10 Best Plugins for WP Adult Blogs – Part 1

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The time is now to polish off that winning WP theme of yours by taking full advantage of 10 of the very best all-around marketing plugins out there today.


If you recall, WordPress is the driving force in the blogosphere world.  It allows anyone and everyone to start their own blog (adult or otherwise), thus eliminating the requirement that one must be “well versed” with code.

We’ve already shared the best WordPress themes you can use for your adult blogs… However,  Abbot was nothing without Costello; Cheech was nothing without Chong; and WordPress themes are nothing without a few great plugins.

The time is now to polish off that winning theme of yours by taking full advantage of 10 of the very best all-around marketing plugins out there today.

Here are the first five plugins we recommend:

Ad Injection

Tired of the blog rodeo? Copy/pasting banner codes onto every page isn’t fun (that is, if you haven’t already added it into your PHP files).

With the Ad Injection plugin, your WordPress life is about to get a whole lot easier.  With this plugin, you can manage all your ads from the same interface AND control their broadcast thanks to numerous noteworthy features.

You can:

  • Choose the number of ads displayed according to post length or age
  • Choose which visitors see your ads based on IP address or referrer
  • Choose the best ad spots (top, bottom, or random spot) in the widgets section

The Ad-injection plugin even allows you to manage your basic ad rotation. However, advanced marketers need advanced tools. Papa has you covered with this next plugin…


So when it comes to traffic monetization, you want to be at the top of your game, right?

We know you do.

Great WordPress monetization isn’t complete without the help of a little magical plugin by the name of AdRotate.

Right off the bat, you get an instant look at the efficiency of your campaigns from your dashboard.

Amid the plugin’s numerous specialized features, the professional version allows you to geo-target your ad rotation, schedule your campaigns, and it even warns you when one of your ad campaigns expires. If you happen to be working with multiple advertisers, this plugin can create a dedicated dashboard for each and every one of them to access their own specific stats.

That’s about as convenient as nostrils are to breathe.

Ad Blocking Detector

A while back, we talked about how you can get around ad-blocking plugins.  For those of you faithful followers of Papa Whale and all things Internet marketing ㅡ you already know that Ad Block has been plaguing the webmaster community for the last several years.  Those with hopes of monetizing their traffic don’t always have it easy; we all have to work that much harder in a time when not all advertisements display as intended.

The Ad Blocking Detector lets you know how many of your visitors are using ad-blocking plugins and it also gives immediate insight into the actual reach of your ads.  Therefore, never miss another opportunity to display ads to your visitors ㅡ put an end to AdBlocker interference via this handy-dandy plugin.

Disappearing ads?  Disappearing affiliate links?

Fight back against those AdBlocking extensions!

The icing on the cake:  this plugin is designed to work perfectly with the previous plugin ㅡ AdRotate.

ITRO Popup Plugin

With ITRO Popup, you can make a Popup out of anything ㅡ without having to code.

This plugin is as easy to use as a toothbrush… but way more profitable, of course!

  1. Paste any image and link into the corresponding area.
  2. Choose the right settings for you: Pop count, pages you want the pop-pluggin on, background, border, color, etc.
  3. Watch your CTR increase.

Hours of pure fun in sight!

The Popups generated are perfectly centered in almost every browser so they’re nearly impossible to miss.

This plugin is also tremendously useful if you happen to have an “age restricted site” ㅡ which is the case for nearly all of us in this industry ㅡ thanks to its age validation feature.


Another plugin worth its weight in gold is Plugrush.  Plugrush is an adult traffic trading Ad network that gives you the opportunity to design your own widget and profit along the way.

Not only that, but with Plugrush you have the option to enable popunders in addition to selling your mobile traffic (through mobile redirects).

The network itself appeals to many due its ease of use and the versatility you have in incorporating different adzones to your website or blog.  The widgets are highly customizable, therefore they blend well with your site when customized right.

Oh yeah, and it’s totally free to use: It doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

And then there were five…

We covered the first 5 best plugins, but we’re not done yet!

We still have 5 very important WordPress plugins you’re going to want to know about.

Find out the rest in Part 2 – HERE!

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