New at CrakRevenue: Native Ads!

New at CrakRevenue: Native Ads!

Affiliate Marketing

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September 6, 2017


Affiliate Marketing

It’s finally here! Our Native Ads Generator is here!

After several months of beta testing and development, you will now be able to create natural and relevant ads in just a few short and simple steps…

With our Native Ads Generator, your ads will conform to the look and feel of your site, blog or tube. This exciting new tool will also help you create a more natural sales funnel that’s sure to drive those conversions up.

Need more incentives?!

Here are the three main arguments for why you should try Native Ads:

  1. The get around banner blindness, which affects 86% of users
  2. They help build trust in your brand
  3. And last but not the least ... they convert better.

And now, you can jump on the Native Advertising train for free, with our brand-new, easy-to-use tool.

So let’s take a look! Shall we?

First, login to CrakRevenue’s platform (if you haven’t signed up with us yet, check out how you can here).

In the CR dashboard, you should see the Native Ads Generator tab on the navbar menu on the left. From there, you will be able to really adapt and customize your widget to your desired look (or the appearance of your site).

But first, name your campaign (top right). From there, you should be able to navigate the tool and adapt your widget to your desired preferences.

Here are some tabs available to you:

  • Select Template, for the general shape of your ads
  • Niche Settings, for establishing the content of your ads
  • Native Ads Settings, to change the number, size, and border of the ads
  • Image Settings, for adapting the images
  • Text Settings, to change the font and size of the text
  • Custom CSS, for more advanced webmasters

After exploring our nifty new tool and generating your first Native Ad — you will be able to copy the code and paste it into your website’s source code. But every step of the way before you reach this final point, you will be able to see a preview of your ads at the bottom of the page in our Native Ads preview screen.

So rest easy! No surprises on how those Native ads turn out!

Once you generate your first Native Ad…

Congratulations! You’ve entered the marvelous world of Contextual Advertising, without headache … and without spending a buck

And you’ve now also hopefully created a more natural sales funnel that will drive conversions through the roof!

Make more using this awesome new feature ...

Try our Native Ads Generator today, Only at CrakRevenue!

Try it Here!

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