Sending Adult Traffic to Mainstream Offers Isn’t Crazy

Sending Adult Traffic to Mainstream Offers Isn’t Crazy

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


December 7, 2016


Affiliate Marketing


“Online dating” — a term once so stigmatized… and so universally panned…

Well, let’s just say it’s rather astonishing just how quickly public opinion can change and how these two simple words have come to represent a $2 billion dollar industry.

Online dating is not only more socially accepted these days — it’s mainstream!

And with that said, CrakRevenue is proud to offer affiliates something in this department.

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BeNaughty is a terrific mainstream option in the “casual dating” niche.

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Now, on the subject of “Mainstream”...

From time to time, we get asked whether “adult traffic” sources can be used to promote mainstream offers and products.

Whether this type of traffic can be just as effective as a mainstream traffic source.

Our answer is yes — here’s why...

Labels are only temporary

OK, so tons of people visit adult-oriented websites every day, there’s no denying that.

The question then is... should every single one of these people really be classified and truly regarded as an “adult user” and nothing more?

Put it this way…

We’ve all visited eBay, Amazon, or spent time on Facebook before, right?

Does that then mean we all fall strictly under the “mainstream” category?

That we as users think any differently or can’t go from Mainstream to Adult (or vice versa)?

We’re sure you get the point!

At the end of the day, it never hurts to see a “user” as someone just like you or I — just a person and a potential customer!

Here’s a great example of a company that did just that

Eat24, a company behind a food delivery app, decided one day to advertise that food delivery app on a total porn site!

And you know what?  Their results couldn’t have been any more epic!

You can read all about their brilliant marketing campaign here!

Mainstream or Adult... Don’t be afraid to experiment

We found that Nutra offers can sometimes fall into either category and they deserve an honorable mention here. Health products and supplements are always in demand.

For a great Nutra offer geared towards men -- check out the Natural Breakthroughs Research offer in CR!

Anyway, happy promoting everyone!

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