10 Best Plugins for WP Adult Blogs – Part 2

10 Best Plugins for WP Adult Blogs – Part 2


Written by

Papa Whale


July 2, 2014




So we’ve hit the ground running with last week’s post about the 5 Best WordPress Plugins every adult WP webmaster should have. These plugins will help you harness your blog’s full potential, from advertising, to getting around pesky ad-blockers, to receiving more hittage to your blog than one of the soccer balls used in the World Cup.

And having said that, it’s now time to reveal the final 5 plugins that will make your WP experience that much better ㅡ from publishing and sharing adult content to stats analysis.

And off we go...

Tube Ace

Got content?

If time, content, and a production company of your own is what you lack, this plugin is sure to be a major lifesaver.

Thanks to the generosity of all the major players in the industry today, you're able to embed videos from all the major tube sites on your site for free. Tubeace not only makes this easy… but efficient!   With this plugin, you can massively import over a million embeddable videos from major tube sites such as RedTube.com, PornTube.com, PornHub.com, xHamster.com, you name it.

Unfortunately, at $79.95 it's not the cheapest plugin around (even with a sale, the plugin is normally priced at $120).  Yet, this is definitely a reasonable investment to consider if you have various tube sites, or if you’re looking to start building a lot of tubes.

To help you swallow the cost there’s also a premium responsive WP theme included in the package, for what it’s worth.

However, there are still free alternatives out there, for those of you not ready to plunk down some cash.  Check out WP Porn Poster ㅡ it’s a great free option.

MailPoet Newsletters

If you're lucky enough to have an audience visiting your sites, you're going to want to reach out to them sooner or later.  Keeping visitors engaged is one way to ensure longevity.

What better way to keep your valued visitors constantly engaged and up-to-date than with Newsletters?  Or better yet, what better way to promote your affiliate links?!

Remember, as long as your visitors WANT to hear from you and they’ve opted-in, Newsletter promotion can be an excellent approach!

With MailPoet Newsletters, you have the ability to send notifications to your targeted audience in a manner that makes sense:  Organized and practical.

In fact, this plugin makes featuring posts and images simple to do when compared to other Newsletter tools, thanks to its numerous features such as drag&drop newsletter editing, its selection of 30 themes, and many more.

Pretty Link

We're all familiar with the URL shorteners out there today (e.g., bit.ly, tinyurl, goo.gl, etc.).

These URL shortening services serve a feasible purpose ㅡ to shorten or obscure a link.

But at what cost?

We don’t know about you, but there have been plenty of times when we’ve taken a step back and questioned whether we should really be clicking a shortened link.

Where might it lead us?  Is it safe?!

URL shorteners may be useful for promotion on social media... but using the mainstream ones on your website?  Not so much.

With the Pretty Link plugin, worries be gone!... Well, for your visitors, anyway.  Shorten your links (and make them all sorts of pretty) without worrying about coming across as a questionable third party site.

All in One SEO

Let’s face it:  In a time of fierce competition and in a world where new blogs pop up every day, we need the search engine giants on our side more than ever.

All in One SEO makes Search Engine Optimization incredibly simple to do, in WordPress form:

  • Automatically optimizes your titles for Google and other search engines
  • Generates META tags automatically
  • Avoids the typical duplicate content found on WordPress blogs
  • etc…

This is what we'd like to call a very "practical" plugin.  Every savvy and adamant WP webmaster should download it, regardless of blog type.  It's that useful.

So, if SEO is one of the things you'd shamelessly admit to neglecting…  there's no excuse for you not to be using this plugin.

Google Analytics for WordPress

Every marketer out there today knows the power and necessity of integrating Google Analytics into their website, so there’s no real point on focusing on that.  We already know.

However, the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin packs a serious punch:  it does what it sets out to do, it’s as useful as you’d hope it to be, and it simplifies the process of adding Analytics to your blog with WordPress’ format in mind.

Of course, this plugin - just like the previous one - was not specifically designed for adult blogs.  However, it’s too essential to be passed up and we could not write an article about WP plugins without mentioning it.

Final WP plugin words of wisdom

At the end of the day, plugins may allow you to skip the tedious and often painful experience of coding your own stuff -- but their overuse will surely slow down your blog if you add too many.  So basically what we’re saying is, don't go crazy.  Download only the ones that you feel will take your blog to the next level.

Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing

… except when it comes to WordPress plugins.

Moderation will be your very best friend here.

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