Introducing StripChat Revshare

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You guys always ask, so we felt felt we should deliver! Introducing StripChat: a BRAND NEW Cam Offer to promote at CrakRevenue to earn 15% Revshare for life!

Hold on to your girdle, because there’s a new Cam player in town—and that’s StripChat.

StripChat is a BRAND NEW Live interactive cam site in the Cam vertical.

With StripChat’s completely fresh database, it’s a refreshing change of pace and your chance to promote a newer, up and coming Webcam site that lets your traffic create a free account to watch all the hottest and awesome beauties featured on there.

Based on a popular and highly sought-after Revshare model, we’re pleased to announce all promoters of StripChat have the chance to earn a 15% Revshare payout on all token buys.

Yep, that’s right — if your traffic registers for free and then decides to spend money on any token package, you earn 15% of whatever your traffic has spentFOREVER, FOR LIFE!


StripChat has rose to prominence as of late and attracted much attention due to its no aggressive forms, no aggressive pops—quite simply, it’s just all about the girls. That’s something we respect, and something we think your traffic will respect.

See for yourself how well this new offer can increase your conversions today!


  • Nick Callisto

    does it have direct to model linking too?

    • CrakRevenue

      Hi Nick,

      Yes! We’re pleased to say that this is indeed possible.

      This can be done by adding the &model=Modelname URL parameter to the end of your aff link (but you must be using the right tour – please see the steps below).

      All you have to do is the following:

      On the StripChat offer page..
      – Choose Landing Page > Manual Selection > select the ‘Direct to Model’ tour option

      – Copy your CR affiliate link for this Direct to Model tour option

      – Manually add &model=WhateverTheModelsNameis to the end of your aff link.
      (of course, it’s always good to test the link and visit it yourself – to see that it is taking you to the model you intended before sending the bulk of your traffic to it!)

      The main thing to remember is you must have the proper (Direct to Model) tour selected for this &model= parameter to work.

      Hope this helps!

      All the best,
      Papa Whale

      • Nick Callisto

        thanks for the info

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