6 Reasons Why You Haven’t Made Money Yet

6 Reasons Why You Haven’t Made Money Yet

Affiliate Marketing

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August 2, 2017


Affiliate Marketing

Here in Internet land, we all seem to stumble across the occasional blog post or article on the net of the topic of making money from home … and not only easily, but “effortlessly.”

Articles with headlines and titles such as:

How to Make Billions From Your Couch

And search queries from visitors you come across in your web traffic logs like:

“How to build a fortune, being a single mother of thirteen with no legs, but an Internet connection…”

… This clearly has some people convinced that making money online is an easy feat.

In any event, at some point, you decided to test this theory and decided to dabble in Affiliate Marketing and decided to start making money from home using affiliate programs like CrakRevenue.

New to Affiliate Marketing, you’ve read the tutorials, figured out how to obtain or generate traffic, and subscribed to CrakRevenue. (See how here!)

Something feels wrong though… Money hasn’t started rolling in yet and you’re getting discouraged.

You’re feeling like you’re about to drop this altogether…

But, wait! Don’t give up that easily.

Making money with affiliate marketing takes patience, time and effort. It can certainly be done from the comfort of your home - but we at least think that you still have a little ways a way to go before making that ultimate decision deciding “it’s not for you.”

The goal: Don’t leave precious money on the table that you haven’t reached yet.

Here are some reasons why:

1- Your traffic and your ads don’t match

Not every offer is going to convert with just any type of traffic.

Whether that traffic you’re working with comes from Social Media, an ad network, or from a Mailing campaign — all these traffic types tend to respond to certain kinds of offers while other matchups aren’t always the greatest of pairings. Let’s face it: some of these traffic sources don’t deliver when pushing certain offers.

For example: Social Media traffic and Dating offers go together like peas and carrots. Why?

One theory is that Social Media traffic tends to be more — go figure — “social”.

Social traffic in theory is filled with other individuals who want to meet other people and therefore they respond well to Dating and various Hookup offers. The challenge here, however, is that Social networks are Mainstream focused. Blatant adult promotion is frowned upon and in many cases creates obstacles for the affiliate with an account on one of the major social networks.

This could be why the offer you’re pushing — or attempting to push — isn’t converting like you had hoped.

Social Media traffic does, however, offer a world of possibilities to affiliates who are able to think outside the box. It’s a great way to target specific demographics.

Which brings us to our second point: do you know your traffic demographics?

If you’re pushing a super-hardcore offer via a popunder on some softcore, women-friendly, women-centric tube site — let’s just say you’re killing the mood and there’s a good chance this all female audience wasn’t the right audience to sell to.

Making your user uncomfortable is surely not going to result in any conversions.

Same with Dating — imagine if a Japanese user was surfing your site and they saw an attractive banner advertising a Dating site, but he noticed the call-to-action (CTA) was written in Spanish and nothing else about that banner was designed to appeal to him or his culture? In fact, the banner contained a latina...

(Let’s just say this particular user knows his neighborhood doesn’t extend that far.)

Making sure that the ads you’re promoting are in sync with your traffic is key to conversions. That’s what we call qualified traffic!

2- You don’t optimize

Letting your ads sit there like some kind of lazy lover who just lets it all hang and hope for the best might get you somewhere in the beginning, but long term…? Well, let’s just say you will be less and less satisfied.

Making money takes work, constant work. We’re always looking for new ways to optimize our offers at CrakRevenue. New landing pages, different call-to-actions, new tours, new creatives, and even offering additional ways of promoting...

A/B test your offers

Always reach for more! Don’t hesitate to switch it up to a more winning one.

Track your results

SubIDs are your information-sharing friends!

Keep yourself updated on the network’s list of new offers and announcements, and their new creatives. Making sure you have the best offers for your traffic is one thing but optimizing your traffic also goes a long way.

If you’ve realized that what really works on your site are MILF videos, then that gives you a cue on what your traffic is looking for more.

And what about your speciality? Do you have one? Sometimes, we focus too large at first before optimizing. Don’t hesitate to drop what doesn’t work.

3- You are not promoting your offers the right away

In short, do you really “know” about the offers you’re promoting?

Because before you start promoting, always take the time to read the Offer Terms & Conditions. Do not — and we really do emphasize this here — do not willfully promote an offer that you know has a restricted and forbidden promotional method outlined. It’s NOT a winning strategy!

Another important factor is the accepted countries / geos for a respective offer. Make sure that the offer you’re promoting is actually eligible with the bulk of your traffic.

Always have an Internationally friendly offer as a fallback so you don’t lose out on any conversions!

At CrakRevenue, we also usually indicate which promotional method works best with a specific offer. Don’t be so quick to ignore these suggestions!

4- You don’t have enough traffic

Well, sometimes it really is that simple. Even with the best EPC, if you don’t have the traffic, you’re unlikely to have enough conversions to reach your minimum payment..

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With our help, you can get out of the kiddy pool and jump into the big boys’ pool. First, we recommend getting acquainted with our Support team if you have any questions along the way or before getting started (if you have a question and you can’t find it in our Knowledge Base).

We’re always willing to share tips on how to drive more traffic!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media are two great mediums when all else fails.

On our blog, you will find tutorials about these particular subjects. Here, here and here.

5- You don’t talk to your Affiliate Manager

At CrakRevenue, we have a fantastic support team as we just alluded to a few seconds ago (ahem) and - on top of that - a steadfast affiliate management team to boot.

So if you’re experiencing hiccups along the way growing your traffic, optimizing campaigns or promoting through various means, these guys are your go-to guys (and gals!) for all your monetization questions. The biggest mistake you can make is by not building a rapport with your AM.

And in most cases - the path to a harmonious relationship (at our network, anyway) begins right when you sign up. New affiliates to our platform will typically receive a welcome email from one of our Account Managers and the chance for an open dialog starts here.

Some affiliates choose to ignore these emails and don’t respond — but it’s really in your best interest to convey where you’re at as far as experience level, traffic you may or may not be working with, and the type of offers you had in mind to promote (and why).

This is a full-time team completely devoted to helping you find profits — so take advantage!

6- You’re too impatient

Dear Affiliate,

One must learn to walk before they can run. And before walking, one must have mastered the art of crawling.

So if you're just starting out, it's completely normal if money hasn't started rolling in faster than you can count. Growing traffic organically and choosing the right ads and the right way to promote takes time. Which you have.

Even if you’ve made a bunch in your first few days, remember that our minimum payout is $100 (except for Wire, for which the minimum payout is $500).

We also pay net30, so if you see you’ve reached the minimum payout without issue, please be patient. You will receive it.

If you haven’t reached your minimum payout within one of the periods, the amounts will be carried over and processed automatically once you’ve surpassed your minimum payout.

So make sure that your CrakRevenue Profile is correct - including all User Details and especially the Billing Information section.

And, of course, make sure that you’re following our Terms of Service.

Make a plan, and stick with it. Monies will then follow!!


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