Getting High-Quality Traffic

Getting High-Quality Traffic


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December 8, 2020



Enter the world of Traffic Brokers. A few brokers like DigiWorld Partners work directly with publishers that have an excess of 100K clicks/day of adult dating traffic. They sell traffic on a CPC basis and, in some rare cases, CPM.

Email traffic is one of the most common sources of traffic that brokers represent. But before we continue, let’s get some terminology straight:

  • Advertiser / CPA Network: Paying out on PPL or PPS basis.
  • Publisher: Owner of a traffic source.
  • Media Buyer: A person buying traffic. It can be an affiliate, an advertiser, or a CPA network.
  • Traffic Broker: A person selling traffic to Media Buyers on behalf of Publishers.

Now we got that out of the way, let’s move on to the most popular and high-quality adult dating traffic: Email.

Adult Dating Email Traffic

One of the coolest features of buying adult dating email traffic is that you do not have to provide any creatives, which is a huge time-saver for all media buyers. Actually, none of the traffic types covered in this blog post require creatives from the media buyer.

Just provide your link, campaign budget, daily budget & targeting options. Traffic is typically charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. 

CPC’s of email traffic can range anywhere from $0.12 to $0.45 depending on geos and options. The top volume geos for most pubs are US, UK, CA & AU. Other smaller volumes but very popular geos include DE, FR, IT, ES, AT & CH.

An example of a campaign order would be: {Publisher source name}, US traffic, android only, $0.16 CPC, $1000 campaign budget, with a $200 daily budget.

Adult dating email traffic is mostly used to promote offers that payout on a pay-per-lead (PPL) basis and sometimes pay-per-sale (PPS).

Email Passing

Some publishers offer email passing with their traffic. This means that along with the click, the publisher will give you the user’s email address. You can then use the email address to pre-populate your landing page for increased conversions. 

Or you can use the email address to check your databases to find an offer that doesn’t already have the user signed up. Many adult dating advertisers provide this feature, which helps to increase conversions.

Optimizing Options

Some publishers offer subID’s that they pass through to the media buyer, which can be used for optimization. It gives you the ability to bid lower on some sources, higher on the ones that are doing great, or cut some sources altogether.

Additionally, some publishers can pass through the creative ID as well. This is quite useful as it gives you another data point where you can optimize your traffic.

Don’t expect all publishers to offer subID or creativeID info. Some of the highest volume adult dating email publishers provide nothing more than the ability to target desktop and/or mobile. That’s it. 

This doesn’t mean media buyers should shy away from these sources. The only things that matter are ROI and quality. Ask a broker if a particular source has a lot of re-orders.

Speaking of optimization, bear in mind that CrakRevenue’s Dating Smartlink is certainly your gateway to the best performing offers and higher payouts. A previous article reveals how an auto-optimized link is perfect for converting any and every geo. Simply generate the link corresponding to your traffic and let the magic happen.

Other great adult dating traffic

The barrier to entry for creating your push traffic is relatively low. In the last three years, the dating space has been flooded with push traffic. Although there is plenty of push traffic available, advertisers tend to payout lower for leads obtained from push sources vs. email. 

That is still okay because there is such a considerable volume of push traffic available. That means you can still make plenty of money with push traffic.

You can have push traffic coming from pre-landers, which is quite common, or you can have push traffic coming from sites with a dating members area. But don’t be surprised to pay a higher CPC for members area push traffic.

In general, SMS traffic converts quickly; it’s no wonder that for many verticals, SMS traffic is the preferred traffic source.

However, in adult dating, publishers have difficulty with delivering this type of traffic. Nevertheless, SMS publishers for adult dating do exist, and you should really test this out when given a chance. You might get addicted to how quickly the traffic converts.

Always check with your advertiser to make sure they accept SMS traffic. Not all of them do. Some may want you to send the traffic to your pre-lander first.

Tab traffic

Tab traffic has been popular in the adult vertical for years. Here is an example of tab traffic:

It’s easy to see how a simple text link can give you highly targeted dating traffic. Always ask publishers what tab traffic is available. But, don’t be surprised to hear that they are sold out! It’s quite popular, and inventory is scarce.

Another popular traffic type is banner traffic from Members Areas of dating sites. Buying this traffic from brokers - you do not need to supply your own banners. 

The quality of this traffic is much higher than banner traffic from tube sites (for example). Always inquire if a broker has Members Area traffic.

Why work with an adult dating traffic broker instead of directly with publishers?

In many cases, you have no choice but to work with a broker. Most publishers who are great at what they do, don’t want to work with hundreds of media buyers. They would much rather work with a handful of brokers to sell their traffic and manage media buyers, leaving them to focus on generating traffic. 

Traffic brokers make it easier for you to access multiple sources of traffic in one place. It’s definitely a time saver. As I mentioned in a previous article, maintaining great relationships with your traffic source and partners is extremely important, and it has its perks! 

Example: You go to a broker saying that you want to buy mobile adult dating traffic in the US to promote a particular offer where you will be paid on a PPL basis. 

A broker would have multiple sources of what has been working for that type of offer and present you the most likely to convert traffic sources first. That is a major added benefit and time saver for media buyers.

When is it not right to work with a traffic broker?

If you are the type of media buyer that needs to test with small budgets, like $50 on a campaign, a traffic broker is not ideal for you. Campaign setups are quite the manual process for the Traffic Broker and the Publishers.

Plus, many pubs have minimums of $200 / campaign. Some have minimums of $1000 / campaign. If you are a newbie on a tight budget, traffic brokers may not be the best starting point for you. Better to use a self-serve ad network that can easily handle small budget campaigns.

Where to find adult traffic brokers?

Traffic Brokers can be found in Facebook groups such as Super Got’ Damn Affiliates and Mrkthub. Also, Telegram groups like Adult Industry Mastermind are popular. Simply head to these groups and ask for the traffic types you are looking for. You’ll find brokers in no time.

Then, there is the good old fashioned word of mouth. Ask around. The reputable brokers will be known within a particular vertical.

What other niches are traffic brokers good for?

Other niches include Live Cams, Adult Games, Male Enhancement, Sweepstakes & all financial offers (health & auto insurance, loans, mortgages, credit cards, credit score & debt consolidation).

Next Steps

Find an adult traffic broker and ask to have a conversation. Tell them what it is you want to accomplish.

Most have a rate card and will be happy to give you their recommendations to achieve your goals.

About the Author

Nigel Williams is the CEO of DigiWorld Partners - a private advertising network and affiliate network. He is an expert traffic broker and an affiliate, he has been working in the mainstream and adult traffic space since 2005. Feel free to contact him via Skype or Telegram using his id: DigiNige

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