Sustaining success through data accuracy

Sustaining success through data accuracy
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Affiliate Marketing

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March 17, 2020


Affiliate Marketing

A winning reality is not always that easy

Every year, CPA networks appear. Some networks have a ton of success and, all of a sudden, disappear. Even networks that seemed to be at the top, like MundoMedia, Peerfly and AboveAllOffers saw their doors close last year. It is an industry that is volatile. This industry volatility means that the struggle to stay on top, like we are, can be quite difficult. Survival is not always guaranteed. At the mountain summit, real estate can be hard to come by.

CrakRevenue is now considered among the top 5 CPA networks according to the 2020 mThink, LLC Blue Book rating

Chart showing Crakrevenue rated 5th in the Blue Book top 20 cpas for 2020

2019: Where “US” was “YOU

Why and how we got to be GFY CPA network of the year once more concerns you in oh so many ways. As tacky as it may sound, never has it rung truer than in affiliate marketing that, “Your success spells our success”. We got to this place by making sure you got there with us.

CrakRevenue’s existence is very tightly linked to not only providing a revenue service for you but also in assuring that those revenues provided were sustained.  Therefore, one of our main missions is assuring that new and fresh revenue offers are always on the table.

As the quote states below. We do not want to be the middleman in any way shape or form.

. . . the advantage of a CPA network with nothing to offer but the same offers isn’t anything anymore than a middleman.

Performance Marketing Insider


Really! Our reason for being is in making sure that the revenue growth part of the equation improves. Our fundamental purpose is to make revenue do nothing else but grow for you.

Change never changes in the CPA world

The only thing that does not change is change itself. As an affiliate marketer, we live with this ever-present dynamic. What once represented strong revenue streams for you can, out of the blue, lose momentum. This can be caused by a multitude of internet business realities such as sudden competitor presence, newer trends, or just plain loss of interest in a product. What we strive to do is understand the thing that indicates and reflects change; data.

arrows crossing signifying change

CrakRevenue's push to become data-driven

Data, and the accurate analysis of that data, is what can make or break a company’s bottom line. By being a data-driven company, we strived to make that data work for you in 2019. Not only in making sure you know how to accurately react to interpreted data but also so that you can predict from that data as well. 

A data snapshot changes every second and changing data means changing revenues. We know that we have been interpreting data well so far but, most importantly, we know it WILL change.

Resting doesn’t mean slowing down, 2019 was a record year with sales booming by 40%, we are kicking asses. For us this is just Camp #1 so the summit is still far ahead and, trust me, there is no turning back.

Papa Whale

Data changes. Don't worry. We are on it!

Behind the scenes, whole departments are being created to ensure revenues, lean up others and get money into your hands. In fact, our team will be over 100 strong by 2020’s end. 

crakrevenue's beginner's guide to affiliate pograms

But the team working for your revenue is really you and us. It is our team and thousands of affiliates that form a global community feeding and maintaining and understanding a rich data pool. In the end, it ups everyone’s performance.

.....additionally, one of the benefits of today’s affiliate reporting platforms is that many of them enable access to real-time data. This provides affiliate managers with instant insight into the impact of promotions. It also enables affiliate managers to spot spikes and detect potential fraud. Equipped with this information, an affiliate manager can decide to extend a promotion, to identify successful placements.....


Forecasting your business reality

Just like the mountain climber cannot reach the top of the mountain without an accurate knowledge of weather patterns, you need to know where you can navigate in an affiliate worldAlthough a lot of our specific operations are industry secrets, we just wanted to let you know that great strides are being taken in the realm of

  • business intelligence
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • Search engine optimization (to learn more on how SEO applies to you, click here)

to understand and react quickly to changes that might affect you. 

Logo of crakrevenue's Smartlinks

Smartlinks are called ‘SMART’ for a reason

In fact an exquisite example of intelligent income tools is the offering of Smartlinks. They have a whole intelligent engine behind them that:

  • Analyses affiliate data
  • Analyses and forecasts behaviors (affiliate and audience)
  • Delivers the right offer to the right audience
  • Delivers changes in real-time 

So we not only study client behavior but also study the data of our many affiliates. Hence, removing the clutter in your business decisions. A whole bunch of steps are being taken to keep operations lean, efficient and, most importantly, flowing.  

Yesterday's records are the standards of tomorrow

We do not rest on our laurels and awards. We constantly strive to outperform ourselves and, in the meantime, deliver more to our affiliates and partners. As Nic (Papa Whale) clearly explained at our yearly recap "Yesterday's records are the standards of tomorrow!". If you feel the same about your own business, stay with us and jump on board, this is going to be a gooood ride!


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