The 5 Essential Affiliate Forums in 2021

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A great deal has happened since the glory days of bulletin board systems (BBS).  Old-schoolers will remember these ancestors of modern forums as excellent, albeit archaic, sources of information.

This technology was created prior to dial-up Internet service and served as a precursor to the World Wide Web’s current form. 

If you think social networks are new, they aren’t and date back as far as the 70s.

So, why the quick history lesson? Affiliate forums—or any forum for that matter—originate from bulletin boards and share the same community-driven philosophy from days past. Today, it’s just a lot easier to browse, post, and share content than in the past.

Since they are, for the most part, a hub for shared intel about specific topics, forums still play an important role online. Before we share our 8 favorite affiliate forums, we thought it would be interesting to point out a few things that make them still relevant and valuable despite the popularity of social networks.

Forums Vs. Social Networks

Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, online communities are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the same anonymity level as forums – something vital if you don’t necessarily want to point out all of your hobbies or interests.

Anonymity has its perks 

In a sense, joining a forum is a fresh start without the judgmental luggage social networks often bring with them. You’re not Rob from accounting, but someone with a (mostly) unknown identity. That alone is a considerable advantage over social networks, where publicly disclosing your personal interests might be met with criticism.

A tailored community for you

Another great thing about forums compared to social networks is that independent people run a forum. By having independent forum management, admins can shape their communities in any way they want. Rules from Reddit, for instance, can become rather stingy while a forum will be more permissive in some areas since there are no shareholders or global policy to take into account.

Finally, forums are more unique. If you take a look at Facebook, everything is so homogenous that nothing sticks out. On the other hand, forums are customized and provide a unique user experience.

Sick of the corporate canvas? Forums can be a breath of fresh air. Here are the 8 essential affiliate forums you should subscribe to in 2021.

1. affLIFT

Established: 2018
Cost: $20 USD/month
Language: English

Although a tad young (2 years), it edges the competition to be, in our humble opinion, THE affiliate forum to subscribe to. As for the credibility of the forum, you just need to look at its founder, Luke King, who was an active and successful performance marketing executive for more than 14 years. 

The forum is cunningly set up to consider the most important concerns and interests of the affiliate marketers. The information on this forum is extensive and only on what you need. There is no fat to cut. Everything is there.

What really edged affLIFT to the top of this list was their thirst for data and their numerous case studies. For us, data analysis and real-world applications are two things that we believe all affiliate marketers should understand in 2021.

Affordable premium membership is always a bonus

While registration is free, you can upgrade your membership anytime later to access premium forum content. The cost to register for premium is $20 USD per month. affLIFT currently has over 100 free public threads. However, if you purchase premium access, you get affiliate guides, follow alongs, case studies and much more.

Beginner or pro, affLIFT should be on your radar as the premier destination.

2. STM Forum

Established: 2011
Cost: $99 USD/month
Language: English

If you can afford it, StackThatMoney, otherwise known as STM, is well worth the admission price. Comprised of the most successful affiliates in the world, STM is a real premium community. Yes, it’s private and yes, the investment is nothing to scoff at, but in return, you get incredible quality saving you thousands down the road… as they say, knowledge is power.

Compared to free forums, the information you find on STM comes from experts in their respective niches. The monthly subscription acts as a filter to only let through those who already have experience or are willing to make it happen. As such, networking becomes incredibly efficient and a lot easier when you’re surrounded by people who know what they’re talking about.

3. AffiliateFix

Established: 2011
Cost: Free
Language: English

AffiliateFix is probably the biggest, most important affiliate forum in the world right now. With 400+ posts per day and more than 100,000 active members, the sheer amount of information shared within is enough to keep you busy for a long time. All of this knowledge is available for free, making it a must for affiliates.  

Perhaps more importantly, the community at hand is both respectful and insightful. Whether you’re looking to hone your business management skills or just need general advice because you just got started in affiliate marketing, everyone’s covered.

4. Warrior Forum

Established: 1997 
Cost: Free ($97 USD for The War Room)
Language: English

One of the first and longest-running communities, Warrior Forum is a one-stop shop for anything related to online marketing. There’s a sea of posts you can browse and peruse to learn more about the forum and the forums’ rich history. 

Most online marketers have joined over the last two decades because it’s always been among a handful of excellent communities out there. Attitude shines in this community because community members genuinely love to help one another in regards to all aspects of affiliate marketing.

Beware of shylocks

The caveat to WarriorForum’s popularity is that a lot of discussions get lost. It’s also where you will find a boatload of self-proclaimed “gurus” that will try to take you under their wing. Unfortunately, this is mostly a waste of time so always be wary of any too-good-to-be-true scenarios. Stick to case studies and don’t be afraid to dig!

5. GFY

Established: 2000
Cost: Free
Language: English

GoFuckYourself or GFY for those in the know is the #1 ressource for adult affiliates, period. The Sell & Buy forum is particularly useful if you’re looking to offload domains, sell traffic/links or buy quality content. Most of the users are old timers that have 10+ years of experience in the industry.

Opinions run wild on GFY

That said, if you’re easily triggered or have strong political views, you’ll love to hate this forum. Aesthetically the graphics feel like a blast from the early 2000s, but for better or worse, GFY remains a top affiliate forum despite its shortcomings and is major OG in the adult forum world.


There you have it, the best affiliate forums available for you to browse online!

Depending on your way of thinking, we know that you will find a forum that is a perfect fit. Once you have decided, we strongly suggest you become a member, read, participate, and start asking questions. Who knows, someone out there might have an answer quicker than you think.

Do you know other forums or communities other affiliate should use? Tell us in the comments below 👇👇👇👇👇

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