Dating Insights: An Interview with our Experts

Dating Insights: An Interview with our Experts

Affiliate Marketing

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May 10, 2017


Affiliate Marketing

Product owners Pierre-Olivier Brown and Éric Migneault from CrakRevenue’s Product Management team sat down for an exclusive interview today with CR’s very own Papa Whale.  We asked Brown and Migneault to share their expertise and industry knowledge with marketers interested in the Dating vertical. Migneault and Brown discuss the common mistakes some marketers are making, offers you could soon see in CrakRevenue’s platform, and one of the best places to promote Dating offers.

A Staggering choice . . .

In the adult affiliate industry of today, there’s a staggering multitude of Verticals, Products and Offers that bridge the gap between Sponsors & Affiliates—and Networks & Providers in 2017.

With more than 1000 offers in CrakRevenue’s arsenal, you could say there really is something for everyone at adult’s leading CPA network.

Pierre-Olivier Brown & Eric Migneault manage many of these offers on a daily basis. They know their business like no other and pride themselves on their Dating expertise. Both of these gentlemen work in sync and they’re the perfect match to our Dating vertical!

With such experts on our hands, it would be crazy not to pick their brains! Below are some of the questions we asked and here are their insights:

As Product Managers/Product Owners at CrakRevenue, what are your roles and what would you say your typical day is like?

Almost 50% of our time is spent with the providers. We build trust, and we show them our expertise and what we’re really great at doing. When working with a provider, it’s important that they know your work ethic - and that your commitment to a project is the real deal so that you can eventually begin working with the provider one-on one.

The fact that our traffic is so well diversified can be very alluring and very appealing to many providers.

We work very closely with them to optimize the offer at hand.

The rest of our time is spent optimizing traffic and personalizing our offers for CrakRevenue’s pool of affiliates...

With so many offers in the vertical that is Dating, what advantages does it have for an affiliate?

In Dating, many times, a provider has a tendency to make a service or offer appear rather targeted to one individual or one affiliate. It is - and can be - very personalized. Therefore, as Product Managers, I think Eric and I have a tendency to gravitate towards this. It allows us both to look for something specific.

And not only is CrakRevenue the leading network to have such a tremendous amount of so many offers in one vertical (Dating), but we also have the greatest number of landing pages and banners and other ad tools to go with this rather profound achievement.

Dating is a massive vertical with attractive opportunities popping up left and right. But one thing I think we can really help our affiliates out with and help them excel at, is by creating the best sales flow for he or she imaginable. Whether it starts with a banner, picture, or eye-catching title—we believe all of this stuff we oversee will fit one’s traffic with each project.

Also, since we have close contact with the provider—we’re able to offer more exclusive perks on occasions. Anything from special rate pay bumps, to other exclusive limited time promotions.

This is why it is so important to preserve our relationships with our providers and keep things running smoothly. They put their trust in us.

Can you offer any insight as to what's in store for CrakRevenue when it comes to the Dating vertical?

Yep, more mainstream options - that we can tell you.

We plan to offer more and more mainstream Dating options. We're actually currently in the process of discussing this with a few big names in the Dating industry.

We are also working a little bit more with Surveys. In our experience, we’ve found that our roster of Dating offers convert really well when combined or integrated in the form of a survey.

We can’t give everything away, though!

We’ll keep in touch, but we definitely will have some new offers coming out soon that you could feature here on the blog.

What should affiliates look for if they feel the Dating vertical is the best fit for their traffic?

There’s just such a huge selection of offers in the CrakRevenue platform that if you don’t really know your stuff or what’s hot out there, it could be challenging choosing by yourself. That’s why it’s essential to have a great relationship with your Affiliate Manager, if you have one.

Keeping in contact with your AM or reaching out if you have any questions is a great start. You’re more likely to get more personalized offers this way.

Also, it’s important to mention that Dating offers come and go; it’s in a constant state of motion. At CrakRevenue, there’s always the need to be ready to change and adapt rapidly from one offer to the next, and to continue keeping an eye on what we do provide.

And to be fair, we think we exceed at that: having Dating offers where have the most stable and steady sources of passive income, with minimal fluctuation. As soon as your visitor clicks on your Dating-relevant banner, our goal and objective is to take you and that visitor of yours the whole way, to the payout!

What are the best ways to promote Dating?

Social media!

Social traffic is what works best. Most of the time a banner or popunder isn’t even needed.  And of course with social media and all the popular social sites, you really don’t have that luxury anyway.

We really have found that just a link to a great offer with a phenomenal landing page is all you need sometimes. That’s what has been proven to perform and be the best way to go.

With Dating, it’s essential to have a prelander. This helps immensely with conversions.  It’s not like it is with VOD and paysites. In Dating, people expect to have to answer a couple of questions before joining a service or signing up and putting themselves out there. Just look at all those mainstream Dating sites. If you were to join one of those, you could be expected to answer up to 20 questions!  And soon as they are done, they WILL convert!

What are some of the mistakes people are making when promoting Dating?

Not optimizing their sales flow!

In the Dating vertical, even more than in any other vertical, users need to be shown offers that speak to THEM. Their taste, their geo, their culture.

Thankfully, we have a great support team and a great team of affiliate managers who can work closely with affiliates and help them improve their sales flow so that they see more conversions!

But the worst thing you can do is to do nothing.

That concludes our interview. Thank you both for taking some time out of your day to speak with us!

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