The First Raunchy Game Based on Escobar, Exclusive at CrakRevenue

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Long after his death, Pablo Escobar's legacy lives on. Movies & TV shows continue to chronicle his life… and now this new adult game puts you in Mr. Escobar’s shoes.

They say you die twice, once when they bury you in the grave… and the second time is the last time that somebody mentions your name.

– Macklemore

Well, life as we know it today has certainly not forgotten about this notorious, long-deceased drug lord’s name … Pablo Escobar.

While the Medellin Cartel drug kingpin is long gone, his astonishing legacy lives on. Art, books, TV shows and movies continue to be made about “The King of Cocaine.” Pablo Escobar’s name remains alive as ever.

And now CrakRevenue gives you the opportunity of a lifetime to promote the very first erotic game based on the infamous Colombian kingpin…

Introducing Narcos XXX

Narcos XXX is the first erotic game based on The Medellin Narcos Trafficante Cartel.  It allows your user to put his or herself in the highly controversial kingpin’s shoes at the height of his empire.

With the popularity of Netflix’s Narcos — this offer promotes itself.

Seriously … we’re not kidding … wait until you see the landing page.  You can view it here.

Exclusive at CrakRevenue, Narcos XXX is a highly graphic video game with a sweet-as-nose-candy payout of $50 PPS in honor of its launch.

Again, this is a special high payout for a limited time, so make sure you take advantage of this lucrative PPS payout while it lasts!

This game comes with a huge selection of creatives!

Narcos XXX can be promoted by traditional banner display or with your Mailing traffic (with approval only).

You know how popular the Escobar brand remains… so don’t miss a beat sending your adult Gaming traffic to this crazy unique offer.

Promote it today and watch the money pile up!  Escobar style.

Start Promoting Here!

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