with money to spend).

To do so, we strongly recommend choosing a mobile-friendly Dating or Paysite product to promote. That's not to say some cam products and cam sites aren’t mobile-friendly, because some are and some can be. Generally speaking though, cam sites are traditionally not as mobile friendly vs. their counterparts.

However, since ads will be displayed on your “mainstream-social-media-targeted-responsive” site, there’s really nothing preventing you from AB testing some cam products just for the heck of it to see how they do for you.

Choose the Right Ad Format

No! We won't be talking about the fact that your ads must be mobile friendly-- 'cause we covered that in Be Responsive - Media Care.

Actually this section is devoted to the type of Twitter ad that will help you generate the most conversions. For sure, Twitter touts a ton of options when it comes time to advertise… but there’s one particular option that is most likely to generate traffic and yield conversions on Twitter—and that’s the Website Card Tool.

Once again, with adult traffic, we suggest going with a card that contains an image just because good media is an adult webmaster’s best friend. Since these type of ads resemble those you might see on Facebook, you can refer back to our advice from last week when we went over “the copy” and “the image” to help you along.

Target a Similar Audience

Now here comes the fun part. For a few months now, Twitter has allowed you to not only target a tailored audience, but also offers you the ability to target similar users AKA “lookalikes.”

What this means is that you can now reach an even broader range of targeted users and potentially generate even more traffic than before through Twitter. Pretty sweet, eh?

In fact, there are a few strategies one can use to build up lists of tailored individuals, and also ones to expand on to reach similar users.

Use your own Mailing List

Faithful followers of Papa Whale already know the importance of building a mailing list (and segmenting it).

Seriously, this method is effective and it’s one worth starting with. Using email to create your tailored audience by zeroing in on users who have already shown interest in your content is never a bad place to start.

Grab your Competitors' Twitter Followers

This may be the toughest method of all, but it’s still pretty effective. This one calls for extracting all the Twitter followers -- @usernames -- of your competitors …  into a CSV file for use with your own tailored audience. Crazy, right?

If you’re not afraid of a little hard work, you can copy/paste each @username one by one.. which of course, is the long and tedious way of accomplishing this; then there’s the easy way thanks to a Twitter Screen Name Extractor (which is a totally free and efficient tool).

By the way, we’re calling them competitors here but we trust you to understand what we mean on this one. Simply check the followers of any page that you think might attract the kind of traffic YOU WANT in your net.

Make use of your Top Converting @Users   

And finally, this is where that similar audience feature becomes extra interesting. By now if you’ve ran Twitter campaigns of your own, you’ll know that Twitter allows you to extract a list of your top converting users (or maybe not, since this option is relatively new-ish...). Either way, you can extract this data by clicking on a previous campaign and choosing “@Handles” on the left side of the screen.

Once you do that, this is the best kind of list you’ll ever have to use to target that similar audience.

Test, Tweak & Repeat as Usual

Despite social media campaigns being occasionally tricky to get off the ground because of content policies… they’re definitely worth doing if they’re intelligently managed and handled with care.

However - as usual - it will never eliminate the need to AB Test. Fortunately, the advertising race that these social media giants are running allows web marketers to easily target their campaigns and it gives us plenty of relevant information to go off of when it comes time to analyze and make use of this data.

Like an Attractive Light

With 71% of all adult internet users on social media and 70% of them using the sites daily, social media traffic will always remain attractive. Nevertheless, only the most savvy and prudent web marketers will succeed in this giant social arena.

It’s time to roll up those sleeves and grab your piece of this HUGE social media pie! We hope we’ve been able to help.

If you have any other strategies you want to share, we’re always glad to read them in the comments!

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