How to transition from a Dating Affiliate to CAMS

How to transition from a Dating Affiliate to CAMS

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July 13, 2021


Affiliate Marketing

Why Promote CAMS?

#1 reason – the payouts are higher than dating! And that’s especially true if you are promoting on PPS (pay-per-sale) or Revshare.

Why are payouts higher on cams? Well, the lifetime value of users is quite a lot higher than dating.

You see, in dating, the lifetime value (LTV) of a user is about 3 months. Within this time frame, they either find a relationship or get bored with the dating service and move on to something else.

With cams, the LTV can be years! Furthermore, with CAMS, every once in a while, you can catch a whale. And it’s not uncommon for a whale to spend $10,000 a month on a model they like.

Man sending money flying

Now, I bet you want to promote CAMS on Revshare right away!

If you have adult sites with a lot of organic traffic, then I highly suggest you start promoting cams on Revshare.

However, if you have to buy traffic, I suggest you start smaller, using a much more realistic strategy for you to achieve a positive ROI in weeks instead of months.

How to promote CAMS?

Today, I will show you one method of promoting cams that I believe works for most media buyers. I will tell you right away you will probably need a working budget of about $1,000 to get started with this method.

Select a CAMS offer that supports PPL, PPS, and Revshare if you can. 

PPL payouts are typically in the $4-$8 range for DOI mobile, and up to $15 with desktop traffic. PPS payouts vary significantly from $35-$150, and finding a Revshare of 20%-30% is quite common.

The idea is to buy traffic and send to a CAMS offer with PPL payouts. With a sufficient amount of clicks, you should be able to see exactly what works and what doesn’t.

What is a sufficient amount of clicks?

Ideally, I like to work with a full day's traffic per source to see what the conversions are like by hour – just in case I need to pick hours of the day that perform better than others. 

If a source of traffic has many sub-sources, I’m typically willing to spend up to the payout amount of my lead on each sub source. 

Your comfort level is for you to decide. You may decide that you do not want to spend more than double the value of a lead on any particular sub-source. 

Once you have found the sources that actually convert, keep those close to a breakeven point (-20% let’s say).

Now is the time to switch your offers to PPS. Here, you may need to leave traffic running for a week or even a month to see some results – since users on PPS tend to take longer to convert. I usually stick to a source for two weeks to a month at this stage.

After this period, you should be near breakeven or even positive. At this stage, it’s important to have sent a sufficient amount of traffic to your affiliate network. Ask them for a pay bump for both your PPL and your PPS. Hopefully, you get it.

Then, continue this process all over again with new sources.

What type of traffic should you buy?

Every time I contact an ad network and say I want to buy traffic for CAM offers, their first reply is that “pops are popular for cams.” Of course! All the big players are buying pops left and right.

Unless you have deep, deep pockets, don’t go there. The big cam companies you see advertising with pops have their funnels finely tuned. Plus, they profit from the type-in traffic from their brand. If you are going to promote a CAM brand that is not your own, I don’t recommend buying pops to start.

It’s much better to start with tabs, interstitials, banners, and native ads.

I also highly recommend that you get creative and make your own pre-landers to engage the user. Much like what you do for dating, but even simpler! I find a single-step pre-lander does a great job. 

Cam sites typically have many niches, like Ebony, Blonde, Lesbians, Brunettes, etc. When I create pre-landers with images representing niches, I also include the words on the page. It really creates more engagement. 

For example: on my pre-lander, I may show a thumbnail – a gif of a blonde woman, naked, performing enticing movements, and superimpose the word “Blondes” on the thumbnail. When the user clicks on the thumbnail, the user is brought to the CAM site’s “Blonde” niche page.

I do something similar with my banners – I put gifs with the name of the niches. Those banners have a higher CTR than banners without niches written out.

Man writing on his hand with the caption

Words on creatives help with conversions.

Here are two more reasons why using your pre-lander is important:

1 – If you create a memorable brand and spend thousands of dollars promoting it, chances are, you can get up to 20% of type-in traffic to your pre-lander. That is something the large established Cam advertisers know well.

2 – You have a chance to collect the push or email on your pre-lander, for which you can continue marketing to the user, as per the terms and conditions you have set on your pre-lander.

There are many ad networks that would be more than happy to help you monetize your Push or Email subscribers. This step is quite essential in helping you to make the most of your marketing dollars.

And if you control the marketing to your Push or Email subscribers yourself, you can go ahead and send the user CAM, Dating, Male Enhancement, whatever offers make sense. Only this time, it’s worth it for you to send the users to Revshare offers since you have already paid for that user! It’s all bonus for you at this point ☺

I found sources that are working for me; now what?

Now is the time to get more of what is working for you and expand to some other more expensive sources like Video ads and Pops. These sources are pretty costly, but if you are ready for these ad units, you are no longer a beginner. Congrats!

Right now, we’ll focus on what is working for you.

Let’s say you’ve found some sources on a network like Exoclick. To obtain real volume on this network, you need to contact your account manager and make “flat” deals. 

Even though you’ve found sources that are working for you, and you can crank up your budget as much as you want, you’ll probably only get 10% of the traffic available for those zones. 

Why? Because most of the traffic (on this network) is sold on flat deals. If you want to get more of the traffic, you need to commit. 

This is where you propose to buy a % of traffic for certain ad zones, 20%, 30%, 50%, etc. Your account manager will negotiate a deal with you. Once it is locked in, BOOM! You get the traffic you paid for. And the volumes will be higher than what you can get directly in their interface without a flat deal.

Hopefully, you continue to make profits with your CAMS campaigns.

Where to buy traffic

There are all kinds of places to buy cams traffic. 

But getting started, you may need to get creative. Your first resource should be your affiliate account manager. These relationships matter greatly. They have the data on what converts for their offers and will gladly tell you about the type of traffic they see converting.

You should also contact traffic brokers that specialize in this niche. I have an entire article on Getting Quality Traffic that talks about that.

As you get started building up your own properties, SEO is a good option as well. Although it is a crowded market, affiliates are constantly innovating and coming up with their own ways of creating traffic.

Dating Affiliate versus Cams Affiliate: Which will you choose?

I hope that this article helps you to transition from being a Dating affiliate to start promoting Cams. And yes, there are differences between the two verticals, but if you can embrace the challenge and do what it takes, the payouts can be much greater than what you are used to in Dating.

Best of Luck!


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