Start making more money without breaking a sweat with CrakRevenue Smartlinks! It’s set & forget! You send the traffic to one link & we take care of the rest!

As you may have noticed, we’ve just released a brand new feature on our platform—Smartlinks.

CrakRevenue Smartlinks are the perfect Set & Forget tools for any Webmaster & Affiliate.

Not sure which offer is best for your traffic? The CR Smartlinks are your best ally!

They’re SUPER profitable & EASIER than EVER to set up…


So, what are CrakRevenue Smartlinks?

Smartlinks sends your traffic to CrakRevenue’s top-converting offers based on user device, user location and your chosen vertical.

CR Smartlinks helps you get more conversions by generating links to only creatives & landers that have proven to have the highest CTR head and shoulders above the rest!

These brand new convenient Smartlinks are available in the following verticals:

    • Dating
    • VOD
    • Cam

Adult (a combination of all 3 verticals mentioned above)

In fact, every CrakRevenue Smartlink that is generated gets optimized by our skilled in-house affiliate management team on a daily basis.

Just choose the vertical you wish to promote!

Simply select your desired type of link for your traffic type (Adult, Cam, Dating, VOD…?), add a SubID/tracker, COPY it, and begin sending traffic.

That’s it—we take care of the rest.

Once you start generating traffic to your CR Smartlink, the traffic is assessed by our system; you’ll be able to see which Offers are hot and which ones are not!

CrakRevenue Smartlinks were designed with one aim in mind: to MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER & to help you MAKE MORE MONEY in a SMARTER way.

Instead of throwing traffic at some random offer you may know nothing about — let our Smartlinks help you out!

Honestly, what are you waiting for?!  

Get started today!



  • Jessica Nelson

    EXCELLENT idea!

  • tomyhd

    its working with niche also? example if i want only promote gay. then smartlink will only gay offer? or stil base vertical?

  • Igor

    Great job guys, this seems like an awesome feature and I am looking forward to try it out!
    One question though: Will this system take in consideration all the offers that I have requested and gotten a manual approval for promoting, or will it only rotate the ones that does not require specific approval?

  • i am on my way anyone test it pls share the result

    • JohnnyNite

      Let us know how it goes for you… Thanks..