Better affiliate Smartlinks layer by layer

Better affiliate Smartlinks layer by layer


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August 14, 2020



Making Smartlinks even smarter

CrakRevenue's affiliate Smartlinks customize offers and landing pages for device/operating system, Geos, and interests of end-users; making affiliate link integration easier. But what if we told you that we now have added a new layer of Smartlinks intelligence that WILL increase conversion rates of affiliate marketers? Read on...    

Smartlinks just graduated

You all remember Affiliate Smartlinks? It's the link you place on your page/s that makes optimizing your CPA offers so much simpler. Well now, there is a new feature that takes these Smartlinks to a whole new level of sophistication. 

It is important though, to know how the Smartlink engine works though, so let's pop through some key Smartlink elements to make sure that we are on the same page.

A Smartlinks definition. What are affiliate Smartlinks?

Let's go through a little refresher course on some cool basic Smartlink features so you can get a feel of what the newer feature adds. Suffice to say that Smartlinks are all about layers of intelligence and with the new feature we will be adding even more of these layers. 

Through the affiliate's link choice, a Smartlink is a customizable affiliate link that takes into account a user's reality. Higher-converting offers are presented via differing link codes depending on a user's interests, user device, and localization (Geo).

Getting the right offer to the right user

To help promote the top offers at all times, CPA networks, like us, work on getting high converting offers to the right user. It is sort of like a casting agency for a big Hollywood production house. Just as the casting agents make sure that the right actor gets the right role, we ensure that an end-user gets proposals and offers that fit their needs. 

What makes Smartlinks special is that you are creating a custom affiliate link without even thinking about it.

Smartcode example

These affiliate links come in the form of multiple links and campaigns that have already been optimized to generate conversions. All this is made possible thanks to powerful algorithms that recognize where your traffic derives and then matches that same traffic toward CrakRevenue’s best-suited exclusive affiliate offers.

The Pros of Smartlinks in one list

OK, so now that you know the basics, let's make this even simpler with some bullet points on all the advantages. Smartlinks are great because:

  • They are a turnkey solution link generator
  • They convert all geos 
  • Because they take into account the traffic source, payouts are higher 
  • They're optimized automatically
  • Only top offers are featured with these links
  • They are responsive 

To know even more about these feature points, read this CrakRevenue blog post about Smartlinks for affiliates by Derek

The Smartlinks nitty-gritty: Layers! Layers! Layers!

Essentially, Smartlinks are links that are intelligent. They deploy intelligence at different levels. For instance, if a Smartlink can send an offer to a user based on their Geo, it contains a layer of intelligence related to localization. When a Smartlink can manage traffic according to the type of device they are using, it has added yet another level of intelligence related to the operating system.

diagram showing a smartlink sending a person to the right offer

Complexity breeds performance

Each level of complexity added to a Smartlink heightens its ability to perform. On our side, it makes the Smartlink a little bit more complicated and, quite frankly, not as easy to code. But remember that each layer of complexity more than doubles a link's sophistication level. Once programmed successfully, the rewards can be enormous. 

So, smarter Smartlinks can literally take hundreds of hours out of the day to day tedium of affiliates. Getting rid of the long work of picking and integrating your offers and landing pages is essentially our ultimate goal and makes us a better CPA network. 

Better Smartlinks? Happy affiliates

The whole idea for an affiliate marketer is to work on your own content and put as little effort into other mundane things like link integration, shopping for top converting offers, and link optimization. 

So the more intricacy a Smartlink has, the happier affiliates are in resting assured that a highly-converting offer goes where it is supposed to be going.

How good are CrakRevenue Smartlinks?

Our goal is to get to the maximum levels of complexity possible really. As it stands, on most of our Smartlinks, we offer a Smartlink intelligence based on device, geos and, at times, demographics (age, gender, etc). Which is really not that shabby. In fact, most affiliates will tell you that it fills their cup. But it is now time to make that cup overflow, read on . . .

Traffic type: a whole other level to Smartlinks

Now CrakRevenue is rolling out a whole new level of intelligence to their Smartlinks that now looks at user traffic type. We do not have to tell you this but traffic source and flow are also very important. 

All affiliates would agree that a user who clicks a link from a chat bubble does not convert the same as someone clicking a banner ad. So, now our new Smartlinks will take this user reality into account and send specific traffic types to a more converting landing page for that specific user.   

Why we came out with this could not have been said better than by Derek, our product manager

After analyzing traffic sources, we realized that traffic specific to different browsing flows were behaving in a unique way. Traffic coming from pop-unders did not have the same purchase behavior as that from banner based traffic. We wanted to offer a new lean layer of personalization by optimizing for traffic specific to these entry flows.

Smartlinks Dating will take flow into consideration in its algorithm when pointing traffic to an offer. When looking at any Google Analytics backend in the section called behavior flow, one realizes how important it is to know what people do once they enter a website via a landing page.  

Our new dating links are the result of our BI (business intelligence) department combing over behavior patterns and finding regularity in those patterns. As these behavior patterns are detected, we program this into each Smartlink. Also, rest assured that this programming will be dynamic and ongoing. This is important to note because a Smartlink is only as good as it is programmed.

It is also important to understand that all older layers programmed like Geo, device, etc. are still in the mix. How cool is that?

The Einstein of Smartlinks needs to be pampered

Now back to our stubborn adage "Your success is our success". You don't know how motivated we are to get you onboard on this new SmartLink. The quicker we get you to make more money, the quicker we make more money. So let's do this!

Our rollout is on our Adult Smartlink Dating links. You can start integrating these links now to watch the magic occur. All this with one goal in mind. Conversion. 

Click here to check out the offer page

Because of its complexity, coding for these new highly intelligent affiliate links necessitated the need for a whole new link to be generated. Therefore, you will not be able to keep on using old codes to take advantage of this new feature. Here is the best integration path for your Smartlink code updates:

  1. Go to your platform in the dashboard
  2. Visit offer 3785 and click "Smartlinks" in the left column

  1. You will be directed to the Create Your Smartlink page. Be sure to choose your offer type

  1. The next dropdown will be named Promotional medium. This choice will bring in the new feature so make sure you have nailed your choice.

  1. Pick your sub id and generate the link


To know what vertical works best for your workflow go here:

Derek can go through the Smartlinks A,B,Cs with you as well right here:


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