How to Drive Traffic with the Major Social Juggernauts

How to Drive Traffic with the Major Social Juggernauts

Social Media

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Papa Whale


December 14, 2016


Social Media

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As a website owner and marketer, have you ever found yourself feeling limited in the audience you can reach?

Perhaps you’ve wanted to take advantage of the modern day Advertising mediums out there ─ you know, the larger than life sites like Facebook and Twitter.

After all, if you were to just choose Facebook, you couldn’t go wrong with Mark Zuckerberg’s 1.79 billion active monthly users as of 2016!

But the thing is, these mainstream juggernauts—with the exception of Twitter—often take issue at the slightest hint of anything “adult” oriented...

So, what’s an adult marketer to do?!

Well, thinking outside the box is a good start!

The solution: build a page specifically for social traffic

Seriously, there are so many ways to cash-in on “insert mainstream site here”  traffic...

Again, you just need to think a little bit differently.

While we won’t pretend that this method is 100% foolproof, there’s still huge money to be made for those of you outside-the-box thinkers.

It’s not all black and white, so if you’re clever enough to find that right shade of grey, profits will come your way.


1- Build your own website or page and host something on it that you think will get a decent amount of engagement out of your followers.

This could be a trending .GIF or image on imgur that you found funny, a hilarious video from YouTube—or anything really.

But one thing that will always do the trick and start qualifying your traffic right off the bat are LISTS!

Lists are easy to browse and even easier to share.

People love to know what’s at the top and what’s at the bottom of these little guys.

Because let’s face it, lists just have a way of piquing interest.

However, since Facebook isn’t adult friendly, you should make lists that are capable of targeting and engaging an audience without explicitly promoting adult content—especially not in the headline / post title!

Subtlety is at times required, depending on where you’re actually promoting.

Just to give you an idea, here are some great examples:

Believe us, this approach is a guaranteed way to capture the interest of a social audience!

Don’t believe it works? Just ask yourself this:

How much time did you spend clicking or reading any of the above posts?

We like to click these list-oriented titles and posts because they seem simple enough and draw us in.

They don’t necessarily make you think you’ll be wasting a tremendous amount of time if you do take a quick peek.

Plus, these kinds of posts can be just downright fun to read!

2-  Promote the URL of the page or list that you just created on the social platform of your choice

However, rather than going for the obvious here and displaying ads directly on this page ─  instead, have other content such as related images/videos on the page that you are promoting.

Visitors will click these other links to see more relevant content.

3-  Put ads on the other, INDIRECTLY linked pages!

Focus on the pages with related content.

That is - try to avoid placing ads on the main page you linked to your followers.

Maybe you’ll choose to monetize the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th page of additional content?  So it doesn’t seem like your main goal was to post a link to a page that’s littered with advertisements!

Also, make use of watermarks if you’re dealing with original material and content that’s yours.

Get where we’re going with this?

4- Build a buffer between the social platform and the page you’ve created.

Pick an offer that you can reuse to your advantage, sending traffic there instead of sending directly to an offer.

Some social users are more savvy than you think! Don’t underestimate them.

That’s why it’s important not to give them the impression each post of yours is a money play.

You want LIKES and SHARES — NOT an annoyed audience that will never click or read your posts ever again.

Know the rules of the playground to succeed

Remember, to be successful in driving traffic with this outside the box thinking, the one final thing to remember is not forgetting where you are and where you’re doing this.

Translation:  walk a little bit more on eggshells with Facebook traffic or Instagram, and go a little more gung ho on Twitter.

With Twitter at least, you don’t have to hold back at all with your direct or indirect content!

And finally, keep up-to-date with the Terms and Policies of each social juggernaut, use what other people are doing on similar pages on each respective social site as a sort of “barometer” and general guideline to what’s permitted, and last but not least, tailor your outside the box strategy using good ol' fashioned content that appeals to the masses rather than the few.

Good luck!

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