The Whale’s Digest #3: Promoting Cam Performers with Jerkmate (How-to + Tips)

The Whale’s Digest #3: Promoting Cam Performers with Jerkmate (How-to + Tips)


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June 27, 2024



Greetings, CrakRevenue Affiliates! 👋

We’re thrilled to find you again in this new edition of the Whale’s Digest. 💡🐳

Today, we’ll spotlight our newest feature, which promises to deliver unparalleled results with our top Cam offer, Jerkmate: the Performer Page Selector! 🚀

It’s a proven fact: driving traffic directly to live & top-converting cam performers increases conversions. More conversions = more 💰

Plus, we know which performers convert the most among Jerkmate’s thousands of cam models. And, of course, you can now access this information anytime on the Performer Page Selector.

So let’s dive into your best quick read of the day!

Not only we’ll show you how this game-changer works, but we’ll also tell you how to make the most out of it.

Ready? Let’s go! 👇

How to Promote Cam Performers

You can follow these steps from any of our Jerkmate offers (PPS, PPL, RevShare):

1. Open the landing page selector:

How to promote Jerkmate Performers

2. Click on the Performer Page tab:

3. Use the search bar to find a specific model. Valid results will appear under the search bar. Click on the model you want to promote and click on SELECT.

And voilà! Make sure to test your link to make sure it redirects properly. 💸🧲

But wait, there’s more to it. 👀

Cash in on Trending Performers

Too busy to scout for popular models on Jerkmate? No sweat!

Our new feature also allows you to select one of the Trending Jerkmate Models, which are auto-updated based on performance. 📈🏆

Click on any of them to auto-fill the search bar, then click on SELECT.

Also, make sure to check out our custom in-house banners, designed and optimized specifically to promote these models! 🔥

Before you go, here are a few things you’ll be glad to have in mind:

Useful Affiliate Tips

🟢 Make sure to promote performers who are frequently LIVE.

💡 Top promotional methods are Socials (X / Reddit), Banners, Pre-Rolls and Review Sites.

💪 Traffic quality is power. High-converting/spending traffic can earn you higher payouts!

🧰 Top promo tools include Prestitial & Postitial Ads, Embedded Games, Chat Head and Live Cam Widget.

Here’s how to use the Chat Head with a specific model:

And here’s where to find and set your Live Cam Widget (auto-optimized models only):

Why Promote Jerkmate?

Exclusive to CrakRevenue Affiliates, Jerkmate is our #1 adult affiliate program.

Being a Jerkmate Affiliate gives you access to the following:

💰 Unrivaled payouts

🎨 Tons of in-house creatives

🧲 Optimized custom funnels

⚒️ High-performing promo tools

That being said, promoting OnlyFans Models is also an exclusive CrakRevenue opportunity, allowing you to capitalize on the hype surrounding dozens of high-profile OF models.

But remember, there are thousands of Jerkmate Models you can promote.

In other words, more options for your traffic and opportunities to earn big! How big?

Well, 10x-the-OF-payout big:

💸 OnlyFans Models PPS: $6 payout

💸 Jerkmate PPS: $60 payout 🔥

So let’s give this new feature a try, shall we?

It’s a Wrap!

Thank you for reading this issue of The Whale’s Digest! 💡🐳

May these tips & tricks will help you make a pile promoting Jerkmate.

Stay tuned for the next issue!


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