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What is the value of a lead, if it turns out to be a millionaire? Passive income streams, like revshare payout, are extremely desirable in this ever-challenging world.

revshare payout

What is the value of a lead, if that lead turns out to be a millionaire?

Or better yet, what is the value of a hit, if that hit to your website results in thousands of dollars in recurring revenue? Is it $2.50?  $1,000?

Or is the potential too high, that you can’t possibly put a number on it?

Passive income streams are extremely desirable in this ever-challenging world. The idea of earning a steady flow of income without continually working to make it is an appealing concept to many.  Because hey, we work hard enough for our money… who really has the time or energy to focus on yet another daunting task?

[ictt-tweet-blockquote]Efficiency is intelligent laziness. ― David Dunham[/ictt-tweet-blockquote]

Besides, your day job is unlikely to yield residual income for you, unless of course, you already happen to be rich and famous.

And you know what?  With multiple payment models to choose from:  PPL, PPS, and Revshare — can you guess which revenue model will be filling your pockets for years to come?  If you guessed Revshare, you guessed right!

Long-term income

With today’s abundance of CPA offers, why would anyone choose a revshare payout program over its PPS or PPL counterpart?  Especially when there’s guaranteed income at stake — fast, easy money — which is what makes some of these programs so alluring.  You might ask:  Isn’t it always better to go for the quickest return?  Sure, a PPL program is ideal if you’re impatient, or obviously, if you need the money in a pinch!

We know if you can help it, you know better than to sell yourself short.  You already know good things happen to those who wait.

[ictt-tweet-blockquote]Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit. ― Molière[/ictt-tweet-blockquote]

The ol’ faithful Revshare model rewards your efforts with a huge advantage when compared to any of the other “new school” payouts:  Revshare allows you to earn long-term income with no caps, no ceiling effect.  The possibilities are endless; the whale is in your court and the game is in your favor.

Rebills, rebills, and more rebills.

If you’re considering Revshare, cam sites are THE way to go.  Trust us on this:  Live interaction is superior to anything else.  Webcam girls interact with viewers, and viewers want to interact back — So what do anonymous users do?  They become registered members and registered members then become token buyers.  Free registration just ain’t as fun anymore.  Tipping the girls gets you what you want; tippers get noticed, tippers get attention… but, big tippers?  They get respect.  They rule the room.  This experience is addictive.  They’re making the girls happy, and at the same time, the entire room happy.  (Because let’s face it… girls tend to do more when they’re happy…)

So, when the tipper runs out of tokens, and their next paycheck comes– what do they do?  They buy MORE tokens!   And you know what, my friend?  You get a percentage of ALL that money.  EVERY TIME!


The ultimate goal of Revshare is to land a whale.  You know, that wealthy, big-spendin’ type. Someone who isn’t afraid to throw caution to the wind and embrace his inner baller when it comes to the online ladies.

There are whales, and then there are small fish.

With Revshare, you have every opportunity to land a big catch.  Sometimes you’ll see a guy dropping thousands every week on a girl.  We know that Revshare is like taking the pot luck, but it does happen and we see it all the time.  If a whale spent $1,000 each month (or even each DAY, who knows) on a girl, you’d see 15-30% of that total depending on the Revshare program you choose.  On the low end, that could be $150 recurring each month, or $300/monthly on the high end from this figure.  Cha-Ching!  And that’s not even factoring in the potential $1k tipper per day we alluded to.  Land one of these bad boys and you could see up to $300 in ONE day.  Hey, it may sound crazy, but never underestimate a lonely guy with money to blow; these cam girls become their companions and confidants; their virtual girlfriends.

Not bad, huh?  It’ll be like being on a hit network television show and receiving residuals each month for years to come (from all your past hard work in landing that whale!)

Let’s not forget small fish.

Small fish in this scenario, are every bit as important to your success with Revshare as the whales are.

More commonly, you’ll see average Joes spending $50-$100 every month.  This will add up the more leads you generate.  Catch 15 or 20 small fish and your earnings will soon be on autopilot!

To really do well with Revshare, we’re not going to lie, it may take a while.  It requires high traffic volume, time, and patience.  It can take a year or two before you really start to see comparable earnings to PPL.  Once you get there though, it’s so worth it!

Opting for Revshare is a profitable, long term investment that is going to pay back dividends in a MAJOR way – maybe not now, but later down the road.

Strike a Balance

Always find a happy medium.  What best suits your needs?  The needs of a Media buyer, for instance, are going to vary from the average day-to-day affiliate.  Media buyers need fast returns and a great cash flow to sustain their buys; going 100% rev is impractical and unappealing.

Approach Revshare like you’d approach any other kind of investment:  Diversify.  Sending in a fraction (5, 10, or even 15%) of your good, highly targeted traffic to a Revshare offer and the rest to a PPL or PPS offer not only makes sense, it’s the SMARTEST thing you can do to reach your long term passive income goals without being too drastic on your short term cash flow.

Yep, all it requires is some patience, good quality traffic… and some kick-ass, top converting Revshare offers, and hey, we know a thing or two about those!

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