Recruit Mainstream Webmasters, Earn 10% of Their Commissions

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You know we pay 5% lifetime Referral, but did you know that CrakRevenue is now offering a special 10% limited time Referral for all MAINSTREAM Webmasters that you refer?

At CrakRevenue, finding new ways of making money is our motto. And there is no expression that we love more than “Passive. Income.

Imagine that — rewarded handsomely for the fruits of your one time labor. All you have to do is refer a Mainstream Webmaster or affiliate!

You get money, on top of your other money.

On our platform, every time you recruit an affiliate with your referral link, you instantly get 5% of all of their commissions. For life.

But now, for a limited time, we will double your percentage to 10% for every Mainstream referral that you refer. Can’t beat that!

So again, every conversion or lead that your referral generates … you get 10%. And with Crak’s diverse selection of top converting offers in mainstream verticals like Nutra, Gaming, and Smartlinks… money should start rollin’ in.

We’ve simplified the recruiting part

Our design team has prepared a whole set of new banners and landings to make your recruiting efforts easier than ever. We’ve got the marketing pitch covered … while you work your magic and get those creatives out there.

Our best landing is our How to Make Money Online CrakRevenue blog post (which you seem to be an avid reader of yourself!). When a reader signs up, you get the referral!

Simply choose the creative that works best for you and your traffic and watch those dollar signs stack up.

Promoting CrakRevenue is easier than ever.

  1. Login to our platform
  2. Click on Referrals on the left menu
  3. At right, you will see a banner with “Need a little help catching some whales?”, click on Details
  4. Check out all our banners and landing

Get ready to make bank!

Check out our mail and contact our support team to activate your 10% referral bump.


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  • I have tried a lot of time to create an affiliate account on crackrevenue but failed, they have lot of unusual issues. And now they are sending me promotional offers on my inbox. Isn’t it funny. Ha ha ha

    • Gabrielle Thibault-Delorme

      Click on the little chatbox at the bottom right of your screen. Our support team will chat with you.

    • I agree with you.

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