Top WordPress themes for adult blogs

Top WordPress themes for adult blogs


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Papa Whale


April 23, 2014



Adult WordPress Themes

If you are just beginning in this industry, you’re probably wondering how to generate traffic and monetize it. Today, there are tons of new and different ways for an affiliate marketer to make money in adult; think media buying, facebook traffic, tumblr blogs, and so on.

But over and all, the real cornerstone of a successful enterprise in the adult web marketing game is — and has always been — building and operating your own website.

Long gone are the days when you needed an army of code monkeys to achieve this feat. Today, thanks to what are now called Content Management Systems (CMS), even your grandmother can succeed and thrive as a web marketer, even if she hasn’t the slightest clue on how to build a website.

And that’s exactly how WordPress came to be so powerful.

That being said, once you’ve downloaded and installed WordPress, you’ll still have to do a few more things before drowning in dollar bills. That includes comparing and choosing between hundreds of thousands of themes… and this can be somewhat time consuming.

"Rome wasn't built in a day,” remember?

Screw the Romans!  You don't have to waste your precious time anymore.

We’ve already picked the best available XXX themes and listed them here just for you!

Hey, you'll thank us later.

1 - Adult Wordpress Themes: Video Hub / VideoStar -

Video Hub and VideoStar themes are perfect for the adult business because the spotlight put on your video content. The interface is very clean and easy to browse and gives the visitor a direct access to videos from the series of thumbnails displayed on the homepage. These themes also include two banners areas above the fold and optional widget space.

2 - Adult Wordpress Themes: Magazine / Pinboard - builder

If you want to monetize your traffic, you have to focus on your banner placement. Among the most profitable spots, there’s the footer, the header, and the sides of each respective page. Additionally, if your users read right to left (like in Arabic or Japanese) it’s better to put ads in the left column of your site. Otherwise, the ads should stay on the right.

That’s where the Themify builder comes in handy.

With Themify, you gain access to various themes that can be fully customized by dragging and dropping the items onto your page… just like your banners!  More than 40 themes are available.  However,  we recommend the Magazine or the Pinboard themes, since they are such a great fit for the adult industry.

3 - Adult Wordpress Themes: Adult Video and Photo Gallery Themes -

These themes were designed specifically for the adult industry… and it shows!  The pages are not too long, which thankfully avoids endless scrolling.  Themes are so specialized here that you can even choose between the usual niche colors:  Bright red, black for hardcore, light blue, or even hot pink for teen, and so forth-- and you know what?  The themes are 100% free.

4 - Adult Wordpress Themes: Videogrid - Themefuse

This theme perfectly illustrates the trend in which one creates an irregularity in content, so that the user’s attention is drawn more to the page.  In this case, it’s the size of the video thumbnails that are different from one another. And, since this theme is well-thought-out, the thumbnails resize automatically depending on the user’s browser and screen resolution.

Obviously all these themes are responsive except for the adult themes from  Many of them may not be free but their cost - between 45$ and 70$ - includes full support and regular updates.

Now that you've got your theme set, there's still a lot of work to be done before you can earn a living out of it but hey, that's another story!


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