Survey Generators: Your New Money Maker

Survey Generators: Your New Money Maker

Affiliate Marketing

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May 17, 2017


Affiliate Marketing

In these current times and days of expression, people like to voice their opinions. More and more, marketing has progressed and evolved from the needs of society and the average person.

Companies try to gather data from each and every individual, down to the individual’s very specific needs and wants. In a way, marketers work in very much the same ways. Surveys, over the years, have become fantastic feedback-receivers and wonderful tools to better understand a target market.

Users want to feel heard; they want to feel like you’ve listened, they want to feel pleased. They want to believe their feedback provides value — and in many cases, it does.

At CrakRevenue, what we can tell you is we’ve witnessed the power of OUR Surveys over the last handful of years firsthand. For example, on this offer, Surveys used only 5.7% of the traffic, but made up 60.2% of the sales. With this other offer, the numbers are even more staggering. With 31.6% of the traffic, this offer generated 92.2% of its sales via the survey. We’ve found that our unique line of Survey-related products have been a great additional means of promoting an array of different offers. They offer variety to the specificity.

Our Surveys are designed to adapt to your vertical (specific) and they propose offers (variety) that will interest your traffic. And by users interacting with and answering the questions therein, users start to feel that his or her answers count.

Your users get invested in a way...

Since the visitor ends up spending a moment or two of their time completing the multiple question questionnaire, we’ve found that users typically want to see their answers and submissions through to the very end. Once they begin answering, they’re completely focused on the task at hand!

Since he or she has just spent time filling out the Survey, you can bet this person is more open to what you’re about to offer them for their time. In fact, it hasn’t been uncommon to see up to 3x the conversions on some of our designated incentivized offers at the end.

That’s right! It could very well be the same CrakRevenue offer you may have already been promoting in some other capacity, but when marketed differently, incentivized and presented as a not-to-be-missed deal, this adds a whole other level of appeal.

So whether it’s Cam-related offerings, VOD, Dating, Nutra or something else — naturally, the more your offers are in sync with their desires, the better the results are likely to be.

To date, our line of Survey-related offers have been answered by more than 25 million users and willing participants.

Survey Generator: 5 menu options offering a vast array of customization!

You can personalize your Survey using the Survey Generator by choosing your desired vertical, color scheme, basic question configuration, header/logo, down to specific display preferences relating to the Offers!

The Survey that you create follows the same Survey model as Crak’s signature line of Survey offers (see: The Porn Survey, The Dating Survey):

  • The user is invited to complete the Survey by answering several short questions.
  • The user completes the survey after answering all the Qs.
  • For the user’s participation in completing the survey, the user is offered a series of ‘Rewards’ as a thank you & incentive. There are typically about 4 ‘Rewards’ and all of them are CrakRevenue related Offers/Offerings. Your user gets to pick which one he or she wishes to take advantage of/redeem.

It’s not time-consuming by any means, but hell, it IS money-making at its best!!

A fact worth noting: these Surveys do even BETTER when incorporated as a popunder. We’ve seen incredible results when promoted this way making this the absolute ideal offer for a popunder campaign!

And let’s not forget about the Data...

Since we started our line of Survey offers, we’ve used these to gather data on our porn and dating surveys. Now we — and our affiliates — are more informed when it comes to the users that have completed these. These badboys are the perfect way to gather data and learn more about your traffic in certain cases.

Mo’ Data, Mo’ info, Mo’ Money.

It’s win-win for you, and for us. By trying our FREE Survey generator, you get a key to your user’s brain… and all their pervy, pervy thoughts. Oh yeah, baby!

So, are you game? Will you be giving our new Survey Generator a try?

If yes, then...



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