Top WordPress Themes… Reloaded – Part 2

Top WordPress Themes… Reloaded – Part 2


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Papa Whale


November 26, 2014




The quest for the perfect WP theme for your adult website used to be as long and physically taxing as attending a dinner party hosted by your great-great-aunt in some soul-sucking, depressing neighborhood, with full knowledge your friends are partying it up in Las Vegas.  But that was then.

Now, thanks to some Papa Whale insight… it’s like a walk in the park.

A few months ago, we started you off with an appetizer with our initial top WordPress themes for Adult blogs post and - last week - we brought five more fantastic WP themes to the table that we know will have your content jumping off the page.  Now we’re covering five additional themes, you know.. just in case you still haven’t found that perfect WordPress theme for your project just yet.

Here’s five additional kickass themes you’ll definitely want on your radar!


Adsos Theme

The ADSOS theme is one of the fastest themes you can find on the market right now.

With its minimal design, this WordPress theme will load faster than its shadow ... that is, if WordPress themes had shadows.

If you’re thinking about choosing a theme optimized for SEO, then look no further, this theme is the one for you. It’s optimized for SEO down to the very core.

Remember, a web page that loads fast is AWESOME for SEO— especially since Google takes a site's speed into account for search rankings.

But of course, speed alone is not why we love this baby. Adsos has some nifty built-in ad space in the header and footer, too, for max optimization potential!

Video Blog

They say less is more... And when we think about this Video Blog theme, whoever invented that saying certainly seems to be on to something.

Most tube sites have a tendency to feature as many videos as humanly possible above the fold.

However, our thinking is, if you have a niche — or just some good ol’ AWESOME content — that has proven to convert exceptionally well in the past— well, then this theme allows you to really shine a spotlight on that content while letting you focus on a select number of videos at a time without overloading your visitor, and without bombarding him or her with excessive choice.

There's too many features and perks to mention here, but not only does this theme support all native WordPress post formats, it even offers Widgetized Areas throughout the theme, and we love that!   View all the features of this theme here.


Truemag is a WordPress theme that takes professionalism to the next level. This theme shows off content in a way that is both stylish and well-balanced.

And, if you’re all about the ads, then the Truemag theme is probably for you because it was designed for ultimate monetization. This online magazine-esque layout is “ad-ready” and features tons of Ad zone hot spots.

With four different (responsive) versions of the site to cover all your users on any device— this theme is one of the best we've seen at handling responsive advertisements. Your ads adjust for every screen size and device. Take note, Adsense fans!

Users of Truemag can expect to see a higher click-through rate with this theme, due to the designer’s emphasis on monetization.

Old Paper

Dazzle your visitors with the WordPress theme that is known simply as “Old Paper."

If you have a lot of links, sponsors, or just a fair number of pages belonging to your site— the Old Paper WP template is one you may want to consider. This theme does not shy away from embracing the hard-link.

With multiple in-built menus, the Old Paper theme is sure to embrace your links with a menu that is eye-catching and visually stellar. This theme incorporates Animate.css animations to draw the visitor’s eyes to your content, leading to higher user-engagement.

Old Paper boasts a Bootstrap solid Framework, a revolutionary design, and it's compatible with WordPress 3.8 and above. With the search engines in mind, this theme is designed to load fast. It’s optimized for all the popular devices, and did we mention how we liked the CSS effects?


And finally, last but not least... the Enfold WordPress theme is the quintessential definition of functionality, speed, and design.

Enfold actually comes equipped with a drag and drop admin interface... how’s that for easy?!  The theme designers deserve props here for that.

Whether you're running a standard, run-of-the-mill blog, or wanting a professional looking website for your business— Enfold offers a variety of options and has all your needs covered with its numerous demos.

And if you still haven’t found satisfaction with all the themes we’ve talked about so far… give Enfold a try because it’s easily one of the most flexible themes out there, from unlimited color options and layouts, to responsive design and SEO-optimization.

We hope that you’re able to find a Top theme of your own with our latest list of favorites. Let us know in the comments what YOUR favorite WP theme is - especially if it's not one we talked about…

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