Relationships Matter for Media Buying

Relationships Matter for Media Buying


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November 10, 2020



The present

Perhaps you’ve heard that since March of 2020, adult dating and cams verticals have seen a boost of 30% or more – one of the side effects of the global pandemic. If you haven’t gotten in yet, there is always room for more affiliates.

One of the fastest ways to make money as an affiliate is to buy traffic that converts at scale.

Typical guides will advise you to “have a plan, make SMART goals, start small, learn tips & tricks from forums, use spy tools. Do all of these things and you’ll be successful.”

All of this advice is good. However, I don’t see enough people talking about what I believe is most important for success - Relationships.

I have been teaching salespeople for the past 30 years:  “People do business with people, so make the connection.” This is especially true during the internet age, where it’s so easy to be impersonal.

You need to talk to the right people. As an affiliate, your two most important relationships are:

A – With the advertiser/network that is paying you

B – With the traffic sources you are buying from. 

Relationships with your advertiser/network

First contact

If you've decided to work with a popular advertiser, my advice is, even before you sign up to the network, to make contact with them. 

As much as possible, try to get a referral to a rep at the company you have signed with by someone you know.

If you do not know anyone, go through their signup process and request to “speak” to an account manager.

Try to make the first contact by voice if possible. Video is even better. Not enough affiliates are doing this these days. Here are some reasons why you should.

First, advertisers will initially have their guard up, they tend to always be worried about rogue affiliates: committing fraud, not caring about compliance, basically creating a lot of headaches and causing financial losses.

When you actually take the time and talk to someone first, they get to feel you out. They get to screen you live. I’ve always found that the account manager will usually drop their guard and be very helpful after an initial call. 

Then, you can chat as much as you want via Skype/Telegram or email. You’ll find that your subsequent communications will go a lot smoother than if you just signed up to a network and didn’t speak to someone.

As a result of the first contact via video or voice, I’ve gotten payout bumps before I've even signed up to a network! Don’t expect this every time, but it does happen. 

Regular video or voice communication

I’ve had the best results when I schedule weekly or monthly meetings with my account managers. For me, I try to use video calls as much as possible.

These calls have led to getting a lot of good ideas and insights coming from my account managers, several pay bumps and creatives were even developed specifically for me! 

Having regular and  scheduled talks of just 15 minutes is great.

A – If you have something to discuss, at least you know when you can discuss it live.

B – Even if you don't have something particular to discuss, just shooting the breeze is still good. 

I’ve had several important developments that came about while just talking about our favorite sports or latest movies. Quite often (on both sides), there is a “Hey, I got this (offer/traffic/ opportunity). What can we do with that?” moment. And boom, we make something happen and earn extra money as a result.

Here is an example of one of my regularly scheduled calls with my CrakRevenue account manager which had resulted in a clear benefit.

We were discussing how to get a better CTR for my banners promoting my CAM prelander. Since my media buys are in CPM, an increase in CTR is quite important for me.

My account manager said “You know what could be interesting if you can combine multiple niches in one banner.” I thought it was definitely worth the test. So I made a few banners. Some banners had 4 niches, others were a single image. Both are animated gifs.

Here are the examples

The best quad banner had a CTR of almost 50% more than the single banner (4th position). That’s quite significant!

In the image above, the first 2 banners are both 4 niches. The third and fourth banners are both single banners.

This is just one solid and recent example of how a 15-minute talk can lead to concrete benefits ????

Are you a CrakRevenue affiliate? Contact your Affiliate Manager today!

Relationships with your Traffic Source

Traffic Source relationships are super important. Each traffic source has their own nuances and technology differences, and having an insider giving you advice and guiding you through is essential.

A recent experience with ExoClick is a testament to this fact. I started buying traffic through their interface to send to my Cam offer. My strategy was to buy from a few sources within the network and get sufficient data about what works, what doesn’t. Then, to make flat media buys on what is working.

After a week, I was still getting very little traffic. Definitely not enough to make any decisions! According to the interface, I was the top bidder. That was very frustrating.

I got a hold of my account manager, he manages clients that spend $100K to $1M per month. I really wanted his advice.

He told me what I was looking for, I had to do some flat deals (which you cannot do on your own through the interface).

He gave me options. I picked out what I wanted to test and we put together a $2500/week budget. At first, I really didn’t want to spend that much on a test, but it seemed unavoidable for what I wanted to achieve.

Within 24 hours, I started getting 1K clicks/day with some conversions! At the end of the first week, I had enough data to decide which sources I would renew and which ones I would let go. I could easily start scaling this media buy.

Next Steps

Give it a shot. Schedule a call with your account manager of the networks and traffic sources you want to work with. See what happens. After you get to know each other a bit, your Skype/telegram chats will be more fruitful going forward.

Stay tuned for more blog posts. In the next article, I’ll be talking more about getting High-Quality traffic for Adult Dating offers. 

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Nigel Williams is the CEO of DigiWorld Partners - a private advertising network and affiliate network. He is an expert traffic broker and an affiliate, he has been working in the mainstream and adult traffic space since 2005. Feel free to contact him via Skype or Telegram using his id: DigiNige

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