Adult SEO: Keyword Case Study

Adult SEO: Keyword Case Study


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Papa Whale


December 21, 2016




You hear about them all the time, but what exactly are keywords to your site?  They’re the foundation to good on-site SEO, that’s what.

The first step to any SEO strategy is to figure out which keywords you’ll be using throughout your site. But what does this mean for you?

Well for one, it means you shouldn’t have multiple pages on the same subject, using the same tiresome keywords. That’s a huge no-no. Two, when you figure out what primary keywords you’ll be going with, you want to be darn sure that this keyword is prominently featured throughout your content. They don’t call it primary for no reason!

In the adult industry, choosing and betting on the right keywords is the tricky part.

What will you be aiming for? Porn, XXX, Dating, Adult video? Despite your desire and despite your choice, the cold hard truth is you’re unlikely to ever rank first for any of these keywords in any search engine: there are just too many big players in the game with world renowned sites that will continue defending their top position.

You’re David, and they’re Goliath.

So, what’s a small-time webmaster to do?

Follow some of the strategies outlined in the case studies below!

Case Study #1 – General Tube

As we mentioned, the tube sites are giants – PornHub, XVIDEOS, RedTube, YouPorn – they’re huge. And of course, all these monstrous sites rank first for the top keywords that matter. But why? First of all, they’re established; they’ve been in the business and up-and-running for years. They have an impressive volume of exclusive content as well as MILLIONS of backlinks linking to each respective site. If this wasn’t enough, they also happen to work with the very best SEO experts in the biz… international experts tasked with one job: keeping these powerhouse sites at the very top.

Starting an SEO strategy may seem pointless now, but there’s still hope! YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS!  Here’s one particular strategy you can use…

First, make sure your tube has the relevant niche categories: Teens, Blondes, Asians, Lesbians, and so on…

Then, start focusing on these categories by adding additional exclusive content and video, for example, and then showcase these categories first on your website (in the menu, for instance).

And then the fun part begins:

Instead of betting blindly on the most obvious keywords, try focusing on the The Long Tail – a niche specific phrase that is 4-5 words.

For example, let’s say that you focused your attention on the Teen niche – you would want to  work towards these long tail keyword associations:

Free Porn Teen Video

XXX free teen porn

Teen porn free videos…

With long tails in mind, following this strategy should help guide you to a better ranking.

Case Study #2 – Niched MILF Website

Already focused on a particular niche? Not to worry, there are still some useful keyword tips one can use.

Let’s say that you have a MILF website. You can still organize your content in sub-categories. For example: Blonde MILF, Black MILF, Asian MILF, and so forth. Once it’s all done, make good use of Tags to reinforce these sub-niches.

At this point, you should already have figured out that we’re gonna tell you to focus on next. You guessed it!  The following sub-category keywords to form 2-3 word long tails:

  • MILF Anal
  • Lesbian MILF
  • Black MILF Video
  • MILF Latina Porn

Now, there’s something else you might want to do… In the adult industry, organizing your content according to model attributes has been used over and over again. However, a focus on geo-location works really well, too. Let’s take a look at that in our next case study…

Case Study #3 – Dating Blog

If you own a blog geared towards dating, maybe you just have a lot of empathy for people who want to get laid, or maybe you just know how lucrative dating blogs can be.  Either way, we applaud you for having this.  You’re in a good position!

Now, if your visitors REALLY want to get laid, they’ll most likely go for the easiest solution – in other words, someone they find online who lives closest to them.

Because human nature works this way, especially when it comes to horny guys… the best thing one can do is focus attention on a strategy that emphasizes geographic markets.

Say your aim is to target US markets better than anyone … what’s a webmaster to do? You structure your site into sub-categories related to US states and then – if you’re on SEO steroids – you go a step further in offering sub-sub-categories relevant to US states or cities!

Once again, your targeted keywords will be long tails of around 3 words.  Take a look:

  • Date Girl Arizona
  • Meet Girl Arizona
  • Get laid Arizona

Of course, the choice is yours whether you want to focus on a few particular states or all 50 of them. Then again, it may depend on how much time and/or money you plan to spend on your SEO game plan!

Keyword Optimization & Strategy

Today we explored ways to optimize those keywords by picking the right ones, or at least, the ones most likely to help you achieve your dreams of ranking first.

Indeed, keywords are the fundamentals to any good SEO strategy. Once you have determined the right keywords for your site, soon after your organic and paid traffic will see increases that would make any site owner happy! And if you optimize appropriately and follow the long tail keyword approach, forget about it – SEO success is within reach.

Here are a few final things you can (and should) ask yourself:

Do your primary keywords appear in the URL of your page?  If not, add them!

Highlight attention to the keywords you use through bold, italic, and other highlighting methods, when appropriate.

The case studies we overviewed today are just a good starting point towards great SEO. If you’re willing to put in the effort, these strategies have a pretty good shot at being effective.

The SEO road can be a long one, so don’t forget that the main road may be made up of a bunch of smaller ones going in all directions.  Choose the path you think you’ll be able to master.


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