How to make the most of the FapChat Story Landing page

How to make the most of the FapChat Story Landing page

Affiliate Marketing

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February 6, 2019


Affiliate Marketing

A key factor of success for affiliate marketers is the ability to find great offers for their traffic. In order to identify such an offer, you must first know about your audience so you’ll be able to offer them a “perfect match.”

Great offers share many of the same qualities: high payouts, nice creatives and effective landing pages. Today, we’re going to concentrate on the latter so you can make money online using the FapChat Story landing page.

Findings that have led to the creation of the FapChat Story landing page

To give you a bit more context on how the whole thing came about, the lander we’re overviewing today came to life after analyzing similar top performing landers from other top Dating brands.

While imitation has always been the sincerest form of flattery, we feel like we struck the perfect balance with our new FapChat lander by incorporating all the best elements from the industry’s leading ad tools.

By using what works and experimenting with new concepts, we're confident we developed and perfected a lander that not only delivers, but one that is worthy of your promotion. The following is a retelling of how we achieved this.

Content optimization and setting up the landing’s backbone

For this step, we’ve taken the best similar landing pages and put them under our microscope so we could learn everything about them.

We then studied market trends in dating on the world’s biggest websites in this niche and thoroughly reviewed their mobile sales pages and funnels.

As a CPA network, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve all the required form steps users must take on mobile from a user experience (UX) point of view. Services such as Amazon and Netflix served as the basis for optimizing and laying the foundation for our landing page.

The FapChat Story lander is the first created exclusively with mobile dating in mind at CrakRevenue. We did create mobile-first landings in the past that would prove compatible with desktop (one such example being Snapchat), but this one was created for mobile from the very ground upWe didn’t want to fall victim to the “Tinder trap,” (i.e., sales pages with likes and dislikes).

Therefore, we set our sights on content for the end user. This is why each step of our sales funnel has been meticulously crafted to incite conversions at every step of the landing page.

Step 1: Age Verification

step 1 fapchat story landing page

Step 2: Mailcatcher

step 2 fapchat story landing page

Step 3: Country and Zip Code Submit

step 3 fapchat story landing page

Step 4: Username Creation

step 4 fapchat story landing page

Step 5: Password Creation

step 5 fapchat story landing page

Step 6: Marital Status, Body Type & Ethnicity Selection

step 6 fapchat story landing page

Step 7: Profile Headline & Bio

step 7 fapchat story landing page

Final Step: Mailcatcher (for real this time)

step 8 fapchat story landing page

At the end of his or her journey, the user is redirected to a top converting landing page.

When you blend all these ingredients together, you get an optimized and mouthwatering offer in the form of the FapChat Story landing page. As you can see, engagement is an important factor we use to make sure the user converts at the end.

The actual story behind the FapChat Story landing page

Contrary to popular landing pages or pre-landers that focus on questions or user profiles, our FapChat Story lander puts forward an interactive story that will help you make money at the end of the day - plain and simple.

First you follow a horny girl named Amanda throughout the course of her “normal” day (doesn’t everyone love having breakfast butt-naked?!). Not long after, she’s joining her friend Ember at her place for a “special kind of party”.

A little alcohol breaks down the inhibition barrier … and well, next thing you know, we don’t have to tell you what comes next — both babes end up in the shower for some hot, HOT action!

Indeed, the sales page is a story itself, so it pays to craft your sales funnel around it so you can maximize revenues. Use this premise as a starting point for your copy and marketing efforts.

  • Use a creative (display) that reads “Watch Amber’s Story” or “Watch Ember’s Story”

The following sentences and keywords can really help give your posts more views:

  • One of my friends created the hottest story… check it out!
  • Come watch horny FB girls and Snapchat stories
  • Trade selfies with random teens
  • Join FapChat and get access to nude pics from random girls
  • You won’t believe what these 2 girls did on Snapchat
  • Be part of the only wild selfies community!

Trust the one page story approach to optimize your marketing funnel. This concept has proven its worth!

Marketing promotional methods

For the FapChat Story landing page, we require T1 traffic—US, CA, UK and AU in this case.

This is a mobile dating offer. If you send desktop traffic, it’ll be redirected to our best optimized desktop tour.


Since we’re essentially promoting a story, shoutouts on social media work really well. In fact, you could say FapChat has been created with social traffic at its core.

Media Buy & Webmasters

Speaking from our own experience, the whole story angle is FIRE with mobile traffic.

We have tons of winning packages for you to choose from either in display or for your media buying activities with very interesting results.


We have an exclusive mailing offer for FapChat with an even better payout. Make sure to talk about it with your affiliate manager as we need to manually approve you beforehand.


FapChat takes advantage of the biggest trends in dating to deliver a quality experience for everyone involved. Its unique approach has already proven to be quite a hit. And as we’ve said in the past, it’s one of the few offers that actually accepts chat traffic!

If you already have your own stories, we can easily create a FapChat Story-style landing page for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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