7 Secrets to Building a Sustainable Affiliate Business with CrakRevenue

7 Secrets to Building a Sustainable Affiliate Business with CrakRevenue

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


October 16, 2019


Affiliate Marketing

(Posts originally published on August 31, 2016. Updated October 16, 2019.)

Making money is key to any affiliate business—and any business that hopes to avoid bankruptcy.

But making money at any cost may actually have more detrimental effects in the long run that can just as easily derail your business faster than anything else.

There’s certain basic rules that must be respected if you want to build a strong and sustainable business with CrakRevenue. Do you know any of them?  We have a few!

Here’s 7 things to know!

1- Respect our Affiliate Agreement

Like any other program, CrakRevenue has a terms of service Affiliate Agreement that affiliates must first agree to before being accepted on our platform.

For a quick refresher, you can brush up on it here


It is strictly prohibited to promote any CrakRevenue offers through spam, content locking and other deceitful tactics. This includes, but is not restricted to: spam (via email, forums, comments and instant messenger), blind leading, direct-to-form promotion, link code hack and unauthorized landing page alteration.

If you’re unsure whether your promotional methods go against our TOS or not, please speak to someone on our support team or one of our affiliate managers.

It doesn’t really matter if any of these promotional methods have been effective for you -- each of these highlighted promotional techniques have been prohibited for GOOD REASON!

To put it simply: leads generated via these means just don’t convert in the long run and while you may have success in the short term -- you’re the only one benefiting here.  

Remember, it’s a partnership between the affiliate, network, and the Advertiser.

If you’re the only one winning and it’s lose-lose for everyone else… well, you know where we’re going with this.

Need additional clarification?

2- Don't send crappy traffic to DOI / PPL programs!

I don’t think my traffic will buy anything or spend any money.  I just don’t think that they will. That’s why I want to promote PPL.”

Famous words right here… 

The people that say this—they’re forgetting how CPA and pay-per-lead programs work.

Remember, for pay-per-lead offers, sponsors pay us so we can pay you for your free leads. But after a while, after a certain number of leads generated, the providers are going to expect conversions.

And what do we mean when we say “conversions”?

  • Since most of CrakRevenue’s PPL offers relate to Cams — a good example of a conversion in this niche would be a member of a free cam site upgrading to a premium membership by purchasing tokens or credits so they’re able to tip the models and enjoy other premium perks.

“Knowingly” knowing that your traffic won’t convert -- or even just believing that -- means you’re a ticking time bomb before you see yourself politely escorted out of a PPL-program and switched over to Revshare.

When you start to feel, think, or know your traffic isn’t going to convert -- it’s time to change how you’re attracting traffic and head back to the drawing board.

  • Begin focusing on ways to acquire more targeted, qualified traffic that will actually have an interest in the said offer or niche.

And maybe re-read this post of ours on the topic of PPL (over and over...until it’s burned into your mind!).

3- Don’t act like a FISH … IF you’re a WHALE

Every day at CrakRevenue, we accept dozens and dozens of new affiliates.

Each new affiliate though -- from skill level to experience -- differs greatly.

That’s why all of our offers aren’t public. We have premium offers and even hundreds of hidden ones you probably didn’t know about.

We do this not only to protect our Advertisers from large numbers of unqualified leads but also because we want to ensure we’re establishing relationships with our affiliates before unlocking just any offer.  

We like to get to know you and to get a feel for your traffic as well.

However -- if you are another CPA network, or you just happen to be a lone-wolf awesome at what you do and happen to have access to high volumes of niche-based or high quality traffic -- WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU!  

Is this you?  Are you a Whale? A representative of another CPA network?

  • Get in touch with us!  We’d love to accomodate you.
  • If you’re part of another network and wish to promote or incorporate our offers, great!  We just require a special agreement to be signed beforehand - so please ask us about this.

Heck, don’t hesitate to reach out in any way you can, actually.  

There’s so many ways we can work together to make more money!

4- Use only authorized or licensed content 

At CrakRevenue, we have a huge selection of creatives & ad tools that you’re welcome to use as much as your heart desires. That’s what it’s there for.

Using our tools, however, is not a requirement.

You are definitely welcome to create your own banners and landing pages if you want!

In fact, quite a few affiliates do.

While this is totally fine—please note that the content of the creatives, banners and landers that you make MUST be owned by you or you must have the proper rights or permissions to use said material if you don’t.

In other words:  if you are using material that isn’t provided by us to promote our offers and it’s not owned by you—you are likely infringing on someone else and you risk having legal action taken against you.

Keep that in mind.

5- Leave all communication channels open

In many ways, a CPA network can be thought of like a living entity: it grows and evolves based on the amount of traffic, as well as the deals that come to life with the providers.

On that same front, deals that come to life can also… die ...unfortunately.

If an offer is ending or is about to be terminated, affiliates are notified beforehand, usually several days before.

Affiliate Managers in situations like this try their best to give affiliates a heads up as well, from news of an impending rate drop, to a heads up about the complete termination of an offer as well as instructions to stop sending traffic.

In cases such as these, the affiliate will usually have 48 hours to modify their links before any changes takes effect.

We mention this stuff because it’s absolutely paramount to leave all communication channels open with a network and its Support team (and that includes your Account Manager).

Be proactive and regularly check your email or network inbox for any news that might concern you so you don’t wind up with any unpleasant surprises!

6- Happy Advertisers mean a happy affiliate business!

Whether you’re a professional affiliate web marketer or even a CPA network like us, one thing that’s extremely imperative is happiness all around.

A truly sustainable business requires happy partners, happy clients and happy affiliates.

In CPA, the provider expects issue-free traffic generation, leads, sales and rebills.  The fact that you yourselves are going through a network like CrakRevenue doesn’t change that fact.

‘Cause at the end of the day, it’s the provider who pays us all.

We may be the bearer of bad news in many situations when providers ask us to relay news, make cuts, or announce the end of an offer -- but it’s all business.  Providers are businessmen and businesswomen just like you.

What’s important to understand is we all play a role in this results-oriented game and it’s all of our jobs to make sure everyone’s satisfied with all business - on all fronts.

Just remember… the happier the provider… the easier it is for us to negotiate better rates for our affiliates!

7- Rinse & Repeat!

You know the wonderful thing about great advice? You can apply it & use it over and over again.

One thing’s for sure:  the 7 things we just covered won’t be going out of style anytime soon as far as working with CrakRevenue goes.  

In fact, if you take all 7 of these tips in stride, we can guarantee you’ll not only be with us for the long-haul — you’ll be respected and a joy to work with no matter where you go next.

So play by the rules, make the right choices and take the right path—and simply follow the one that makes the most sense in the long run.

Why? Because we guarantee this path has more $$$ on the table than the other.

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