10 Reasons Why You Should Speak to Your Affiliate Manager

10 Reasons Why You Should Speak to Your Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Marketing

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January 30, 2019


Affiliate Marketing

When you’re in the business of affiliate marketing, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision. After all, lots of our partners—including you, most likely—work alone in front of their computers. Being your own boss sure has its benefits. Two heads aren’t always better than one. Some affiliates absolutely loathe having to work in a team and it’s important to acknowledge different work styles.

That being said, doing business on your own might lead to a lack of oversight. All the more so if you’re actually successful. Why would you bother changing your proven methods of making money online instead of simply doing a rinse & repeat of what works for you? This is where speaking to your affiliate manager at CrakRevenue comes into play.

Below you will find 10 great reasons why forging a valuable link between you and your affiliate manager can make a huge difference for your operations. But first, let’s understand what’s the job about, shall we?

Who are affiliate managers?

Affiliate managers typically work for an affiliate network. They’re responsible for the recruitment and nurturing of affiliates throughout their online marketing journey. One of their key missions is to improve affiliate programs by advising partners all around the globe, thus  helping them generate more revenue.

Here’s the main reasons why you should build a lasting bond with affiliate managers.

1- Inside information directly from the source

Knowledge is power. Affiliate managers are among the first to know about upcoming features, products and big news from our CPA network. Which means they also share their intel with select affiliates before we spread the news on social media, newsletters and other channels.

Speaking to your Affiliate manager can indeed puts you on the path to receive privileged information as they have a real-time pulse on everything going on from the inside. For instance, knowing there’s going to be a big push for a well-known brand can help you plan in advance and take the market by storm while other affiliates scramble.

2- Personalized advice and tips

This is an important one because you should always aim higher, no matter how thriving your business is. What better way to achieve so than to lend a ear to people who have a lot of experience helping fellow affiliates get on track? Our partners all have different stories and if you ask us, that’s what makes our job so exciting in the first place. Getting to know more about you and your business is a crucial part of our CPA network.

The more details we have about you, the better equipped we will be to answer specific challenges. Some of our biggest affiliates had very humble beginnings and worked their way up the ladder with a lot of hard work, dedication and yes, by opening up to their affiliate manager about who they are and what they want to achieve.

Real-life example right from the mouth of an affiliate manager

We worked with an affiliate by applying changes to creatives, the overall flow and opting for a new call-to-action (CTA). This has helped him tremendously to achieve a higher conversion rate—easily 20% more. The traffic's quality increased as well and our affiliate was thus able to secure a better payout. With the help of everyone including the provider, we were able to get not one, not two but three payout bumps in the span of a couple of weeks for a T1 dating offer (SOI). We were also able to increase the earnings per click (EPC) to an average of $0.07!

3- Nip potential problems in the bud

Although we have a dedicated support team that does an incredible job, speaking to your affiliate manager has the considerate advantage to prevent problems before they happen. We’re not saying you should bombard AMs with questions, but you would be surprised what a single private message can do to clear any confusion about a particular topic.

Affiliate managers are available on Skype, email, live chat and telephone to make sure affiliates are never left in the dark about their business.

4- Custom everything

Another significant perk of speaking to your affiliate manager is the ability to unlock deep customization options within the platform. For instance, if you’re doing well with a specific offer, you might get a bonus payout that acts as both a reward and an incentive to push forward with your online marketing.

Once you get to know more about your affiliate manager and create a link, you can even ask for custom landing pages and creatives. A lot of promotional material isn’t available from the get-go, so it pays to dig a little further to see what we have available.

5- Provide impetus for reaching the stars

Motivation or morale is something a lot of affiliates struggle with at some point or another. If you tread alone or fail to meet expectations, this is even more true. Granted, affiliate managers will never work for you—you’re ultimately responsible for your own success or failures.

What affiliate managers can do though is act as powerful sources of energy and motivation. They are known to boost the confidence of affiliates, whether you need is a tap on the back after a failure or a swift kick in the butt to get things going. Small fry or big fish, you’ll be treated with the respect you deserve. Sometimes, all it needs is a spark.

6- Increase performance with optimization

It’s no secret that affiliate managers take pride in your work. The success of our business depends a lot on yours, so it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. One way to achieve greater results is to use advanced tracking techniques that will serve as the foundation to work towards your goals.

Our platform already includes tracking codes for your campaigns. Affiliate managers can help you break down the big picture and pinpoint grounds for improvement. They have the knowledge and experience required to formulate precise recommendations on a case-by-case basis. These optimisations will improve your results as you continue to grow.

7- Receive valuable feedback on your traffic

When you have your eyes glued to the screen working on your campaigns, sometimes you may miss the broader view. Affiliate managers can give you their honest input about the quality of your traffic so you start making some positive changes that will bring in additional revenue.

In the past, we've helped affiliates by having them focus on specific types of traffic (T1, T2, etc.) and trying out new options. Attracting traffic is not the only thing you should worry about and we're here to provide you with new ideas and valid criticism.

8- Get access to private offers

You might have noticed you can't just start promoting some premium offers on our platform. That is to say, not without requesting access to an affiliate manager.

If you're already in talks with an AM, unlocking private offers will be much easier. It's usually faster than simply waiting for a manual approval. Also, affiliate managers are in the best position to suggest perfect match offers best tailored to your traffic, type of content, GEO, etc.

9- Tell us what YOU really need

It's important that once you do get an affiliate manager, you start telling him exactly what you want as an affiliate. If you keep receiving new offers on a weekly basis but ultimately don't care about them...do tell! Same goes if you wanna get paid faster or you have other requests.

Getting to know your affiliate manager will get you a faster and customized service!

10- Become part of the family

As a CPA network, we love to treat our affiliates as being part of a whale-sized family. Developing friendly ties with affiliate managers goes a long way in establishing a trust relationship.

And as you may be well aware, trust is huge in business. So make sure you start networking and getting to know us better: it'll be well worth it!

How do I get my own affiliate manager at CrakRevenue?

One question we repeatedly get goes like this: “how do I get my own affiliate manager?” Before answering, we would like to point out new affiliates get taken under the wing of our Customer Experience team (also known as Support) to make sure they have a great experience with our CPA network.

Affiliates who manage to rank in the Top 200 automatically get a dedicated Affiliate Manager. However, don’t let that discourage you if you’re below this threshold: affiliates can also request such a service, even though we reserve the right to accept or decline according to multiple factors, one of them being potential shown by claiming parties. We also have an history of approaching affiliates to offer them a dedicated affiliate manager before they ask.

To request an Affiliate Manager, complete this official support form.


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