5 WordPress Plugins You Should Download for Your Adult Site

5 WordPress Plugins You Should Download for Your Adult Site


Written by

Papa Whale


February 3, 2016




When we presented the 5 WordPress Themes perfectly well suited for adult affiliates last month, we teased some new plugin discoveries we were on the heels of testing at the time.

After much extensive testing ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to share our findings.  And, more importantly… it’s time to get our WordPress on.

With hundreds of thousands of WordPress plugins in existence and thousands to choose from, we know the battles from within this can cause - and how the process of finding the right one (those that add value and something special to your site) can leave a person feeling overwhelmed.  

One thing is for sure:  we don’t want our WordPress sites or yours slowing down because you couldn’t make a choice and decided to add every Plugin you ever came across (although there's an argument that it's not the number of plugins—it's the quality.)

But worry no more! Here are 5 WordPress plugins you should download for your adult site:


Meet wpXtube...

This free plugin is surely what many of you aspiring tube owners are looking for. WpXtube (like the name implies) turns your WordPress site into an adult tube site in mere minutes.

Script installation is fast and simple; add hundreds of videos instantly.

And the best thing about WpXtube is, enjoy automatic video updates without doing a thing!  This powerful plugin adds videos directly from the adult sponsor without requiring any work or effort by you.

Download this plugin here.


Meet CyberSEO

While this plugin isn’t free, its cost is totally worth it. The CyberSEO plugin allows you to automate content to your WordPress site or blog using RSS, Atom, and XML feeds.

This bad boy right here comes fully equipped with one of the most powerful XML/RSS feed syndicators (aggregators) around.

And if your adult blog is more text or article focused, other features of this plugin include: the ability to extract full-text posts/articles from RSS feeds and an auto-commenting tool which lets you post/public comments using specified criteria.

Download this plugin here.

Above the Fold Optimization

Meet Above the Fold Optimization

Advanced & experienced WordPressers, take note!  This plugin is for you.

The Above the Fold Optimization plugin is for optimization professionals who know what they're doing and those who hope to see better results with their sites (and ideally, is intended to work alongside other optimization plugins like Autoptimize & W3 Total Cache).

One of the top selling-points for this plugin is, it helps "eliminate render-blocking JS and CSS in above-the-fold-content"-rule from Google PageSpeed Insights. With it, you can optimize the delivery of your entire website and that of its Cascading Style Sheets.

Other features of the Above the Fold plugin include Critical Path CSS generation, Full CSS extraction, and JS localization.

Download this plugin here.

WP Minify Fix

Meet WP Minify Fix

This plugin is the answer to those looking to improve their adult site’s page load time.

WP Minify Fix compresses your WordPress site or blog’s Javascript / CSS files so everything loads speedy fast!

The WP Minify Fix plugin works in conjunction with Minify engine.  

Other features of this plugin include:  

  • The detection & elimination of duplicate sources
  • The ability to easily incorporate Minify into your WordPress realm
  • Debug tools
  • Exclude/Include abilities for CSS & Javascript Minifying

Download this plugin here.


Meet Plugz

(But we totally know there’s a chance you may have already met this handy fellow).

Plugz is our Related Content Recommendation Platform and is also available as a Related Posts plugin for your WordPress site.

The Plugz plugin lets you:

  • Make money with your traffic via high quality sponsored content
  • Display Related content across your site
  • Display Related posts from other sites
  • View detailed traffic reports
  • Customize thumbnails & layout

If you've used Plugz before but haven't tried the Plugz plugin for WordPress - you should definitely try it today, it's quite simple creating & managing Widgets!

Download this plugin here.

Praise be to WordPress!

We hope you enjoy our selection of WordPress plugins as much as we’ve enjoyed them.

Indeed, these plugins spotlighted here today are used by CrakRevenue’s very own SEO team. Our SEO team manages thousands of WordPress blogs on a daily basis… this should give you a little bit of a hint on these tools’ efficiency.

But if you still need more inspiration when it comes to that adult blog of yours -- don’t forget to stop by our brand new Knowledge Base -- especially the Website section. There you will find everything you need to get your adult-oriented site or blog on the right track!

If what you’re looking for is not there, don’t hesitate to comment in the Knowledge Base and we’ll try our best to address it!

Thanks for reading!  

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