The Hottest Adult Trends & Verticals… Revealed

The Hottest Adult Trends & Verticals… Revealed

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


November 18, 2015


Affiliate Marketing

Hottest Adult Trends

In a little more than a month, we'll be ringing in the holiday season and raising our glasses to the New Year to come.

But instead of decorating everything in red and green, we at CrakRevenue are taking a look at the trends we have witnessed throughout the year.

As an affiliate network managing over 20 billion impressions every month, let’s just say we’re a little in tune with what’s hot and what’s not. But, as we know all too well, when it comes to the adult affiliation world, nothing is set in stone. The patterns & trends we witness on a large scale basis might just not be a suitable match to that of your own traffic, so always be mindful!

Nevertheless, here is some insight into some of the hottest adult trends and verticals of 2015!


1. It’s a Cam, Cam, Cam World

The free adult live webcam community has, in essence, been one of the great successes of the adult industry in recent years; and equally rewarding to those who have participated in the promotion of programs in this vertical.

With an infinite number of cam beauties accessible all over the globe at just the click of a mouse — users show no signs of growing tired of this interactive phenomenon.

The girls are rollin’ in dough, and the site owners & affiliates pushing these programs aren’t doing too badly themselves, either.

Money is being exchanged on these sites hand over fist!

Indeed, this is the vertical that has:

  • The best ROI based on the volume of traffic sent;
  • The best long term values in the industry as a whole.

At CrakRevenue, it’s also the main vertical offered in PPL, which means traffic quality remains front and center and closely monitored. In other words, that’s where you’d want to send your qualified traffic if a PPL payout was of interest. Keep in mind though, PPL models are trickier to rely on solely, as these models traditionally pay less per conversion.

But hey, that’s also why we discussed the major advantages of Revshare promotion with respect to camsmore than once!

2. Tube or Not to Be a Paysite...?

We’ve heard a lot of negative sentiment about paysites in the last few years, especially in correlation with the increasing number of free tubes popping up in the market.

But that's why it's always better to rely more on cold hard data, and less on public opinion and gossip.

In fact, the numbers show us that, even in a slightly slowing paysite market, there are still huge profits to be made promoting them.

Indeed, this is the vertical that:

  • Attracts the highest volumes of traffic;
  • Drastically increases the stability of your online earnings over longer periods of time, thanks in part, to rebills.

Moreover, despite a paysite's sometimes lower ROI compared to Cams — you get paid more per conversion. So, there’s always that.

Attracting an average of 30% more visitors than other verticals… the evidence tells us that people still respond well to these sites, and one shouldn’t shut the door on those willing to pay for good ol’ fashioned targeted, niched content!

3. Dating... a match made in heaven

Speaking of stable earnings… Dating might just be the vertical that makes the most sense in this connection-based, always-wanting-to-meetup Internet age.

People meet over the Internet... this we know. And there’s no better example of this than the surge we’ve seen in online dating over the years.

Talk about a steady relationship!

While many verticals tend to see a decrease in popularity over the summer or holiday season (from traffic sent, to revenue earned)... Dating, believe it or not, seems to be immune to this.

What does this mean for you?  

Consistent revenue streams, year in and year out! + a dominating mobile-market player all year round!

3. The real is on the rise … SURVEYS!

And here comes the outsider: The Survey family.

With huge increases in both traffic volume and overall revenues, we think it’s safe to call our lineup of Survey offers the new trend.

Sure, the total volume of traffic sent to the Survey family hasn’t reached the heights of other verticals yet, but our forecasts are telling us two very important things:

  • Surveys are attracting more and more quality traffic;
  • There’s higher engagement levels with Surveys over traditional pops.

In fact, we've seen a revenue increase of 317% since the beginning of the year…

This is indicative enough that this trend won’t likely be fizzling out anytime soon.

Is this trendy or what?

While this remains our first article on trends we’ve witnessed at CrakRevenue — we’re about to make it a regular tradition.

Check back regularly for even more insights into the hottest adult verticals pertaining to our industry. We’ll be sharing all our data right here!

And of course, if there’s any topics you want to hear more about, don’t hesitate to make them known to us in the comments.

We always look forward to hearing from you!

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