Create Tumblr Traffic and Make Easy Money with CrakRevenue – Part 1

Create Tumblr Traffic and Make Easy Money with CrakRevenue – Part 1
Tutorial on how to monetize tumblr traffic using CrakRevenue

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Papa Whale


March 6, 2013


Social Media

Tutorial on how to monetize tumblr traffic using CrakRevenue

If you’re not already using Tumblr as a tool to generate traffic, you’re missing out.  This is an excellent source of inexpensive, quality traffic.

We have put together a little guide for you today that explains how you can start using tumblr to feed your traffic-hungry CrakRevenue campaigns, mainly using Free Cams or Dating (both are excellent options).

As affiliates ourselves, we use hundreds of blog pages and tumblrs for traffic generation and SEO purposes. With some minimal effort and a little know-how, you should be able to yield impressive amounts of free, prequalified, organic traffic.

But first, why choose tumblr over some other blogging platform?

Because Tumblr is:

  • A powerful platform - you can be up and running a real traffic machine within days.
  • Simple to use - no blogger's black belt needed here. You’ll get the hang of it in minutes.
  • SEO friendly - generating traffic using two levels has never been easier and more rewarding.

And most importantly... it pays off. Every bit of effort you put in will be rewarded, if you do it right.

Now, let’s get started!

Step One - Find and Define your Niche.

Think about who you're looking to reach - this is really important. Put yourself in this person's head, and think about what they would be looking for. Now figure out how you are going to bring it up. Be original. There are a lot of competitors out there that want to get a piece of the pie, too.

But don't worry, we’ll show you how to outsmart them at this game.

Be as specific as possible. Avoid mixing several types of content into one page - it simply does not work. You always have the option of opening a new page for every other niche/interest you want to exploit. Like we said earlier, keeping the focus is crucial.

Step Two - Open a tumblr account

Choose an evocative user name, something like Hot, Sexy Teens Exposed (this might be already taken, it's just an example) and select your avatar accordingly. While you’re in your account settings uncheck the Safe Mode option in the Dashboard tab to make it easier to find the tags you’re interested in.

When you've found and defined your niche, open your new tumblr page. Choose your page's URL wisely, and place your best keywords in, separated by hyphens (e.g. so search engines can easily find it.

Set the account preferences for your page, and make sure to check the NSFW content option.

Next, click on your blog’s link. Then, click on Customize in the upper righthand corner. From there you’ll be able to choose your tumblr theme. Keep in mind that you will mostly be posting pictures and you’ll have tons of free ones available to you right from the start. You will be able to fine tune the look’n'feel later using minimum html/CSS.

Then, add your blog's title and description using keywords and you’re almost set.

If your Tumblr is named, do you really think that your visitors will be expecting amateur, teen, girlfriends content?

Consistency is the key here. 

Stick to the plan for each page (niche) and don't make a melting pot of celebrity pictures, famous pornstars, and black fetish midget lesbians all together. Focus.

Step Three - Think SEO

One thing that makes tumblr an awesome tool is that it gets you traffic from two different levels.

The first level is through search engines. That's why all your title words and content descriptions are such crucial elements here. Think. Keywords. Always. This is what puts your posts on Google's radar.

People landing on your page want to find what they are looking for, always keep that in mind.

If your content is consistent - exactly as you describe it, your visitors will stay on your page longer and keep browsing it. Relevant content makes your visitors stay. Visitors staying longer makes your page rank higher. With a higher ranking and more visitors looking for relevant content, you’ll be going in the right direction...

The second level lures in tumblr's internal traffic by using tags. A little search won't hurt here.

Look around and find as much relevant and descriptive tags to fit your content that you can get your hands on. Build a list and add to it if you think anything is missing. Be creative - and descriptive. Each post is limited to 10 tags max, so make sure you add only the most relevant ones AND most importantly, do not use the same ones repeatedly on all your posts.

Useful Tip - Google this search to easily find your keywords.

Step Four - Make it work

Now it's time to get connected. You will now be looking for tumblrs of similar interests, some that have content you would like to share on your page. Then, follow them. Now, every time you log in to your dashboard, you will find all this nice content in your feed... just waiting to be reposted.

Find more. Connect. Repost. Do it again.

What we’re looking for here is to gain some notoriety and page followers by being active.

This is where a little perseverance is required to succeed. You need to get the wheel spinning and build momentum to keep it going. But fear not! We are talking days or maybe a week or two depending on the quality of your content and the new information appearing in your newsfeed.

Step Five - Be Smart-er

While browsing for other Tumblr pages to follow, you will certainly land on pages boasting banners with affiliate codes under each posted pic.

Would YOU click these banners? Mostly likely not.

And other Tumblr-ers (Tumblians? Tumblonauts? ...whatever they're called) won't act differently.

Imagine how much traffic gets wasted using such a basic approach.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How can we do things differently, focusing on quality rather than quantity?” or "Now that I have all these followers and newly found traffic, how can I monetize it?"

To Be Continued...

(We'll get to all of this next Wednesday.)

In the meanwhile remember to focus, find more niches, build your pages, make some connections and repost content. Do this with conviction, put some effort in it for the next week and you will soon be sitting on a high-potential quality traffic gold mine.

Keep riding the current and we’ll be back with more next week!

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