So Long Whale School: Welcome to the Whale Academy!

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Welcome to the Whale Academy! The most comprehensive information source on Affiliate Marketing in the adult industry TO DATE! Initiation fees: NONE.


We told you that we had great plans for 2016, and we weren’t lying.

As you already know, our passion for web marketing & the adult industry cannot be overstated. Sharing our knowledge of an industry we all know and love with our beloved affiliates has always been #1 to us.

Since our earliest beginnings, we’ve done our best to share our insights with you. We did it with the CrakRevenue blog, we did it with the Whale School, and now we’re doing it again with our newest channel: CrakRevenue’s very own Knowledge Base.

Our new Knowledge Base is the most comprehensive information source on affiliate marketing in the adult industry to date. It’s your complete guide to everything you ever wanted to know about adult marketing.

But it gets better.

Think of our Knowledge Base as an Interactive Online University — a Whale Academy!

And that means our Knowledge Base is only as good as the community behind it. It means affiliates like you will have the opportunity to contribute, ask questions, and hopefully pave the way for what this Knowledge Base eventually becomes.

You will now be able to…

  • Ask questions directly
  • Add your own insights!
  • Choose your own topics; Vote the best topics
  • Learn in a fun, interactive way—while choosing your own areas of interest for the next semester!

So what are you waiting for?!

Head on over to our new Knowledge Base and start exploring!

Get started!

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