Back Offers: Why Going Back Can Help You Move Forward

Back Offers: Why Going Back Can Help You Move Forward

Affiliate Marketing

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May 3, 2017


Affiliate Marketing

Back Offers and You

Hey you... yeah, you!

In all our affiliate marketing pursuits, from CrakRevenue Legacy to CrakRevenue 2.0 beta, we found a pretty consistent constant along the way: a way to increase revenues by 30% without changing much to the offers at hand, or factoring in any payout bumps.

Are you curious by any chance how we did that? And how you can potentially benefit from this same increase in commissions?

We’ve talked about it before, but when it comes to raking in more money, these type of things are always worth repeating…

We’re of course talking about the Back Offers feature on our platform that, believe it or not, not every Webmaster and marketer chooses to take advantage of.

To each his own, as they say! But first…

Back Offers… What are they?

Back Offers are complimentary offers that we present to our visitors (and yours — that is, if you choose to enable them) when they click back to leave your page to return to the previous or prior page.

It’s a way to present 3, 4 — or who knows — different various CrakRevenue offers to your users. These are GEO-relevant offers that we deem some of our most popular, top offers. Each of these are known for their efficiency.

If we present numerous alluring top-converting offers to one’s traffic, one has to figure that one of them might be of interest to your curious visitor, right? In our experience, this is often the case!

Talk is cheap, the numbers speak!

For example, one affiliate of ours that pushed T1 (tier-1) Dating offers had more than 860,000 clicks in one month on the offers he was sending traffic to.

But by enabling Back Offers, this one affiliate ended up generating 230,000 more conversions this particular month in large part due to the various Back Offer-related offers that were incorporated and enabled in his campaign.

Had he not enabled the Back Offers, those additional 230,000 conversions would have simply ceased to exist. Not too shabby, eh?

They’d have spent an eternity in limbo…

So by not activating Back Offers while logged into your CrakRevenue account, one thing is for certain: you’re leaving conversions on the table.

And the beauty of it is, Back Offers aren’t something that distracts or is really perceived to be a distraction by the type of offers your traffic comes across.

At worst, they press the back button until they fall on a page and see an appealing offer that strikes their fancy. At best, they find an offer that they’re exposed to that interests them thanks to your decision. These choices have been called “last ditch efforts” to save that sale before your user exits your page and site completely.

This is even more true with Mobile users and your Mobile traffic!

We’ve seen significant Mobile traffic numbers to indicate that a greater volume of users click-through across various CR related offers with Back Offers enabled vs traditional Desktop users (even in a study of only 5 or more offers!)

Optimize this!

If you’re an affiliate marketer and/or Webmaster with high volumes of traffic, know that at CrakRevenue we can optimize this traffic for you so you have a better shot at optimizing your traffic and generating terrific revenue that you once dreamed of…

In a previous case for us, we did it for the last week of the month of April; and prior to this, we did it for the last three weeks of our March campaigns.

From that point on, his conversion rate on Back Offers tripled.

Remember, Back Offers exist as a way to bring in more conversions. See more on this here.

It’s important to note, in CrakRevenue 2.0’s platform, we’ve enabled backoffers automatically.

So what you have to do is… nothing! Just leave the links you generate “as is” and you’re good to go and golden with Back Offers enabled by default. But still, go take a peek if you had ever unclicked it at some point for your various offers or campaigns. Not enabling Back Offers is almost like flushing money down the toilet!


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