NEW – The Geomatik Revshare Mobile optimizer

NEW – The Geomatik Revshare Mobile optimizer

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Papa Whale


December 5, 2016


CrakRevenue News


Most longtime users of our network know that one of our signature items at CrakRevenue has been CrakRevenue’s Geomatik tool.

Our Geomatik tool has been a beloved CR fixture for many for just some of the reasons below:

  • Geo-targeting made simple
  • Customizable iframes
  • Set & forget tool
  • High CTR banners
  • Traffic analysis on our end...

And the ability to work smarter... not harder!

Generally speaking—we couldn’t be prouder of what we accomplished.

But when the winds of change blow… some people build walls, others build windmills, and some even improve their signature tool!

So with the release of CrakRevenue 2.0 beta also comes the launch of a new and improved Geomatik geared toward greater Mobile traffic monetization on both carrier & Wi-Fi traffic.

Today, we’re super proud to present to you our NEW Geomatik — The Geomatik Revshare Mobile optimizer proven to be super lucrative on both Android & iOS.

Check out this RPM...

  • Country

    • United Kingdom
    • Belgium
    • Italy
    • South Africa
    • Luxembourg
    • Switzerland

  • Operator

    • Vodafone
    • Proximus
    • Wind
    • Vodacom
    • POST
    • Sunrise

  • RPM

    • +$120
    • +$50
    • +$50
    • +$14
    • +$300
    • +$46

*For both Android & iOS

In fact, don’t hesitate to A/B test our new and improved Geomatik with anything else out there in the market!  We’re pretty confident you'll be more pleased with our results!

Give it a try today — you can find it in CrakRevenue 2.0 beta's Offer section HERE — listed as “Geomatik - Revshare - Mobile”.

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