A Record Breaking year for CrakRevenue

A Record Breaking year for CrakRevenue
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CrakRevenue News

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January 30, 2013


CrakRevenue News

crakrevenue superhero

A quick look in the rearview mirror...

Just over a year ago, at the dawn of the year 2012, we would never have imagined that the upcoming year was going to be as eventful and exciting. Even with the strength of our own affiliate experience and our confidence in an emerging platform that would later become CrakRevenue, we didn't anticipate the chain of events that would take place, positioning CrakRevenue and it's products as key players in the industry.

Sustained Growth

Overall, 2012 has been an exceptional year for us, with an increase of over 200% in annual sales. In order to handle this growth, we've had to triple the size of our staff and offices. We've gone from roughly 20 employees at the beginning of the year to 60 full-time employees in late December. If 2013 turns-out to be as good as last year, we will have to invade the last floor of the building sometime in July!

...CrakRevenue generated so much enthusiasm since its introduction, that it has managed to rally a few thousands of affiliates in its first year of existence...

That said, this phenomenal growth is closely related to the success of our products and more specifically, to CrakRevenue, our key all-in-one affiliate platform. In fact, CrakRevenue has generated so much enthusiasm since its introduction, that it has managed to rally a few thousand affiliates in it's first year of existence thanks to it’s unique formula and conclusive results. Pushed forward by CrakRevenue's momentum, our other products, sites and programs have also seen a significant increase.

Nominations and Awards

The success of our programs and interest from the industry became a reality last year with several nominations in some of the hottest trade shows and awards in the industry. CrakRevenue has been nominated for the Ynot, XBIZ and AVN awards, in various categories. We won honors at the 2012 GFY Awards, where CrakRevenue was crowned "Best Affiliate Program" for 2012, even though it was still in Beta.

...CrakRevenue was crowned "Best Affiliate Program" for 2012, even so it was still in Beta...

Since good things come in threes, GFY also voted the company "Innovative Company of the Year" and Niktamer, co-founder and head of business development, was awarded "Webmaster of the Year" for the second year in a row. This trip to Amsterdam was so rewarding, everyone came back motivated and energized like never before.

...And then we stepped on the throttle.

This new year started out at full speed with CrakRevenue. We lined up nominations for both AVN and XBIZ Awards alongside many renowned programs of the industry. Having our flagship product nominated for these two prestigious awards was a great accomplishment. It proved even better when CrakRevenue was crowned "XBIZ 2013 Affiliate Program of the Year - Single-Platform". Needless to say, we are very pleased to see that our continuing efforts to innovate are being recognized.

It is clear that the industry is changing and evolving now faster than before. Into something most of us did not foresee just a few years ago. CrakRevenue is now well positioned to cope with this reality and is ready to turn any upcoming challenges into opportunities. At this chapter, with last year's results in mind, looking at the many projects we have on the table for 2013, we are expecting strong and sustained growth for the year to come!

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