Local, Real, and on the Rise

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You gotta check out CrakRevenue’s newest Local Dating & Hookup offers! See why they work.

Remember when we told you that local IS better?

Well, some new data has come to light … and we can’t even fathom how much we were right.

As soon as we rolled out our last selection of locally targeted Dating offers, let’s just say our graph looks like a rocket headed straight to the stratosphere.

1 month after introducing these products on our platform, we saw our ROI triple. And the next month? It more than quadrupled!

Why They Work

Local offers don’t just appeal to the user’s language, but to the user’s culture as well. That’s why they typically convert waaaay better than similar offers that merely only translate their landing pages.

That said, 5 new French, Spanish, and British Dating offers have been recently added to our platform. These offers are right up there with the ones we spoke of, delivering incredible ROI.

So, without suspense, discover:

Our Newest Local Dating & Hookup Offers

All with a payout of up to $1.88 PPL (SOI). These offers feature real hookup dating, all locally, in the user’s language.

Again, we know we already mentioned it, but these offers have converted so well that our own in-house charts for these respective offers look like a rocket flying to the freakin’ moon!

So, what do you say?

Are you interested in climbing on board and growing your revenue exponentially?


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