16 High-Performing Affiliate Marketing Tools to Help You Create Optimized Campaigns

16 High-Performing Affiliate Marketing Tools to Help You Create Optimized Campaigns

Affiliate Marketing

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March 16, 2023


Affiliate Marketing

You have been working on earning extra money with an affiliate marketing business? But it’s been months and you haven’t made as much as you thought you would with your first campaigns?

Have you considered using promo tools to improve your performance?

We know thinking about using promo tools doesn’t come naturally, especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing. But a promo tool can be a complete game changer in how you introduce an offer to your audience!

What are promo tools?

Each industry has its set of tools that can catapult your efficiency and reduce your efforts. In affiliate marketing, they’re called affiliate marketing tools or promotion tools. They’re essentially strategic digital tools developed by our marketing experts to help you reach your goals with your traffic.

There are countless ways for an ad to reach your end-users. Consequently, there are lots of promo tools out there. The 16 ones that we talk about in this article are ones that we’ve tested and optimized to help bring the best payouts to our affiliates.

We’re sure you’ll discover your favorite one by the end of the article. So let’s dive in!

Quick Access

  1. Smartlinks
  2. Live Cam Widget
  3. Survey Machine
  4. Direct Links
  5. Pre-roll Ads
  6. Banner Ads
  7. HTML Ads
  8. Pop Codes
  9. Chat Heads
  10. Instant Messaging Ads
  11. Overlays
  12. Email Templates
  13. iFrames
  14. Cam Models API
  15. Cam Swipe
  16. Embedded Games


1. Smartlinks

We’re starting strong with the big guns of promo tools! Smartlinks are an advanced tool created in-house by our experts that can target your users and display the most relevant offers to them. 

They’re powered by an advanced algorithm that shows your users specific offers based on geo and device type. The links are generated by the AI, and you add them to your site to pile up the conversions.

Crazy, right?

Smartlinks eliminate the need for you to go by trial and error with offers. They’re tested and constantly optimized to know which offers are more likely to generate more conversions. 

The coolest thing about smartlinks is that we just developed a new, upgraded algorithm that’s way more powerful than the previous one. The new smartlink algorithm can detect EPC variations on offers to display only the ones with the highest performance. It can also optimize itself like a grown-up with very few maintenance hours by our team. How great is that!

To learn more about our smartlinks, take a look at this article.


2. Live Cam Widget

No false advertising here! This tool simply does what it is called: open a widget that displays live-streaming models from different sites on your website. It’s a pure jewel for cam offers.

Live cam widgets are easy to set up. With their auto-detect feature, they can find the best live content online and display it to your users while you pocket the money from the conversions.

How does it work? Start by selecting the widget type of your preference: a live-streaming performer or a static one. The widget’s size, color, and shape can also be chosen to make it more appealing to your users. 

And if you don’t like your options, you can always change them with the Custom CSS tab. That’s where you can edit your widget’s layouts based on your website’s visuals. Then, all you gotta do is generate your widget’s code, and you’re good to go!


3. Survey Machine

Forget about market research and complex analytics. Survey Machine allows you to retrieve data while advertising to your users! To us, it’s the best of both worlds. The Survey Machine tool was developed to help affiliates boost their revenue while collecting valuable data. 

The tool was built for affiliates to ask users simple questions about products and/or habits related to the offer you’re promoting. Create quizzes, polls, or feedback forms to get input on the products your users love. You can even include incentives like discounts or freebies to make it more compelling.

What about the results? Where do they go? The tool is integrated into your CrakRevenue portal. So as you track your campaigns’ performance, you can look at your results and optimize your future campaigns in a given vertical.


4. Direct Links

The direct link is the simplest promo tool in your affiliate’s toolbox. You get a link from a landing page or the advertiser’s website, and you simply place it at a strategic location on your site. You can either hyperlink to a phrase or, if short, just paste it where you want it. And boom!

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, the direct link is the slingshot you want in your back pocket. It’s what bloggers and content creators use to monetize their audiences. And it drives sales. Its performance will be determined by how obvious you make it. Remember, a link is not as eye-catching as a button, so make it so! Pointing emojis or gifs are your best friends.


5. Pre-roll Ads

Pre-roll ads are the perfect compromise between a full-length video ad and an HTML ad. Avoid banner blindness without interrupting your users' engagement with the content they’re interested in.

Pre-roll ads can be as short as 15, 30, or 60 seconds. You determine whether or not you want them to be skippable. And even if viewers skip the ad, they’ve already been exposed to the offer. Because of their placement–before the video content– pro-rolls won’t interrupt your video content like mid-rolls. You can also add CTA buttons in your pre-rolls to facilitate conversions.

They’re available for mobile and desktop campaigns and are created with the best video resolution. Pre-roll ads are a complete game changer for tube sites. They maximize brand awareness and help generate the most conversions with video content!


6. Banner Ads

We see them everywhere, right? That’s because banner ads work! With the best layouts, slogans, and placements, a banner can exponentially increase your ROI. And to help you accomplish just that, CrakRevenue created many format options and templates to make your ads something your users can’t miss.

Maximize your offer’s visibility by A/B testing your banners. Try different placements and CTAs and choose the best option based on your CTR. With banners, the sky is the limit!


7. HTML Ads

HTML ads are one of the most appreciated promo tools by marketers. They’re the best way to create a dynamic ad on a webpage or an app with animation and sound, without any plugins, even if you’re hosting your site on WordPress. HTML ads are compatible with mobile and desktop devices, and they’re supported on every browser.

Boost your CTR with interactive, eye-catching ads that your users can interact with until they’re our best-converting landing pages.


8. Pop Codes

Create the best pop-ups or pop-unders for your business without the help of complex software. Get your pop code directly from the CrakRevenue portal at the bottom of an offer’s page, then place it where you want the page to appear.

Your offer can appear in a separate window or a new tab in your users’ browsers. No need to be a coding expert or to google YouTube tutorials. All the pop codes are ready-made to increase an offer’s visibility. It’s one of the coolest affiliate marketing tools for webmasters.


9. Chat Heads

Chat heads aren’t just for AI-powered online customer service. They’re a very compelling marketing tool. After all, people are used to responding to chat heads on their smartphones with apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. When you get your offer to pop up discreetly on your users’ screen with a chat head, you invite them to interact on a personal level.

Imagine with cam or dating offers how appealing you can make an offer with a chat head. You could ask users about their plans for the night or start a chat that can continue on the advertiser’s website once they’ve registered. The possibilities are endless!


10. Instant Messaging Ads

Instant messaging or IM ads are your best tool to get on the right track with cam marketing campaigns since they work incredibly well with tube sites. They’re easy to set up, and they can include great interactive content like short videos. People can still close the message window if they’re not interested, but by that time, they would have already been exposed to the offer.

IM ads share similar features with video content shared on social media. Like them, IMs can only reach the desired result if you know your audience well. You can immediately display the video content on your advertiser’s platform without sharing any links to their page. IM ads also have the same personal feel of a chat head if they include a good, short message including your user’s first name.


11. Overlays

If your recent SEO efforts have been fruitful and you’ve managed to bring lots of organic traffic with one hit keyword, then your business is ripe to try overlays. Overlays are similar to a popup. However, they’re displayed in the middle of a page, and the rest of the page is greyed out. This is the promo tool you use when you want all eyes to be on your offer the second your users reach your home page.

Think about it. Your users know your business; they come to your website knowing what product or content they’re looking for. An overlay will just be a stop until they can access their content of interest. Imagine how powerful this tool can be to highlight promo codes, free-month subscriptions, or sweepstakes for instance.


12. Email Templates 

We could all use more templates and save more time writing emails, especially marketers. Any idea how many hours per week or month you dedicate to emails? If you’re thinking about it, it’s too many!

But the biggest struggle with emailing campaigns isn’t the time spent writing. It’s your subscribers' responsiveness. Does your email have what it takes to generate a good open rate? Does it include a great CTA that can achieve the desired result? That’s what it’s all about.

With CrakRevenue’s tested email templates, you can go after the ROI you want. Don’t rack your brain creating good emails without knowing anything about their effectiveness. Our experts have already crafted engaging, responsive email templates with ready-made visuals that will work wonders with your traffic.

Browse our list of templates and select the one that matches your site’s layout or voice. And won’t be anxious tracking your users' responsiveness. With our provided scrubbing list, you’ll land in their inbox as smoothly as a pilot and maximize your open rate!


13. iFrames

Want your users to get a glimpse of the content on your advertiser’s website? iFrames are the promo tools to achieve just that. They allow you to load the content from another webpage on your site within a preset frame. iFrames can include static or interactive content. They work with many browsers, and they automatically adjust across devices. 

Embed part of a webpage, an address on Google Maps, search engine results, and lists of articles into your website with this useful tool. Simply select the dimensions and the layout you desire to make your offers shine on a single webpage.


14. Cam Models API

After smartlinks, the cam models API is the most intelligent and exclusive tool to get your hands on. See, this promo tool is designed to gather insightful data on cam products to help affiliates optimize their campaigns and create ads of the highest quality. 

Use this advanced tool to create campaigns in less time and focus your efforts on tracking and finding more offers to promote. The data you’ll access is constantly updated and will be useful to more than one campaign. Worth the try!


15. Cam Swipe

Do you think about the swiping motion when you scroll through your feeds on social media? No, it’s intuitive. Your users won’t think about it either with this promo tool. That’s why the cam swipe is perfect to jumpstart your conversions on cam offers. The tool uses the same features as social media platforms, getting your users to swipe up and browse through thousands of models. 

The Cam Swipe is an exclusive prelander featuring live models from many cam sites, allowing you to promote multiple sites in one campaign. Thanks to its integrated Comment and Like buttons, your users will be redirected to the site on which the model on screen is featured. And no matter which platform they end up on, you’re the one who will cash in the benefits.  

Wanna convert your audience with the most engaging and intuitive tool, the Cam Swipe is your ultimate free tool.


16. Embedded Games

Want to make your users think that they’re not being advertised to? Make them play! 

The embedded games is one of CrakRevenue greatest accomplishment. It’s also our most seductive and interactive promo tool. Here’s why! 

This tool is essentially a widget that opens a sex game from one of our most exclusive cam advertisers. The consists in picking from a variety of hot models and choosing the action he, she or they–yes they–will perform. Users can  take control of their kinky fantasies until being redirected to the advertiser's site to continue the tantalizing fun.

If that’s not the sexiest way to convert your traffic, we don’t know what is!


Other Underestimated Affiliate Marketing Tools

These 16 fantastic promo tools were developed by CraRevenue and are featured on our affiliate marketing portal, but they’re not the only ones that can boost your campaigns. 

Depending on where you are in your affiliate journey, you might want to include sponsored content to your site or keep increasing your traffic. Here are some additional tools to help you reach your affiliate marketing goals. 

SEO Analytics Tools

Before thinking of adding any promo links or tracking an offer’s performance on your site, you have to make sure your content is SEO-optimized. That’s the best way to bring more free traffic to your site. And more organic traffic means better high-quality traffic to convert. No need to buy expensive software to optimize your content; simply use online SEO tools to do the job.

With tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, you can find the keyword on which you want your site to rank. You can also start a list of topics for future reference centered on specific keywords. Another great thing about SEO is that you can optimize old content with a main keyword and tags so it can stay climb up the list of SERPs. 

Ad Networks

Ad networks are the networks you want to join to look for additional sources of traffic. Certain offers, though great, might not perform well with your traffic alone. The good news is that you can buy high-quality traffic, especially if you know that the offer is worth it. In other words, the return on investment will make it worth your while. 

The Internet is filled with great adult networks with awesome traffic, such as Traffic Factory, ExoClick, and Traffic Stars. Find out more about adult networks and additional traffic in this article.

Affiliate Marketing Forums

There is nothing like the feel of a community to motivate business owners and affiliate marketers. With forums, you can get real insights from professionals and experts who are well-informed on the challenges of marketing campaigns. 

Instead of searching for answers on Google and getting lost on YouTube, you can create a thread to get free advice from a fellow marketer. Forums also provide you with free material and networking events to connect with the affiliate marketing community. Check out STM, a worldwide forum that helps thousands of affiliates reach their monetization goals. 

Affiliate Marketing Events

Yes, these events can be instrumental to your success! You never know who you can meet there: a future business partner, affiliate managers, CEOs, or promo tool developers! The possibilities are endless. Not only do you get to explore new cities, but you can also learn and exchange on campaigns that worked, or you can even stumble on new marketing strategies.

Events like Affiliate Summit or Affiliate World take place every year in different cities around the world. So if you don’t have travel plans already, check out one of these conferences. Perhaps our team will meet you there!


The Ultimate Tool: the Affiliate Marketers’ Checklist

If you’ve tried a promo tool, but haven’t reached your goals, here’s a checklist to help you determine what area to put more effort on:

  • Do you regularly upload new content on your platform?
  • Do you regularly verify your site’s content with a SEO analytics software?
  • Do you work with WordPress plugins to create and optimize your content faster?
  • Have you joined a CPA network to find the best advertisers?
  • Do you track your campaigns' performance over a longer rather than a shorter period?
  • Have you reached out to CrakRevenue’s team of experts?


If you’re not familiar with our portal yet, now’s the time to get your affiliate feet wet. Join CrakRevenue and access all the best tools at your disposal once you’re part of our CPA network.

Check out our completely revamped promo tools page to find out more. Don’t forget to let us know which one helped you make the most money with your traffic!


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